List of August 2023’s Best Mobile Phone Releases in UAE

Mobile Phone Releases in UAE every day, businesses compete with each other to release new models of cellular telephones for their customers. Some of those cellular telephones have superior processors inner, and a few models fee less, but some remain futuristic. In the present day age, using contemporary mobiles is now obligatory. So we’re going to provide you with a listing of August 2023’s Best Mobile Phone Releases inside the UAE.

If you live in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates, you can check the modern fashions of cell telephones here and select any cell cellphone for yourself. Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Google, Vivo, Realme, Oppo, Honour, iQOO, and Poco charge inside the UAE or Dubai All the costs and features of mobile phones are given so you don’t warfare to select a cell phone based totally on your finances and features.

August 2023’s Best Mobile Phone Releases in UAE

Samsung has launched its new model, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, whose fee starts offevolved at three,497 AED. The Oneplus has launched a new version, the OnePlus Nord 2T; Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi 12 Lite; and Google launched the Google Pixel 6a in July 2023.

It would be quality if you usually offered new models of mobile telephones, which include new chipsets, generation, high RAM, tremendous garage, and batteries. Look for August 2023’s Best Mobile Phone Releases within the UAE.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4AED 3,497July 14, 2023
OnePlus Nord 2TAED 2,499July 1, 2023
Xiaomi 12 LiteAED 2,999July 6, 2023
Google Pixel 6aAED 2,499July 21, 2023
Google Pixel 6aAED 3,999July 15, 2023
Realme GT Neo 3TAED 2,999July 7, 2023
OPPO Reno 8AED 2,999July 11, 2023
Honor 70AED 2,799July 12, 2023
Poco F4AED 2,999July 20, 2023
iQOO Neo 6 SEAED 2,699July 14, 2023
Lava Yuva 2AED 261August 02, 2023
Tecno Pova 5 ProAED 580August 01, 2023
Motorola Moto G14AED 348August 12, 2023
Redmi 12 5GAED 392August 01, 2023
Realme 11 4GAED 630July 31, 2023
Realme 11 5GAED 97012 August 2023
Honor X6aAED 508July 28, 2023
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5AED 5,481July 26, 2023
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5AED 3,538July 26, 2023
Samsung Galaxy Tab S9AED 3,045August 18, 2023
Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 PlusAED 3,190July 26, 2023
Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 UltraAED 4,599August 11, 2023

We have added upcoming mobile phones to the table because if upcoming models have good specs, you can also buy them in a few days. When the new mobile phones in the UAE are launched, we will update this post and the details as soon as possible.

Comparison of August-Released Mobile Phones in UAE

Now, here are the details of the specifications, like RAM, Processor, battery, and Cameras. This will help you select a mobile phone according to your needs.

 Top 10 5G Mobile Phones Under 1000 AED

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 48GB128, 256GBSnapdragon 8 Gen 150+12+10MP3700mAh
OnePlus Nord 2T8, 12GB128, 256GBDimensity 130050+8+2MP4500mAh
Xiaomi 12 Lite6, 8GB128, 256GBSnapdragon 778G108+8+2MP4300mAh
Google Pixel 6a6GB128GBGoogle Tensor12.2+12MP4414mAh
Realme GT Neo 3T8, 12GB128, 256GBDimensity 810050+8+2MP5000mAh
OPPO Reno 88, 12GB128, 256GBDimensity 900050+8+2MP4500mAh
Honor 708, 12GB128, 256GBSnapdragon 7 Gen 150+50+2MP4000mAh
Poco F46, 8GB128,256GBSnapdragon 87064+8+2MP4500mAh
iQOO Neo 6 SE8, 12GB128, 256GBSnapdragon 87064+8+2MP4500mAh
Lava Yuva 24GB64GBMediaTek Helio G8550+2+2MP5000mAh
Tecno Pova 5 Pro8, 12GB128, 256GBMediaTek Dimensity 90050+8+2MP6000mAh
Motorola Moto G146, 8GB128, 256GBSnapdragon 69550+8+2MP5000mAh
Redmi 12 5G4, 6GB128GBDimensity 81050+8MP5000mAh
Realme 11 4G4, 6GB128GBHelio G8550+2+2MP5000mAh
Realme 11 5G4, 6GB128GBDimensity 81050+2+2MP5000mAh
Honor X6a4, 6GB128GBSnapdragon 68048+2+2MP5000mAh
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 512GB256, 512GBSnapdragon 8 Gen 250+12+10MP4400mAh
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 58GB128, 256GBSnapdragon 8 Gen 212+10MP3900mAh
Samsung Galaxy Tab S98GB128, 256, 512GBSnapdragon 8 Gen 113+5MP10090mAh
Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Plus12GB128, 256, 512GBSnapdragon 8 Gen 113+5MP10090mAh

