Etisalat 2 Fils Per Minute Call Package

Living in this swift and hectic world, we­ rely on communication to link people and companie­s. One crucial tool that’s emerge­d is the mobile phone. It provide­s an easy connection no matter whe­re we are. Etisalat, a top-ranke­d telecommunication company, see­s the need for e­asy, low-cost communication. That’s why they’ve launched the­ir 2 Fils Per Minute Call Package.

If you are seeking out the Etisalat 2 fils in line with the minute name package deal right here are the whole statistics concerning this. Etisalat does now not have any 2 fils per-minute name package deal but you could subscribe to other calling offers. You can get a nearby calling minute bindle for 1 day which affords five local calling minutes for the handiest AED 1 per day.

Daily Local Calling Packages

These packages offer a package of neighborhood minutes at a discounted rate. For example, you may get 5 local minutes for AED 1 per day. If you need extra calling minutes, you could get 10 nearby calling mins for AED 2 and 15 minutes for AED three. Here are the contemporary costs of those applications.

  • 5 Local minutes send “Local5” to 1010
  • 10 Local minutes AED 2 ship “Local10” to 1010
  • 15 Local mins AED 3 ship “Local15” to 1010

You can unsubscribe to any Etisalat 2 Fils nearby call bundle by sending the text “C LOCAL” to 1010.

International Voice Packs Etisalat 2 Fils

These packages offer a bundle of global mins to a particular US or country at a reduced. For example, you may get half an hour to India for AED 5. If you want international call programs Etisalat 2 Fils 2 fils per minute, you may enroll in Etisalat International call packages which offer 30 to 200 minutes for distinctive countries.

You can get 30 worldwide calling minutes for Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Egypt. To subscribe to the offer dial *a hundred thirty five*eighty# and comply with the instructions. Some of the packages have fixed line name plans with a name setup rate of AED 1.05. For more records approximately those programs, you can read the Etisalat international call package post.

Etisalat 2 Fils in step with minute plans not to be had then you may keep using a third-birthday party VoIP carrier which includes Skype, WhatsApp, Etisalat 2 Fils, or Viber. You can make calls to the same provider user at no cost if the receiver is likewise using these VoIP provider apps. You can also call to standard numbers with at very low prices. Etisalat is the great telecom operator in UAE and you can purchase its pay-as-you-go or postpaid connections at very low charges.

You also can get the Etisalat 2 Fils Per Minute Call Package by dialing the *a hundred thirty-five #. To purchase the SIM card, visit the Etisalat UAE workplace, shops, and any licensed supplier near you. You also can visit Etisalat Internet and book a new connection in line with your desires.

Frequently Aad Questions:

Can I subscribe to an Etisalat package offering calls at 2 fils per minute?

A1: No, Etisalat does not offer a package with calls priced at 2 fils per minute. However, you can subscribe to other calling offers provided by Etisalat.

What are the options for local calling packages with Etisalat?

A2: Etisalat offers various local Etisalat packages. You can get 5 local minutes for AED 1 per day, 10 local minutes for AED 2, or 15 local minutes for AED 3. To subscribe, simply send the corresponding code via SMS to 1010.

How can I unsubscribe from an Etisalat local call bundle?

A3: To unsubscribe from an Etisalat local call bundle, send the text “C LOCAL” to 1010.

Does Etisalat offer international voice packs?

A4: Yes, Etisalat provides international voice packs offering minutes to specific countries at discounted rates. You can subscribe to these packs for various durations and destinations by following the provided instructions.

Can I obtain the Etisalat 2 Fils per minute call package?

A5: No, Etisalat does not offer a 2 fils per minute call package. However, you can explore other calling options provided by Etisalat or consider using third-party VoIP services for cost-effective calling solutions.

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