Civil Marriage Best in Dubai: Requirements and Procedures

Civil marriage in Dubai has been a subject of dialogue for some time now. Dubai is one of the maximum popular locations for expats, and lots of them pick to get married inside the UAE. However, the policies and rules surrounding civil marriage in Dubai can be confusing, especially for folks that aren’t acquainted with the criminal system.

In Dubai, civil marriage is most effective available to non-Muslim couples. Muslim couples should get married via the Sharia Court gadget. Non-Muslim couples can get married at the Dubai Courts, that is the simplest authorities entity authorized to carry out civil marriages in Dubai. The couple must offer the essential files, inclusive of their passports, house visas, and a certificate of no objection from their respective embassies.

It is critical to notice that civil marriages in Dubai are not identified through the UAE’s Islamic courts. Therefore, if a couple needs their marriage to be identified by the Islamic courts, they must have a separate religious ceremony. Despite this, civil marriages in Dubai are legally binding and diagnosed by using the government, which offers couples with the same legal rights as those who are married thru the Sharia Court gadget.

Civil Marriage in Dubai: An Overview

Dubai is a famous destination for couples who want to get married. Civil marriage is one of the options available for folks who want to tie the knot in Dubai. In this section, we can provide a top level view of civil marriage in Dubai.

Civil Marriage in Dubai
Civil Marriage in Dubai

Marriage Requirements

To get married in Dubai, each events must be as a minimum 18 years antique. They should also be legally eligible to marry, this means that they must now not be closely related to every other. Additionally, each events have to be residents of Dubai or have a legitimate residency visa.

Marriage Process

The procedure of getting married in Dubai entails numerous steps. First, the couple need to attain a wedding software form from the Dubai Courts website or from any of the Dubai Courts branches. They have to fill out the form and post it together with the required files, such as:

  • Passport copies of each parties
  • Valid residency visa copies of each parties
  • Original Emirates ID of both parties
  • Original delivery certificate of each parties
  • Original certificate of no obstacle to marriage (for non-Muslims handiest)

Once the application is accredited, the couple will acquire a marriage certificates from the Dubai Courts. The certificates is legitimate for 60 days from the date of difficulty.

Marriage Fees

There are costs associated with getting married in Dubai. The charge for the wedding application is AED two hundred, whilst the rate for the marriage certificate is AED a hundred. There can be extra prices for translation offerings, if required.


Civil marriage is a feasible option for couples who want to get married in Dubai. The technique is straightforward, and the necessities are easy to satisfy. Couples who are planning to get married in Dubai need to make certain that they’ve all of the necessary documents and meet the eligibility standards before starting the process.

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Legal Requirements for Civil Marriage in Dubai

Age Requirement

To get married in Dubai, each events have to be as a minimum 18 years antique. If one or each parties are underneath 18, they ought to obtain consent from their legal mother or father(s) and approval from the courtroom.

Residency Requirement

There are not any specific residency necessities for civil marriage in Dubai. However, each parties must gain a wedding license from the Dubai Courts before getting married. To acquire a marriage license, at the least one of the parties have to have a house visa in Dubai.

Divorce and Widowhood

If both birthday celebration has been previously married, they have to provide proof of divorce or widowhood. Divorced individuals have to provide a divorce certificate, even as widowed individuals have to provide a dying certificates in their former spouse.

It is essential to observe that the criminal necessities for civil marriage in Dubai may also range depending on the nationality, religion, and different elements of the events involved. It is suggested to seek advice from a prison professional or the Dubai Courts for greater records.

Overall, the process of having married in Dubai is straightforward and comparatively easy, as long as the legal requirements are met.

Procedure of Civil Marriage in Dubai

Document Preparation

Before starting the process of civil marriage in Dubai, there are some files that want to be prepared. These files include:

  • Passport copies of each events
  • UAE residency visa copies of each events
  • Original beginning certificates of both events
  • Original divorce certificates (if relevant)
  • Original dying certificates (if applicable)
  • Two witnesses with their passports and residency visas

All documents have to be translated into Arabic by means of an authorized translator and attested via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Marriage Application

Once the documents are equipped, the couple needs to visit the Dubai Courts’ Marriage Section to submit their utility. They will want to offer the following:

  • Original and translated files
  • Two witnesses
  • Emirates ID of each events
  • Application charge of AED 200

After filing the utility, the couple will receive a marriage date and time.

