Best Etisalat Call Forwarding Service to any Number

With the assist of Etisalat Call Forwarding, you can forward calls from an Etisalat wide variety to every other variety. Etisalat offers all types of facilities to customers, like calling, messages, price-delivered services, and net applications. Forwarding or diverting a name is the same element, but many humans don’t recognise the way to set off it. In this submit, we are able to tell you the entire manner to prompt and deactivate it.

The Etisalat Call Forwarding approach may be very clean; you could activate it out of your cellular cellphone settings and also with the assist of shortcodes. You can set off name forwarding the usage of any given technique that you find handy. Etisalat does not rate any fees for switching on and off name forwarding services.

How to Activate Etisalat Call Forwarding Service

You can divert or ahead calls from Etisalat Call to Du, Etisalat, Virgin, Swyp, and any landline variety the usage of this technique. You can spark off the decision forwarding by means of dialing the following codes:

  • Forward all calls: Dial *21*05xxxxxxxx#
  • Forward calls while you are busy: Dial *sixty seven*05xxxxxxxx#
  • Forward calls while you do not solution: Dial *61*05xxxxxxxx#
  • Forward calls whilst your cellphone is became off or unreachable: Dial *62*05xxxxxxxx#

Once you subscribe to the Etisalat Call Forwarding Service, all incoming Etisalat Call will be forwarded to the opposite phone numbers you have got entered within the subscription code.

How to forward all calls from Etisalat?

You can use this provider while your Etisalat Call telephone is left at home or you need to use some other SIM. Note that the number on which you are turning on name forwarding will stop receiving calls, and calls may be received at the set variety.

You can prompt name diverting with the aid of dialing *21*05xxxxxxxxx# out of your Etisalat SIM. Etisalat Call does no longer charge any charge to spark off it, however you may call the helpline to get the present day statistics.

Another not unusual difficulty is while name forwarding is activated on someone’s phone variety with out their knowledge. Because the Etisalat Call-forwarding icon is seen on smartphones, many cellular phone users are aware about this. You also can deactivate it by dialing #121# out of your cell telephone. All call forwarding and diverts to your number will be terminated.

Forward calls whilst you are busy:

Etisalat users can ahead calls while they may be busy via dialing *67*05xxxxxxxx#. This carrier is used while you are in a meeting and cannot pick up a call. In one of these case, whilst you hang up the decision, your call is diverted to the set wide variety.

Suppose you want to briefly forward incoming Etisalat Call to one in all your staff numbers. So you can do it using this technique. When a person calls your number and you are making it busy, the decision is robotically forwarded to the quantity you selected. The man or woman making the decision can also be notified of this.

The method to deactivate this service is also the equal; you simply need to dial #67#. Once you suit it, the forwarding on your number will cease, and your calling offerings could be restored.

Forward calls when you do not solution:

You need to use this carrier when you have more than two cell telephones. Dial *sixty one*05xxxxxxxx# to spark off the call forwarding whilst you are not able to pick it up. Dial #sixty one# to deactivate the Etisalat call forwarding while you do no longer solution a name.

You also can set off this provider permanently in case you need because if you can’t choose up the cell cellphone for any reason, the incoming calls could be mechanically transferred to the second one number. Suppose you have got activated your variety for this provider and added the divert variety in your office.

When you forget about your mobile cellphone at domestic and no person picks up the calls, all those calls will be forwarded for your workplace wide variety.

Forward calls when your phone is grew to become off or unreachable:

This is a super call-forwarding carrier, and I assume you ought to maintain it going. The principal gain of this service is that when your cellular cellphone can not acquire alerts or you’re in a place where there is a community problem, your calls can be forwarded to the selected quantity.

You can spark off it with the aid of dialing *sixty two*05xxxxxxxx#. After activation of the service, all Etisalat Call may be forwarded to your other variety. To deactivate this provider, in reality dial #sixty two#.

Deactivate Etisalat Call Forwarding

Dial ##002# to deactivate all services without delay. You also can observe the given technique to deactivate any unmarried name-forwarding provider.

  • Forward all calls: Dial #21#
  • Forward calls while you are busy: Dial #67#
  • Forward calls whilst you do now not solution: Dial #sixty one#
  • Forward calls whilst your phone is turned off or unreachable: Dial #62#

There are advantages and disadvantages to activating name forwarding. Most human beings don’t even recognize and feature call forwarding active on their SIM. This causes the calls to be forwarded to every other range, and the users do no longer receive the call. We have mentioned all of the techniques above that you may use to clear up your trouble. If you’re nonetheless dealing with any problems with call forwarding, then you may contact the Etisalat helpline.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I activate call forwarding on my Etisalat number?

A1: To activate call forwarding on your Etisalat number, simply dial the respective code depending on the forwarding condition:

  • For forwarding all calls: Dial 2105xxxxxxxx#
  • For forwarding calls when busy: Dial 6705xxxxxxxx#
  • For forwarding calls when unanswered: Dial 6105xxxxxxxx#
  • For forwarding calls when your phone is turned off or unreachable: Dial 6205xxxxxxxx#

Does Etisalat charge any fees for activating or deactivating call forwarding services?

A2: No, Etisalat does not charge any fees for activating or deactivating call forwarding services.

How do I deactivate call forwarding on my Etisalat number?

A3: To deactivate call forwarding on your Etisalat number, simply dial the respective code:

  • To deactivate all call forwarding: Dial ##002#
  • To deactivate specific call forwarding services:
    • For all calls: Dial #21#
    • For calls when busy: Dial #67#
    • For calls when unanswered: Dial #61#
    • For calls when your phone is turned off or unreachable: Dial #62#

What should I do if call forwarding is activated on my number without my knowledge?

A4: If call forwarding is activated on your number without your knowledge, you can deactivate it by dialing #121# from your mobile phone. This will terminate all call forwarding and diverts to your number.

Are there any charges for activating call forwarding on an Etisalat number?

A5: No, there are no charges for activating call forwarding on an Etisalat number.

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