Dubai Foundation for Best Women and Children: Empowering Women and Protecting Children

If you or someone you recognize has skilled home violence, infant abuse, or human trafficking inside the UAE, there are foundations which could offer criminal, socioeconomic, medical, and psycho-social guide. One such foundation is the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children.

In this text, we are able to discuss the offerings supplied by using the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, which is devoted to helping victims of abuse, violence, and human trafficking in the UAE. From criminal assistance to trauma care, the foundation offers more than a few offerings to guide survivors on their street to recuperation.

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children

The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children is a non-income corporation that offers safe haven and assist to women and youngsters who have been victims of home abuse, child abuse, and human trafficking in the UAE. Their strategic goals consist of setting an end to violence, abuse, and harm to women and children, providing extremely good offerings in conformity with international laws and rules, rehabilitating and correctly reintegrating sufferers into society, and improving the muse’s inner performance, efficacy, and efficiency.

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children
Dubai Foundation for Women and Children

Services Provided By The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children

The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children gives a variety of offerings to help victims who are ladies and children, boosting their self-confidence and that of the network they live in. The following are some of the services supplied:

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children
Dubai Foundation for Women and Children
  • Rehabilitation and Care: 

    Domestic violence, sexual attack, child abuse, and different crimes in opposition to ladies and kids are handled and rehabilitated via DFWAC. Eligibility necessities encompass being a victim of violence or abuse of any kind, not immediately in risk of injuring your self or others, and/or no longer in want of institutionalization for intellectual illness, now not stricken by a contagious infection, and no longer being a male above the age of 12.
  • Community Services: 
    Conducting a case examine includes going in contact with full-size own family individuals if you want to contain them in arising with solutions that benefit the client’s scenario and speaking with diverse departments, nearby departments, and outside relevant events as important.
  • Mental Health Services: 
    After completing a medical remittance form, DFWAC transfers a purchaser to the psychiatric department if the case manager notices any unsettling mental signs. The purchaser then receives psychological offerings along with person therapy classes, institution remedy, own family therapy, and play remedy similarly to attending mental aid businesses.
  • Community Awareness and Programs: 
    Through numerous attention applications like campaigns, symposiums, and lectures, instructional initiatives in schools and universities, lectures, and workshops, as well as media recognition thru audio, visual, and print media, the Foundation strives to save you home violence, infant abuse, and human trafficking for a network free of violence. Some examples of their campaigns include courses, kids’s books, baby abuse brochures, domestic violence brochure, radio clips, and media awareness. Throughout the day, the Noor Dubai Audio Channel plays diverse focus radio snippets.
  • Legal Services: 
    DFWAC employs a permanent prison consultant to help clients, provide felony consultations, counsel them at the quality methods to engage with UAE felony entities, and tell them in their legal rights and the right ways to continue with all prison approaches, such as starting a case file and different strategies.
  • Health Services: 
    In collaboration with the Dubai Health Authority, DFWAC gives all sheltered customers free hospital therapy.
  • Services for Sheltering: 
    In addition to instances that face instantaneous chance that would jeopardize their safety, DFWAC offers sheltering services for pressing cases which are transferred from the government government within the UAE.

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children’s Location and Contact Information

If you or someone you know needs assistance, you can contact the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children through any of the following methods:

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children’s Location and Contact Information
Dubai Foundation for Women and Children’s Location and Contact Information

Address: P.O. Box 97727, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Phone Number: 04-6060300

Fax: 04-2871177

Helpline: 800111

SMS: 5111

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: https://www.dfwac.ae/

The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children is committed to supporting its efforts to advance fundamental human rights.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the UAE make sure the protection and welfare of kids?

The UAE is dedicated to protective the rights and welfare of kids. The government has established legal guidelines and guidelines to protect kids from abuse, overlook, and exploitation. The Ministry of Interior’s Child Protection Centre presents guide and assistance to kids who’ve been victims of abuse or forget about. Additionally, the authorities has mounted several institutions and firms to sell infant welfare and development, along with the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children.

Which projects does the Dubai Foundation undertake to support children in need?

The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children is devoted to protecting and empowering victims of domestic violence, child abuse, and human trafficking. The foundation affords various services to aid children in need, which include safe haven, hospital therapy, schooling, and counselling. The foundation also works to elevate focus about toddler abuse and advocates for the rights of children.

Can you describe the aid structures in vicinity for ladies dealing with domestic abuse in Dubai?

Dubai has established a complete system to support ladies who are sufferers of domestic abuse. The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children gives more than a few offerings to guide ladies, which include safe haven, legal help, medical care, and counselling. Additionally, the authorities has established numerous hotlines and support centres to assist girls who’re sufferers of domestic violence.

What position does the Dubai Foundation play in promoting gender equality within the UAE?

The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children performs a critical function in selling gender equality inside the UAE. The basis works to empower women and women by means of presenting schooling, training, and assist services. Additionally, the inspiration advocates for rules and tasks that promote gender equality and girls’s rights.

How can individuals contribute to or volunteer with the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children?

Individuals can make a contribution to the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children by way of creating a donation or volunteering their time and abilities. The foundation welcomes volunteers who can help with various tasks, consisting of fundraising, outreach, and administrative guide. Interested individuals can visit the foundation’s internet site for extra information on the way to get worried.

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