Best Fujairah to Dubai Bus Timings (E700 Bus Route)

Many human beings journey from Fujairah to Dubai regularly for their paintings. The E700 Bus runs between Fujairah and Dubai on all 7 days of the week. Here I will proportion Fujairah to Dubai Bus Timing 2023 with complete path data.

Fujairah to Dubai Bus Timings E700

The E700 Bus Route begins from Fujairah and ends at Union Square Bus Station, Dubai. You should choose to travel using the bus because it offers snug traveling with lower-priced ticket fares. Moreover, the E700 Bus is available every 90 minutes from early morning to past due nighttime.

The first E700 Bus is available at Fujairah at 5:15 in the early morning. On the opposite hand, you could capture the ultimate E700 Bus from Fujairah to Dubai at 10:45 p.m. (10:45 PM).

Here I provide Fujairah to Dubai Bus Timing 2023 for E700 Bus as under.

You should save the above E700 Bus Timetable 2023 to use for traveling from Fujairah to Dubai. The E700 Bus provides a comfortable traveling experience to every passenger.

Fujairah to Dubai Bus Route – E700 Bus Route

The E700 Bus begins its adventure from Fujairah, Choithrams Supermarket, and ends at Union Square Bus Station, Dubai. So, the E700 Bus has 14 stops including its closing prevent on the Union Square Bus Station.

Bus Route – E700 Bus Route
Bus Route – E700 Bus Route
  1. Fujairah, Choithrams Supermarket
  2. Fujairah, Ministry of Labour
  3. Fujairah, Etisalat
  4. Fujairah Bus Station
  5. Fujairah, Ajman University
  6. Masafi, Police Station
  7. Masafi, Friday Market
  8. Thoban ENOC Petrol Station
  9. Dhaid, Central Region Department
  10. Dhaid, Post Office
  11. Sharjah Cement Factory
  12. Al Rashidiya Metro Station, Royal Air Wing
  13. Airport Terminal 1, Arrival 2
  14. DATA
  15. Union Square Bus Station

Distance between Fujairah and Dubai

The E700 Bus runs from Fujairah to Dubai Bus and Dubai to Fujairah on a day-by-day foundation. There is a 120-kilometer distance between Fujairah and Dubai. The public transport bus E700 takes 2 hours & 15 minutes to reach Dubai from Fujairah.

Distance between Fujairah and Dubai
Distance between Fujairah and Dubai

How lots is the E700 Bus Fare from Fujairah to Dubai?

The E700 Bus Fare from Fujairah to Dubai is AED 28 in step with the person. The bus fare may be AED half or greater or less based totally on adjustments made by the RTA authority. The E700 Bus gives the most less costly journey from Fujairah to Dubai as compared to a taxi, rented vehicle, and your car.

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Final Words:

The E700 Bus gives easy travel from Fujairah to Dubai for UAE citizens and tourists. Now, you know the Fujairah to Dubai Bus Timings and the E700 Bus Route with all stop details.

You should use the E700 Bus Timetable 2023 given above to catch the Fujairah to Dubai bus on time. The E700 Bus runs on a daily basis, so you can use it for traveling on any day of the week.

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