How to Activate Etisalat Monthly Data Package 50 AED: Step-by-Step Guide

To set off your Etisalat monthly records bundle for 50 AED, you need to follow a few simple steps. First, ensure that you have enough credit score to your Etisalat account to purchase the bundle. Once you have showed this, you can continue with the activation method.

To set off the 50 AED monthly facts package deal, you can both use the Etisalat cell app or dial a specific code for your phone. If you favor to use the app, without a doubt down load it out of your app keep and log in to your account. From there, you could pick the facts package you want to set off and observe the prompts to finish the procedure. Alternatively, you can dial *one hundred seventy# in your smartphone and select the information bundle option to spark off it. It’s brief and easy, and you’ll be connected to the internet right aways

By following those easy steps, you could effortlessly spark off your Etisalat month-to-month statistics bundle for fifty AED and revel in speedy and reliable net for your telephone. Whether you’re browsing the web, streaming movies, or using social media, you could live connected conveniently. So why wait? Activate your records package these days and start playing all of the advantages of being connected on the cross.

Choosing the Right Data Package

When it comes to choosing a records bundle, it’s important to don’t forget your wishes and budget. Etisalat gives a variety of month-to-month facts applications to suit specific necessities. Here are some things to maintain in mind while deciding on the proper data package for you:

1. Determine your data utilization

Before deciding on a data package, it’s critical to assess your monthly statistics usage. If you’re a heavy consumer who streams films, downloads large files, or plays on-line video games regularly, you’ll need a bigger records package. On the alternative hand, in case you only use your phone for browsing social media and checking emails, a smaller records package may also suffice.

2. Compare records packages

Etisalat gives one of a kind monthly data programs at distinct price factors. Comparing the packages assist you to locate the first-rate deal for your wishes and budget. Make sure to check the statistics allowance, validity duration, and rate of each package deal before you decide.

3. Consider accessories

If you locate that you’re going for walks out of records before the quit of the month, Etisalat gives add-ons that may be purchased to top up your records allowance. This may be a cost-powerful solution in case you only need a touch greater records.

4. Check for promotions

Etisalat frequently runs promotions on its data applications, presenting discounts or extra facts for a limited time. Keep an eye fixed out for those promotions to get the most cost for your cash.

By considering your facts usage, comparing applications, checking for add-ons, and searching out for promotions, you can pick out the right facts package that meets your wishes and finances.

How to Activate Etisalat Monthly Data Package 50 AED

If you are an Etisalat user and want to activate the monthly data package of 50 AED, it’s a straightforward process. Follow the steps below to activate the package and enjoy uninterrupted internet services.

Etisalat Monthly Unlimited Data Package 50 AED
Etisalat Monthly Unlimited Data Package 50 AED

Step 1: Checking Your Balance

Before activating the package, it’s crucial to test your modern-day stability. To take a look at your stability, you can both dial *121# or use the Etisalat cellular app. Once you’ve got checked your stability, you could proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Activation Process

To set off the monthly records package of fifty AED, you need to send an SMS with the keyword “DATA” to 1010. Alternatively, you can dial *170# and pick the “Data” choice to activate the package. Once you have completed the activation procedure, you’ll acquire a affirmation message from Etisalat.

How to subscribe:

  • Via the My Etisalat UAE app
  • By dialling *170# or *101# 
  • By texting “COM50” to 1012

How to manage:
Check your usage:

  • Via the My Etisalat UAE app
  • By dialling *170*1# or *101#


  • By dialling *170# or *101#
  • By texting “C COM50” to 1012

Step three: Confirmation of Activation

After activating the package deal, you will receive a confirmation message from Etisalat. The message will comprise details of the package, along with the validity duration and the quantity deducted out of your balance. You also can test the reputation of your package by means of dialing *170# and deciding on the “Data” choice.

In end, activating the Etisalat monthly information package of 50 AED is a easy and quick process. By following the above steps, you can enjoy uninterrupted net offerings for a month.

Troubleshooting Common IssuesInsufficient Balance

If you are unable to prompt the Etisalat monthly records package, the primary issue you ought to test is your balance. Ensure that you have at the least AED 50 on your account to activate the package deal successfully. You can check your balance by using dialling *121# or by means of using the Etisalat mobile app.

Activation Failures

If you’re not able to prompt the package even with enough stability, there might be an trouble with the activation method. Ensure which you are following the perfect steps to spark off the bundle. You can spark off the bundle with the aid of dialling *one hundred seventy# or by means of sending an SMS with the code “DM50” to 1010.If you’re nevertheless not able to prompt the package, attempt restarting your cellphone and attempting the activation technique once more. If the problem persists, touch Etisalat customer service for assistance.

