Du International Call Offer 7 Fils consistent with Minute

Nowadays, with our global ties, it’s crucial to ke­ep in touch with those we care­ about everywhere­. Acknowledging this, Du launched a new de­al for international calls. It gives users the­ chance to make calls for just 7 fils a minute – ve­ry cheap indeed! It gre­atly changes how we communicate, in our pe­rsonal lives or for businesses, by making talking to folks worldwide­ more cost-effective­. Let’s break down this awesome­ deal, its perks, and how to bene­fit from it.

Du International – Call Offer When it involves the United Arab Emirates international calling plan, Du is an excellent community in keeping with its expenses. All sorts of programs and offers are available to its users, but getting facts about them turns out somewhat hard.

Du International Call Offer 7 Fils per Minute

If you need to make international calls while staying in the United Arab Emirates, you can contact your loved ones by activating the Du 7 fils per minute international calling plan. With this offer, all Du users can make calls to any Indian network at 7 fils per minute.

Customers can also call *135*70# to activate the Du international call offer in India.

Du International Call Offer 7 Fils per Minute


  • To subscribe to the provide, dial *055#
  • Reply with the eleven “More” choice
  • Reply with 8 “Voice Packs.”
  • Now, respond with 1 “International Minutes.”
  • “Unlimited Calls to India at 7 /fils per minute” will Appear
  • Reply with 1 to just accept it
  • You will get hold of an affirmation SMS of bundle activation in a while

After efficaciously activating Du worldwide calling % 7 fils in keeping with minutes, you may name any community in India at the bottom fee. Call setup charges of 1.05 AED according to name could be implemented while you make a name internationally. If you need to trade the provide or United States, then you may reply with 2 “Check some other deal” after dialing *0.5#.


Du Customers can also call at *a hundred thirty five*70# after which reply with 2 to deactivate the Du 7 fils global name offer. Here is a guide to unsubscribing from this provide:

  • Dial *135*70# and respond with 2 to unsubscribe.
  • Use the Du app or log in to the web
  • Call one hundred fifty-five to deactivate the package deal

If you have gone abroad for work or residence, you must call India. For this, you need to know about some of Du’s international offers. This Du offer is for one month, which is very easy to activate. After activating this offer, it doesn’t matter how long you talk.

All you have to do is pay the call setup fee once and then make as many long calls as you like at 7 fils per minute.

Please Note:

  • A call setup fee of AED 1.05 is applicable
  • This package is available for all prepaid customers
  • The offer is not valid for calls made while roaming
  • The offer is not valid for calling satellite phones or premium numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the rate for international calls with Du’s international calling plan?

A1: International calls with Du’s international calling plan are charged at 7 fils per minute.

How can I subscribe to Du’s 7 fils per-minute international calling plan?

A2: To subscribe, dial 13570#, reply with 1 for “International Minutes,” then reply with 1 to accept the offer. You’ll receive a confirmation SMS after activation.

How can I deactivate Du’s 7 fils per-minute international calling plan?

A3: To deactivate the plan, dial 13570#, then reply with 2 to unsubscribe. Alternatively, you can use the Du app log in to the web, or call 155 to deactivate the package.

What is the call setup fee for Du’s international calling plan?

A4: The call setup fee for Du’s international calling plan is 1.05 AED per call.

Is Du’s international calling plan available for prepaid customers only?

A5: Yes, Du’s international calling plan is available for all prepaid customers.

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