Du Postpaid Plans – Unlimited Data, Calls and Wi-Fi

Du Postpaid Plans – Unlimited Data, Calls, and Wi-Fi give its users all sorts of services, along with postpaid users as well as pay-as-you-go customers advantage substantially. Du’s postpaid packages are to be had in diverse price tiers. If you are a new Du consumer or want to switch from prepaid to postpaid and need facts approximately its packages, you may locate all forms of facts right here. Du gives three hundred and sixty-five days, 24 months settlement, and non-contract postpaid plans for individuals and businesses.

Du offers exceptional plans for individual and enterprise customers, which encompass calls, SMS, and facts, at the side of many advert-ons and fee-delivered services. These applications are available in all price range ranges, and to buy them, you can visit the office and purchase a SIM card. Additionally, in case you select it, you can also e-book it online. In this post, you may get records approximately Du postpaid statistics programs, gives, name packages, and the subsequent offers.

Du Postpaid Plans Non-Contract

Du Postpaid 150 Plan

These are some small plans that users should purchase to fulfill their critical desires. With Du’s a hundred and fifty AED plan, you could get 1 GB of monthly net and 600 mins of calls. These minutes can be used for calls anywhere except international and landline calls.

Du Postpaid 250 Plan

Users who make a variety of calls to a selected range can select Plan 2. It offers 10 GB of facts consistent per month for 250 AED, in conjunction with 1200 minutes for all networks and 300 minutes for anyone quantity.

Du Postpaid 450 Plan

The 1/3 plan, available at 450 AED consistently per month, affords customers four GB of records, 2400 minutes on any network, and 600 call minutes for 2 unique numbers. This is a terrific offer for commercial enterprises who use Du SIM to speak with their clients and team of workers.

Du Postpaid Plans a thousand Plan

Finally, with the Du Postpaid Plans bundle priced at a thousand AED per month, users get 5000 minutes on any community and a thousand minutes for calls to a few specific numbers. Users also get hold of 10 GB of net statistics, allowing them to use it for numerous purposes such as social apps, gaming, films, and different activities.

Du Postpaid Plans 12 Months Contracts

These packages are geared up with all centers, consisting of worldwide calls, nearby calls, SMS, free Wi-Fi, and unlimited internet facts. There are separate plans for people and businesses in a 12-month contract, which we can add in separate sections.

Postpaid Plans 12 Months Contract for Individuals

These are the short versions of 12-month individual postpaid plans. You can see more details below of each plan.

Starter Pack:

The starter pack comes with 200 national call minutes, 8GB of free Wifi in all of UAE, and 4GB of data. New customers will also get 10GB extra data as a bonus but it will be valid for 4 months.

  • Price: AED 131.25 / months
  • Calls: 200 national calling minutes
  • Data: 4GB data + 10GB bonus (4 months)
  • Wi-fi: 8GB data
  • Free SIM card

Students Pack:

Du postpaid student pack comes with 13GB data + 13GB bonus for new customers (valid for 4 months). With this plan, Postpaid customers will also get 26GB of Wi-fi, and 800 national minutes in only AED 210 per month. Here are the full details and benefits:

  • Price: AED 210 / months
  • Calls: 800 national calling minutes
  • Data: 13GB data + 13GB bonus (4 months)
  • Wi-fi: 26GB data
  • Roaming Data: 100MB
  • Free Amazon Prime Membership
  • Free SIM card

Work and Office Postpaid Plan

I use this plan for my work at home because it has unlimited internet data @3Mbps speed. With this plan, customers also get 1000 national calling minutes + 400 national minutes for 4 months as a gift. This plan has also many features like you can get free Amazon Prime membership, and a BeIN Connect membership for 12 months. See the more details and benefits here:

  • Price: AED 263 / month
  • Calls: 1000 national calling minutes + 400 minutes for 4 months
  • Data: Unlimited data at @3Mbps
  • Wi-fi: 35GB data
  • Roaming Data: 200MB
  • Free Amazon Prime Membership for 12 months
  • BeIN Connect membership for 12 months
  • Free SIM card

Standard Wifi Package:

With this plan, customers get 1200 country-wide calling mins and unfastened international calls on one range. This plan has also many capabilities like you may get an unfastened Amazon Prime club, and a BeIN Connect club for twelve months. See the more information and benefits right here:

  • Price: AED 273 / months
  • Calls: 1200 country-wide calling minutes + Free Int’l calls on 1 range
  • Data: 20GB month-to-month records + 20GB for four months
  • Wi-fi: 40GB of information
  • Roaming Data: 250MB
  • Free Amazon Prime Membership for 12 months
  • BeIN Connect membership for 365 days
  • Free SIM card

Postpaid Plans 12 Months Contract for Business & Offices


These are the fast variations of twelve-month commercial enterprise postpaid plans. You can see extra details underneath every plan.