New mobile telephones are being released on a day-by-day basis, but deciding on certainly one of them will become a bit of a hard assignment. The above table lists all of the new mobiles with their RAM, processor, and battery facts.

If you’re considering buying a gaming cell in the UAE or Dubai, then you’ll discover it in this listing. Apart from this, cell phones for video and pics with 50-megapixel cameras or more also are present in this listing.

If a cellular has 2 or three models or extra, like 8GB RAM, 12GB RAM, or 4 GB, then the fees of these types of models could be exclusive.

Make sure to check the contemporary rate of the cell cellphone in the marketplace before buying it. We have listed here the prices of the brand-new mobiles announced via the organization.

Best Gaming Mobile Phones in UAE: August 2023 Edition

Samsung Galaxy
Z Fold 5
12GB256GBSnapdragon 8 Gen 2AED 4999
12GB512GBSnapdragon 8 Gen 2AED 5999
Samsung Galaxy
Z Flip 5
8GB128GBSnapdragon 8 Gen 2AED 3999
8GB256GBSnapdragon 8 Gen 2AED 4499
OnePlus Nord
8GB128GBDensity 1300AED 2199
12GB256GBDensity 8100AED 2499
Xiaomi 12 Lite6GB128GBSnapdragon 778GAED 1499
8GB256GBSnapdragon 778GAED 1699
Google Pixel 6a6GB128GBGoogle TensorAED 1500
Realme GT Neo
8GB128GBDensity 8100AED 1899
12GB256GBDensity 9000AED 2099
OPPO Reno 88GB128GBDensity 9000AED 2299
12GB256GBDimensity 9000AED 2499
Honor 708GB128GBSnapdragon 7 Gen 1AED 2699
12GB256GBSnapdragon 7 Gen 1AED 2899
Poco F46GB128GBSnapdragon 870AED 1799
8GB256GBSnapdragon 870AED 1999
iQOO Neo 6
8GB128GBSnapdragon 870AED 1999
12GB256GBSnapdragon 870AED 2199

We have removed some of the mobile phones from the above table because they do not have powerful processors to play high-end games. But if your budget is low, you can buy them for general use. If you are looking for a budget-friendly mobile phone for gaming, then the Xiaomi 12 Lite, Realme GT Neo 3T, and Poco F4 can be good choices. Because these models come within the AED 2000 budget with the highest and most powerful processor.

Best Gaming Mobile Phones in UAE
Best Gaming Mobile Phones in UAE

Keep in mind that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 are high-demand mobile phones on the market. So, it is difficult to buy this mobile phone box pack in the UAE. You can buy these models in used condition, which will be available on the market or some online classified websites.

It was the August 2023 edition of new mobile phones, which were launched in July and August in the UAE, or Dubai. For the latest updates, you can follow our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media pages.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the best mobile phone releases in UAE for August 2023?

A1. The best mobile phone releases in UAE for August 2023 include the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, OnePlus Nord 2T, Xiaomi 12 Lite, and Google Pixel 6a.

Can you provide details about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4’s price and launch date?

A2. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is priced at AED 3,497 and was launched on July 14, 2023.

What are the top 5G mobile phones available for under 1000 AED in August 2023?

A3. The top 5G mobile phones available for under 1000 AED in August 2023 are the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, OnePlus Nord 2T, Xiaomi 12 Lite, Google Pixel 6a, and Realme GT Neo 3T.

Which mobile phones are recommended for gaming in the UAE?

A4. Recommended mobile phones for gaming in UAE include the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, OnePlus Nord 2T, Xiaomi 12 Lite, and Realme GT Neo 3T.

What is the current market demand for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 in UAE?

A5. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 are high-demand mobile phones in the UAE market, making it difficult to purchase them brand new. They are available in used condition through marketplaces or online classified websites.

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