Best Dubai Internet Packages for Home: Etisalat Vs du

Are you looking for the nice Dubai net programs for your own home? It isn’t difficult to discover this because there are the simplest two net carrier providers in Dubai: Du and Etisalat. Both networks offer domestic net applications in the UAE. Whether you want a new net connection for your private home or need to change vendors, you can use our assessment manual to pick the fine company.

How to get Internet Packages for Home in UAE: Etisalat and du

If you are looking for first-class Dubai net applications for your property, you could speedy get Internet Packages a new connection using applying online with Etisalat or Du. If you don’t realize, here are the entire steps:

You ought to have a residential or Emirates ID to use for a brand-new connection. If you haven’t, you can practice for a new connection using your family individuals, pals, and commercial enterprise partners, who will take the entire duty for this. You should pay an enhancement or activation charge for a brand-new home connection.

If you’re already a member of Etisalat or Du, you may get WiFi for your house with no necessities. You have to follow for a new connection Internet Packages, and you will get hold of a WiFi router or a records SIM card at your property within 24 hours.

The policies for citizens and non-residents are one-of-a-kind inside the UAE. If you are a traveler or come to the UAE for work, then you have to offer entire files, which can be given under:

  • Your Original Passport
  • Work allow or Contract
  • Visa
  • Emirates ID
  • A boost price of at least AED two hundred–500 (depending on the relationship)
  • Business Owners want a certificate or registration copy.

Both corporations, Etisalat and Du, provide 4G and 5G WiFi routers for home Internet Packages connections. So, each person can get this and use it everywhere inside the UAE.

  How to Deactivate Data Bundle in DU

Remember that you can’t circulate your device from one region to another Internet Package after activating the relationship. Doing this may lock your internet connection, and you ought to name the internet company to update or alternate the area.

I am showing you all the house internet plans, which include price-introduced services like TV, calling, and lots more. Both carriers offer fiber and WiFi internet services on a 12-month agreement, however, Du Internet Packages has a contract and non-settlement plans for all customers.

Etisalat Home Internet Packages

Etisalat is one of the excellent and biggest telecom networks inside the UAE, offering pay-as-you-go, postpaid, TV, WIFI, and broadband offerings. You can get an internet connection for your private home, workplace, or place of work anywhere in the country.

Etisalat Home Internet Packages

The business enterprise has 5G high-speed net services with fiber and WiFi. Etisalat Internet Packages has eLife plans, along with loose TV offerings and lots of accessories. Prices are unique in each vicinity or city.

The corporation also offers wi-fi home plans with unlimited Internet Packages and no hidden prices. There are many resellers inside the United States of America whose expenses are unique.

Home Internet connections begin at AED 299 per month with many blessings like free landline calling, 2 hundred+ top-rate TV channels, No advance, No safety, and No files required. New customers can get this connection by paying only AED 299 as soon as; after this, they can experience all of the blessings.

You can evaluate all of the Etisalat domestic Internet Package plans and select one in keeping with your needs.

Etisalat eLife Plans

eLife Lite 12299 AED12 MbpsFree Cordless Phone
eLife Ultra Starter429 AED500 Mbps187+ HD TV Channels: Bein, Starzplay, Premium Amazon Prime, smiles
eLife Ultra Sports699 AED750 Mbps262+ HD TV Channels: Bein, Starzplay, and Criiiclife, Premium Amazon Prime, smiles
eLife Ultra Fusion999 AED1 Gbps300+ HD TV Channels Bein, OSN, Starzplay, and Criiiclife, Premium Amazon Prime, smiles
eLife Unlimited Sports649 AED500 Mbps262+ HD TV Channels: Sports or
Entertainment + Bein
eLife Unlimited Starter389 AED250 Mbps187+ HD TV Channels

The company has 5G excessive-velocity Internet Packages services with fiber and WiFi. Etisalat has eLife plans, including unfastened TV services and plenty of accessories. Prices are exclusive in each place or city.

The organization also offers wireless domestic plans with limitless internet and no hidden fees. There are many resellers in the US whose fees are exceptional.

Home Internet connections begin at AED 299 per month with many blessings like loose landline calling, 2 hundred+ premium TV channels, No advance, No protection, and No documents required. New customers can get this connection using paying only AED 299 once; after this, they can enjoy all of the benefits.

You can examine all of the Etisalat home net plans and choose one consistent with your desires.

Etisalat eLife Plans

  • All package deal fees exclude 5% VAT.

  Du Local Call Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly


  • Free Call To UAE Landlines
  • Free Installation
  • 4K TV Box
  • Wi-Fi Router
  • On-Demand Movies and Regional TV

Etisalat WIFI Packages

You can spark off any of those packages without any set-up prices. Please note that the costs of those programs can trade depending on time and area. If you want WiFi plans, you may use those:

100Mbps12 months4G RouterAED 199
300Mbps12 months5G RouterAED 299
  • All package deal prices exclude 5% VAT.
  • Prices are for a confined time or brand-spanking new customers.
  • Packages are available on a 12-month contract.

You do not want to provide safety costs, set-up costs, or documents. If you’ve got an Emirates ID, you can get the new connection within 24 hours using paying the primary month charge.