Marriage Ceremony

On the day of the bridal ceremony, the couple and their witnesses want to be present on the Dubai Courts’ Marriage Section. The rite might be performed in Arabic by using a marriage officer.

Marriage Ceremony
Marriage Ceremony

After the rite, the couple will receive their marriage certificate, that’s in Arabic. It may be translated into any language with the aid of a licensed translator.

Overall, the system of civil marriage in Dubai is straightforward and may be completed inside a few days.

Requirements for Marriage in Dubai Court

Marriage is a felony settlement that requires certain methods and necessities to be fulfilled in Dubai. In order to get married in Dubai, couples must meet the following necessities:

Requirements for Marriage in Dubai Court
Requirements for Marriage in Dubai Court

Age Requirement

Both the bride and groom have to be at the least 18 years antique to get married in Dubai. If both party is under 18, they need to reap written consent from their guardian.

Residency Requirement

At least one of the parties have to be a resident of Dubai to get married inside the Dubai Court. The residency requirement can be fulfilled if one of the events has a legitimate residency visa.

Health Screening

Both the bride and groom need to go through a health screening to make certain that they’re loose from infectious sicknesses. The health screening may be finished at any authorities-accepted scientific facility.

Documents Required

The following files are required to get married in Dubai Court:

  • Original passports of each events and their residency visas
  • Original delivery certificate of both events
  • Original certificate of no objection (CNO) from the embassy or consulate of the parties’ domestic international locations
  • Original certificates of marital popularity (unmarried, divorced, widowed) of both parties
  • Original health certificate of each events


Two male witnesses or one male and two female witnesses are required to be gift on the time of the marriage ceremony. The witnesses must have legitimate identification files.

In conclusion, getting married in Dubai Court calls for satisfying certain necessities, along with age, residency, health screening, and providing the vital files. Couples must ensure that they’ve all of the required files and have fulfilled all the important approaches earlier than getting married in Dubai.


In conclusion, civil marriage in Dubai is a possible option for couples who want to get legally married inside the UAE. The system is easy and can be finished within some days. However, it’s miles important to note that there are sure requirements that need to be met, consisting of residency and age necessities.

One of the advantages of civil marriage in Dubai is that it’s far recognized internationally, which may be beneficial for couples who plan to journey or stay in distinct international locations. Additionally, civil marriage allows couples to have criminal rights and protections, such as inheritance and belongings rights.

It is crucial for couples to carefully do not forget their alternatives and ensure that they meet all the requirements earlier than intending with civil marriage in Dubai. They have to additionally are seeking prison advice to ensure that they completely apprehend their rights and obligations beneath UAE law.

Overall, civil marriage in Dubai can be a brilliant alternative for couples who want to get legally married within the UAE and enjoy the advantages of felony reputation and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign in for a Dubai courtroom marriage on-line?

To sign up for a Dubai court docket marriage online, couples have to visit the Dubai Courts internet site and fill out the wedding application shape. The form calls for couples to provide their personal records, together with their full names, ages, nationalities, and passport numbers. After submitting the application, couples will get hold of an appointment date to visit the Dubai Courts to finish the formalities.

How do I attain a wedding certificates in Dubai?

To reap a wedding certificates in Dubai, couples need to whole the necessary criminal formalities and register their marriage with the Dubai Courts. After registering the marriage, couples can reap a marriage certificates from the Dubai Courts. The certificate will encompass the names of the bride and groom, the date and vicinity of the marriage, and the signatures of the witnesses.

Is civil marriage allowed in the UAE?

Yes, civil marriage is allowed in the UAE. However, it is only available for non-Muslim couples. Muslim couples must get married below Sharia law, that’s ruled via the personal reputation laws of their respective countries.

What is the price of civil marriage within the UAE?

The cost of civil marriage inside the UAE varies relying on the specific necessities of the couple. Typically, the price includes charges for the marriage software, the wedding certificates, and different legal formalities. Couples must discuss with the Dubai Courts or a legal representative for more statistics at the unique fees associated with civil marriage within the UAE.

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