Du 315 Unlimited Internet statistics @10Mbps

  • Unlimited Internet information @10Mbps
  • Unlimited Wifi
  • 1600 country-wide call mins, 400 country-wide mins bonus for 4 months
  • 1GB for roaming
  • Free Amazon Prime + BeIN Join the club for three hundred and sixty-five days
  • AED 315
  • Free SIM Card

Postpaid 315 Plan

  • 25GB+25GB records bonus (legitimate for 4 months)
  • 50GB of Wifi
  • Unlimited country-wide name minutes + unfastened international calls to 1 quantity
  • 500MB for roaming
  • Free Amazon Prime + BeIN connect club for three hundred and sixty-five days
  • Free internet calling social apps
  • OSN streaming subscription for 365 days
  • Carryover as much as 12.5 GB to the subsequent month
  • AED 315
  • Free SIM Card

Unlimited 525 Data at @20Mbps

  • Unlimited Data at @20Mbps
  • Unlimited Wifi
  • 3000 national name minutes + four hundred mins for 4 months
  • 10GB for roaming
  • Free Amazon Prime + BeIN Join the club for three hundred and sixty-five days
  • OSN streaming subscription for one year
  • AED 525
  • Free SIM Card

Du 525 Plan

  • 50GB+50GB statistics bonus (valid for 4 months)
  • 100GB of Wifi
  • Unlimited national name mins + unfastened worldwide calls to 1 quantity
  • 5GB for roaming
  • Free Amazon Prime + BeIN Join the club for three hundred and sixty-five days
  • Free net calling social apps
  • OSN streaming subscription for one year
  • Carry over up to twenty-five GB to subsequent month
  • AED 525
  • Free SIM Card

Du Low-Cost Plans 12 Months Contract

  • To activate any plan, Send ‘ACT NAT phone number’ to 1233
  • Prices are excluded 5% VAT
  • Free calling minutes are usable to call in UAE all networks
  • Customers can get extra free minutes for calling special numbers
  • These plans are valid on 12 months contract

Postpaid Emirates Plans

This plan is specially designed for UAE residents who have an Emirates card or passport. If you are a resident here, you can take full advantage of this offer. To purchase these plans you need to show your Emirates ID at the Du Postpaid Plans office. New customers can enjoy a Special rate of 2.42 fils/second for international calls as a gift.

These plans are valid for all postpaid customers but only on 12 12-month contracts. These plans are auto-renewable each month. You can visit any nearest Du Postpaid Plans office and call at Du helpline to get this plan.

Du Postpaid Plans Control Plans With Flexi Minutes

If you want Flexi mins for calls within the UAE or internationally, you can use those plans. Du Postpaid Plans is supplying 50 flexi mins and 3GB of records for the simplest AED 80 per step per month. It is the Du most inexpensive postpaid package deal for college students and personnel whose budgets are low. Here are the all programs and prices to be had within the listing:

  • AED 80: 3GB statistics and 30 Flexi calling minutes
  • AED eighty: 3GB data and a hundred Flexi calling mins
  • AED 135: 6GB statistics and 2 hundred Flexi calling mins
  • AED a hundred thirty-five: 6GB facts and three hundred Flexi calling minutes

Here we’ve presented all the Du postpaid plans that you may avail of on 12-month and 24-month contracts. Postpaid SIM has many blessings you don’t need to recharge often and you additionally get unlimited calls and information.

How to get a Du Postpaid SIM Card?

You can without problems get postpaid SIM cards from any Du workplace and retailers and you may even organize them online. Before buying a postpaid SIM you want to hold some critical files with you:

  1. Your software bill or its replica
  2. Emirates ID
  3. Security rate on the way to rely upon the plan selected by using you

After completing this stuff you can go to the office and get a postpaid SIM. For extra statistics, you could visit the DU website or name 155 and find out about the applications and plans offered.

How to Check Du Postpaid Balance and Bill?

Customers can test Du’s postpaid balance by using the Du Postpaid Plans UAE app or calling a hundred thirty-five.

Can I set off these plans multiple times in a month?

Yes, or no, it depends on the person who selected the package deal. Only Add-on services can be activated more than one times in a month.

How to Check Du Postpaid SIM Internet Data?

Use the Du UAE app or dial *121*1# to test the information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I get a Du Postpaid SIM Card?

A1: Visit any Du Postpaid Plans office or authorized retailer, or arrange it online. Ensure you have your utility bill or its copy, Emirates ID, and the required security fee.

How do I check Du Postpaid Balance and Bill?

A2: You can check your balance through the Du UAE app or by calling 135.

Can I activate Du’s postpaid plans multiple times in a month?

A3: Activation frequency depends on the selected package. Add-on services can typically be activated multiple times within a month.

How do I check my Du Postpaid SIM Internet Data?

A4: You can check your data balance using the Du Postpaid Plans UAE app or by dialing 1211#.

What are the key features of Du Postpaid Plans?

A5: Du Postpaid Plans offer a variety of data, call minutes, and Wi-Fi options suitable for individuals and businesses, with the convenience of non-contract or 12-month contract options.

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