Du Home Internet Packages

Du is the UAE’s 2nd-biggest telecom network, providing mobile telephones, fiber, and WIFI offerings. You can examine Du and Etisalat’s plans and pick out the pleasant package deal or community in keeping with your finances and desires.

Du Home Internet Packages

All new and exciting clients can get this connection beginning at AED 299 in step within a month, along with a WiFi router. The Du 5G community insurance is exceptional and to be had in over eighty of regions. Du has the pleasant-cost domestic plans, presenting neighborhood landline calls, top-class TV channels, and ultra-excessive-velocity internet.

If 5G is available in your vicinity, you could use it without a problem. All packages and services provide limitless internet facts with accessories like unfastened Amazon Prime, TV channels, landline calls, and lotmorera.

Here are the complete records of approximately Du Home Fibre and Wi-Fi programs. Du has satisfactory Dubai net programs for houses for brand spanking new and thrilling customers, with 5G velocity and unlimited downloads.

250MBPS24 monthsAED 389Advanced WiFi Router
OSN+HDTV Receiver
800MBPS24 monthsAED 529Premium WIFI Router Ent Pack: 19 Channels, Premium TV and HDTV Receiver
1Gbps24 monthsAED 505Premium WIFI Router Ent Pack: 19 Channels, Premium TV and HDTV Receiver
1Gbps24 monthsAED 1005Ultimate WIFI Router Ent Pack: 19 Channels, Premium TV, Essential TV, and 2 HDTV Receivers

These packages are to be had on 24-month contracts, and expenses include five VAT. Those customers who don’t want TV channels and need the handiest Internet Packages deals can set off Du’s month-to-month 199 AED plan.

This plan gives limitless Internet Packages facts without limits or peak hours. The applications above encompass a WiFi router or limitless month-to-month landline calls of as much as 2000 minutes.

Du Cheap Unlimited Home Internet packages

If you need the cheapest data for your property, then you could buy those. These Internet Packages do now not have loose TV channels or extra add-ons; customers can get them with or without a settlement. If new customers want to get these plans with a 12-month settlement, they could get exceptional reductions from the corporation.

Home Light StarterAED 29910Mbps
Home Light BasicAED 34920Mbps
Home Light AdvanceAED 39930Mbps
Home Light ultimateAED 699100Mbps

The Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate applications encompass twelve months of Amazon Prime. With the Home Light Ultimate plan, customers get a sophisticated 5G WiFi router and a ten cut price on a 12-month agreement.

Landline Calling Rates

Landline calls have three time periods.

  • Peak: Saturday to Thursday, nine A.M.–9 P.M.
  • Low rate: Friday, 9 a.m.–9 p.m.
  • Off-height: Saturday to Friday, nine p.m. to nine a.m.

Here is the info on Du’s calling costs:

  • Local Calls: Free
  • National Calls: zero.25 files/sec
  • National Lines: 0. Five fils/sec

What do you need to get a brand new connection to Du Home WiFi?

Users can follow for a brand new WiFi connection through the app or Internet Packages site. New customers want some documents before making use or a brand-new connection.

  • Emirates ID (Front and Back)
  • Proof of residency (tenancy contract or application bill)

Prices after Ending Contract

Users can avail themselves of as much as a ten% discount on activating any Du package deal. After the contract is finished, whilst the user renews the internet again, he has to pay 20 dirhams extra.

Let’s say you activated the 389 dirham package deal, and after it expires, you need to pay 20 dirhams more to reactivate it, that is 409 dirhams. To continue with the same package at the same fee, you must renew earlier than the remark ends.

Which are the Best Dubai Internet Packages for domestic?

It relies upon your desires and budget. If you need a non-agreement plan, you may preserve the use of the Du 299 AED plan, which affords limitless monthly statistics. We have delivered all the excellent Dubai internet packages for domestic, which you can pick after comparison.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I apply for a new internet connection for my home in Dubai?

A1. To apply for a new internet connection in Dubai, you can choose either Etisalat or Du. Ensure you have a residential or Emirates ID. If not, you can apply using the IDs of family members, friends, or business partners. Expect to pay an advance or activation fee for the new connection.

What documents are required for tourists or non-residents to apply for a home internet connection in the UAE?

A2. Tourists or non-residents in the UAE need to provide the following documents for a home internet connection: Original Passport, Work Permit or Contract, Visa, Emirates ID, and an advance payment ranging from AED 200 to 500, depending on the connection.

What are the differences between Etisalat and Du in terms of home internet packages?

A3. Etisalat and Du both offer 4G and 5G WiFi routers for home connections in the UAE. While both provide various packages with features like TV, calling and more, Etisalat’s eLife plans come with free TV services and additional benefits, whereas Du offers competitive pricing and deals, including cheap unlimited home internet packages.

Can you explain Du’s landline calling rates?

A4. Du’s landline calling rates vary based on periods. Local calls are free, while national calls cost 0.25 fils/sec and national lines cost 0.5 fils/sec during peak hours (Saturday to Thursday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.). On Fridays, the rates apply from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and off-peak hours are from Saturday to Friday, 9 p.m. to 9 a.m.

What documents do I need to provide for a new Du Home WiFi connection?

A5. To apply for a new Du Home WiFi connection, you’ll need to submit your Emirates ID (Front and Back) and proof of residency, such as a tenancy contract or utility bill. These documents can be submitted through the app or website when applying for the new connection.

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