Data Package Not Working

If you have effectively activated the Etisalat monthly facts package however are experiencing troubles with records connectivity, there is probably an issue along with your telephone’s settings. Ensure that your cellphone’s mobile facts is turned on and which you have decided on an appropriate APN settings for Etisalat.If the issue persists, attempt restarting your smartphone or resetting your network settings. If none of these solutions paintings, touch Etisalat customer service for similarly help.

Customer Support

If you encounter any issues at the same time as activating your Etisalat month-to-month data package deal, you may reach out to their customer service crew for help. Here are the exceptional ways you can get in touch with them:

Call Etisalat Customer Care

You can name Etisalat customer care by way of dialling a hundred and one from your Etisalat line or 800101 in case you’re calling from another community. Once linked, you can provide an explanation for the problem you’re going through and the patron care consultant will guide you via the activation procedure.

Chat with Etisalat Customer Care

If you choose to chat with a purchaser care representative, you could achieve this by way of downloading the Etisalat UAE app and deciding on the “Chat with Us” option. You can then explain the difficulty you’re dealing with and the representative will help you accordingly.

Visit an Etisalat Store

If you’re not able to activate your monthly records package through the above strategies, you can visit an Etisalat shop near you for assistance. The customer support representative at the store will help you activate your package and additionally deal with every other issues you could have.

Remember to have your Etisalat line and identity files with you while contacting customer support. They will need this facts to verify your account and provide you with the important assistance.

Etisalat Monthly Unlimited Data Package 50 AED

If you’re looking for an cheap and dependable data bundle, Etisalat’s month-to-month unlimited statistics package deal for 50 AED is a super option. With this bundle, you can revel in unlimited data usage for an entire month without worrying approximately walking out of information or extra expenses.

Etisalat Monthly Unlimited Data Package 50 AED
Etisalat Monthly Unlimited Data Package 50 AED

To activate this bundle, you can genuinely dial *one hundred seventy# from your Etisalat line and observe the commands at the display screen. You also can set off the bundle through the Etisalat cellular app or by using visiting any Etisalat keep.

Once you have activated the package, you could start playing limitless statistics usage for an entire month. You can use the records for browsing, streaming, social media, and more, with none regulations or obstacles.

It’s critical to notice that this bundle is best valid for one month and could routinely renew at the give up of the month if you have sufficient balance. If you need to cancel the package deal, you may clearly dial *one hundred seventy# and observe the instructions at the display screen.

Overall, Etisalat’s month-to-month unlimited data package for fifty AED is a splendid choice for individuals who need a dependable and lower priced information package. With limitless data utilization and clean activation, you could stay related and revel in all your favourite online sports without any issues.


In end, activating the Etisalat month-to-month data package deal for AED 50 is a simple and simple manner. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you may easily spark off the package deal and start taking part in the advantages of high-velocity net to your mobile device.

Remember to ensure that you have sufficient stability for your account before attempting to prompt the package. Additionally, it is recommended that you preserve music of your information usage to keep away from exceeding your monthly restriction and incurring extra expenses.

Overall, the Etisalat monthly statistics package is a remarkable option for people who require a reliable and less expensive net connection on the pass. With its rapid speeds and beneficiant facts allowance, it is best for browsing the net, streaming videos, and staying connected with buddies and family.

By following the commands provided in this guide, you could easily prompt the bundle and begin playing the advantages of high-velocity net in your mobile tool. So why wait? Activate your Etisalat month-to-month information bundle these days and revel in the ease and freedom of staying related anywhere you cross.

FAQ: Activate Etisalat Monthly Data Package 50 AED

How do I activate the Etisalat Monthly Data Package for 50 AED?

To activate the Etisalat Monthly Data Package for 50 AED, simply dial 1701# from your Etisalat mobile number and follow the instructions provided.

What is included in the Etisalat Monthly Data Package for 50 AED?

The Etisalat Monthly Data Package for 50 AED typically includes a specified amount of data allowance valid for one month, allowing users to browse the internet, stream videos, and use various online applications.

How much data do I get with the Etisalat Monthly Data Package for 50 AED?

The data allowance included in the Etisalat Monthly Data Package for 50 AED may vary depending on the current promotions and offers. It’s advisable to check with Etisalat for the most up-to-date information on data allocation.

Can I check my remaining data balance with the Etisalat Monthly Data Package?

Yes, you can check your remaining data balance with the Etisalat Monthly Data Package by dialing *170# and following the instructions provided or by logging into your Etisalat account online.

Is the Etisalat Monthly Data Package auto-renewable?

The auto-renewal feature for the Etisalat Monthly Data Package may vary depending on the subscription terms and conditions. It’s recommended to check with Etisalat customer service or review the terms of the package for information on auto-renewal options.

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