Abu Dhabi Traffic Department Contact Number: How to Reach Them Easily

Abu Dhabi Traffic Department Contact Number Driving in Abu Dhabi necessitates familiarity with the contact details of the Abu Dhabi Traffic Department. Whether one seeks to report vehicular mishaps, address inquiries regarding traffic penalties, or solicit aid concerning traffic matters, possession of the department’s contact particulars proves invaluable in mitigating inconvenience and temporal distress.

The Abu Dhabi Traffic Department assumes the onus of regulating and orchestrating vehicular flow within the emirate. Their mandate encompasses safeguarding motorists and pedestrians while preserving orderliness on thoroughfares. Contacting this establishment opens avenues to a plethora of services, encompassing vehicle enrollment, driver’s license renewal procedures, and redressal of traffic infractions. It merits mention that the department observes specific operational hours, underscoring the prudence of maintaining their contact information for exigencies beyond regular service times.

Abu Dhabi Traffic Department Contact Number

How to Contact Abu Dhabi Traffic Department

If you need to contact the Abu Dhabi Traffic Department, there are several ways to do so. You can visit their website, send them an email, or call them directly. For urgent matters, it is recommended that you call them directly.

Abu Dhabi Traffic Department Phone Numbers

The Abu Dhabi Traffic Department can be reached by phone at the following numbers:

  • General Inquiries: 800-3333
  • Emergency: 999
  • Traffic Fines: 800-2354

Please note that these numbers are for Abu Dhabi residents only. If you are calling from outside Abu Dhabi, you will need to use the international code for the UAE (+971) before the phone number.

Abu Dhabi Traffic Department Email Addresses

If you prefer to contact the Abu Dhabi Traffic Department by email, you can do so at the following addresses:

Dhabi Traffic Department
Dhabi Traffic Department

When emailing the Abu Dhabi Traffic Department, make sure to include your full name, contact information, and a clear description of your inquiry or issue.

Remember, contacting the Abu Dhabi Traffic Department is the best way to get the information you need about traffic laws, regulations, and fines. Stay safe on the roads!

Inquiries Frequently Posed Regarding Abu Dhabi Traffic Department

How may I reach out to Abu Dhabi Traffic Department?

Should you necessitate communication with Abu Dhabi Traffic Department, avenues exist via telephone or electronic mail. The designated phone contact for Abu Dhabi Traffic Department stands as 8003333, whereas correspondence via email entails forwarding your queries to [email protected].

What denotes the customer assistance hotline for Abu Dhabi Police?

The customer assistance hotline for Abu Dhabi Police manifests as 8002626. By placing a call to this number, you can procure insights into the services dispensed by Abu Dhabi Traffic Department.

How might I procure my traffic code identifier?

The procedure to acquire your traffic code identifier entails navigating to the Abu Dhabi Traffic Department’s online portal and adhering to the prescribed directives. Essential is furnishing pertinent personal and vehicular particulars.

Elucidate the protocol for verifying my traffic dossier reference. Verification of your traffic dossier reference may be accomplished through two modalities: firstly, by accessing the Abu Dhabi Traffic Department’s virtual platform and inputting requisite personal and vehicular data; alternately, by visiting any physical establishment of the Abu Dhabi Traffic Department.

Is it feasible to remit Abu Dhabi traffic penalties via digital means?

Indeed, remitting Abu Dhabi traffic penalties finds facilitation through the online interface of the Abu Dhabi Police website. A prerequisite involves furnishing both your traffic code identifier and pertinent personal data.

What comprises the toll-free contact number for Abu Dhabi Traffic Department?

The toll-free contact number designated for Abu Dhabi Traffic Department is 8003333. Initiating contact through this avenue facilitates access to information concerning the services rendered by Abu Dhabi Traffic Department.

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