Best Du Daily Data Package 4 AED

Du Daily Data Package four AED is referred to as Du Flex 4GB Day Pass which provides 4GB information for 24 hours from the time of buying. This is a tremendous offer for customers who want to get limitless statistics packages. You can use the four GB records from this offer which include browsing the internet, streaming videos, and downloading tunes. Du already presents thousands of internet gives to its customers to complete their desires. You can dial *a hundred thirty-five # and might see the cutting-edge updates of each package.

Du Daily Data Package 4 AED

Enjoy 4GB 5G high-pace internet records with the use of Du Flex 4GB day pass for the simplest AED four. Here are additional details of the Du Flex 4GB Day Pass:

PackageDu 4 AED Pack
PriceAED 4
Validity24 Hours
Valid forPrepaid customers

Subscribe to du each day for 4GB statistics Package

To join Du each day’s data bundle of four AED, dial *one hundred thirty-five*4 # out of your Du cell telephone or use the Du UAE app or web. This bundle is legitimate for all new and thrilling prepaid customers.

How to deactivate du each day records Package four AED

Dial *135*four#, pick the Du Flex 4GB day bypass, and then respond with the command “2” according to the listing to unsubscribe. Prepaid clients also can use the DU app and learn how to deactivate the everyday statistics bundle 4 AED.

Package Info:

To recognize the last net data, dial *121*four# and comply with the commands. Use the Du UAE app and call the helpline a hundred and fifty-five to test the final statistics.

Terms and Conditions

You can renew this package deal a couple of instances within 24 hours.
This bundle is valid for prepaid customers’ simplest
Du can alternate its costs and package deals with no notes.
This package is also to be had on the Du UAE app and Du’s reliable website.
4GB facts is valid to use all apps, browse websites watch movies, play games, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Du Daily Data Package 4 AED?

A1: The Du Daily Data Package 4 AED, also known as Du Flex 4GB Day Pass, provides 4GB of high-speed internet for 24 hours from the time of purchase. It is available for AED 4 and is tailored for customers seeking generous data allowances.

How can I subscribe to the Du Daily Data Package 4 AED?

A2: To subscribe to the Du Daily Data Package 4 AED, simply dial 1354# from your Du mobile phone, or use the Du UAE app or website. This package is open to all new and existing prepaid customers.

How can I deactivate the Du Daily Data Package 4 AED?

A3: To deactivate the Du Daily Data Package 4 AED, dial 1354#, select the Du Flex 4GB Day Pass, and then respond with “2” to unsubscribe. Prepaid customers can also utilize the Du app to deactivate this package.

How can I check the remaining data balance on my Du Daily Data Package 4 AED?

A4: To check your remaining data balance on the Du Daily Data Package 4 AED, dial 1214# and follow the prompts. Additionally, you can use the Du UAE app or call the helpline at 155 to inquire about your remaining data.

Are there any terms and conditions associated with the Du Daily Data Package 4 AED?

A5: Yes, there are certain terms and conditions to consider. This package is valid for prepaid customers only. It can be renewed multiple times within 24 hours. Also, note that Du reserves the right to change prices and packages without prior notice

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