Best Du Monthly Data Package 50 AED 28GB Offer Details

Du Monthly Data Package gives a monthly records package deal for its clients who want to use the internet every day. Everything has become online now, so you want extra net records to your mobile telephone and Du month-to-month records bundle 50 AED 28GB is the satisfactory package to your desires.

You can set off Du month-to-month facts bundle 50 AED 28 GB for your Du wide variety with the use of the Du app or by dialing a specific USSD code.

Du Monthly Data Package 50 AED 28GB

The Du monthly statistics package of 50 AED 28 GB is a special information bundle supplied by way of Du for its prepaid customers. It affords a huge amount of 4G/5G net facts i.e. 28 GB with a validity of 30 days. The price of Du monthly facts bundle is simply 50 AED.

Package NameDu Non-Stop Data Package/Bundle
ValidityOne Month or 30 Days
Internet Data Amount28 GB
Package Price50 AED
Activation Code*135*5#
Deactivation Code*135*5#

Every Du pay-as-you-go client is eligible for a Du monthly statistics package deal of 50 AED 28 GB non-prevent facts bundle. It is viable that the non-stop data package deal isn’t relevant with sure Du plans. If you have such an incompatible plan then you need to first trade your Du pay-as-you-go plan and then prompt Du monthly statistics package.

[Updated Info] Du Monthly Data Package 50 AED

The Du monthly facts bundle 50 AED typically gives 28GB facts but the agency has modified the package deal. Recently, Du decided to provide limitless internet statistics in a 50 AED information package deal with a restrained speed restriction.

Du Monthly Data Package 50 AED

The new records package offers unlimited internet facts for 1 month for 50 AED for all Du customers. The clients get the first 150 MB facts at 192 kbps speed after which they will get the handiest seventy-two kbps speed.

The higher restriction of 28 GB is eliminated however the employer has placed restrictions on net pace. Still, the Du month-to-month records bundle of AED 50 is a good deal because it gives unlimited internet records for a whole month.
What is Du Monthly Data Package 50 AED Code?

The Du monthly data package deal 50 AED code is *one hundred thirty-five*5 # for all Du customers. You can dial this code for activation of the Du monthly facts bundle of 50 AED for your Du range. You can also dial this code again for the deactivation of the bundle.

How to Activate Du Monthly Data Package 50 AED 28 GB

There are two different ways to prompt Du monthly statistics package of 50 AED 28 GB on any Du range.

Activate Du Monthly Data Package through USSD Code

  1. Open the dialer on your mobile smartphone.
  2. Dial *one hundred thirty-five*5 # and tap on the call button.
  3. Wait for the carrier request to finish.
  4. Soon you will receive a popup message displaying that your request is being processed.
  5. Within 1-2 minutes, you’ll receive an SMS showing that your Du non-prevent facts package is activated.

Activate Du Monthly Data Package thru Du App

  1. Download the Du app from the App Store Play Store or App Gallery.
  2. Open the Du app and log in with your Du number and OTP/password.
  3. Find out Du’s non-stop information package deal and tap on it.
  4. Tap on Activate choice and affirm the action.
  5. Soon the Du month-to-month data package deal will be activated for your wide variety.

So, you can spark off the Du monthly facts package with the use of either the USSD code or the Du app. In case you need to deactivate the Du month-to-month facts package deal in your variety, you could dial the identical USSD code (*135*five#) or do it from the Du app on your mobile.

Advantages of Du Monthly Data Package 50 AED

The Du month-to-month records package of 50 AED comes with many benefits for the clients. Here I offer some key benefits of the package deal as follows:

Advantages of Du Monthly Data Package 50 AED

Value for Money:

This records package deal from Du gives a nice cost for cash. You spend 50 AED to activate the Du information package of 28 GB for a month. So, you get a large amount of excessive pace net statistics at simply 50 AED, isn’t it an extraordinary deal for you? Yes, it’s far.

Enough Internet Data:

The normal Du records packs do not offer plenty of internet data. The amount of data varies from 1 GB to 10 GB consistent with month. On the other hand, the Du monthly facts package deal of 50 AED offers you 28 GB of data with one month of validity. So, you get sufficient net records on every day of the month.

Freedom to Use:

The internet information given underneath Du’s month-to-month information bundle comes without any restriction. You can use the records for internet surfing, chatting, video calling, video streaming, playing online video games, watching TV/films online, and the use of several social media apps. You get the whole freedom to use the net information.


The Du monthly records plan of AED 50 is pretty low cost as it offers a variety of net facts with 1-month validity. You may be assured at the same time as using the internet as you have got enough data on your Du account.

Easy to Activate/Deactivate:

It may be very clean to set off and deactivate Du’s month-to-month records package of 50 AED. You can do it with our code *135*5# and additionally with the assistance of the Du cell app. The ease of use makes Du’s monthly information package deal easy for all-age clients.

In this manner, the Du monthly statistics package deal of 50 AED offers a whole lot of blessings to make your life better. It facilitates you to stay linked with your pals with sufficient internet information to get entry to all social media apps.


The Du month-to-month data package of 50 AED is a problem to exchange in keeping with Du organization’s guidelines & guidelines. The telecom operator (Du) can exchange the fee or validity or quantity of records or all of them whenever.

Therefore I advise you to test the Du monthly records package with 50 AED details in the Du app or internet site before activating the bundle in your Du quantity. You should additionally take a look at other information packages to discover the quality suitable facts % for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the package name and details of Du’s monthly data package priced at 50 AED?

A1. The monthly data package offered by Du at 50 AED is called the Du Non-Stop Data Package. It provides 28 GB of internet data for a validity period of one month or 30 days.

How can I activate the Du Monthly Data Package priced at 50 AED with 28 GB of data?

A2. You can activate the Du Monthly Data Package by dialing the USSD code 1355# on your mobile phone and following the instructions. Alternatively, you can activate it through the Du mobile app by logging in with your Du number and selecting the activation option for the Non-Stop Data Package.

What are the advantages of opting for Du’s Monthly Data Package priced at 50 AED?

A3. The Du Monthly Data Package priced at 50 AED offers several benefits:

  1. Value for Money: You get a significant amount of high-speed internet data for just 50 AED.
  2. Sufficient Internet Data: With 28 GB of data, you have enough for daily use throughout the month.
  3. Freedom to Use: The data can be used for various online activities without restrictions.
  4. Affordability: At 50 AED, the package is affordable and provides peace of mind with ample data.
  5. Easy Activation/Deactivation: Activation and deactivation can be done conveniently through the USSD code or the Du mobile app.

How has Du updated its Monthly Data Package priced at 50 AED recently?

A4. Du has recently updated its Monthly Data Package priced at 50 AED to offer unlimited internet data with a speed limit. Initially, it provided 28 GB of data, but now it offers unlimited data for a month with the first 150 MB at 192 kbps speed, followed by 72 kbps speed.

Can Du change the terms of the Monthly Data Package priced at 50 AED in the future?

A5. Yes, Du retains the right to change the terms and conditions of its Monthly Data Package priced at 50 AED, including price, validity, and data allocation. It’s advisable to check for any updates or changes on the Du app or website before activating the package.

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