Best Etisalat Call Packages for Pakistan

Etisalat Call Packages for Pakistan While residing abroad, you could want to make cellphone calls to talk with your pals and family. So, I decided to provide you with complete details of the Etisalat call packages for Pakistan. If you have got travelled from Pakistan to the United Arab Emirates or Dubai and are the usage of an Etisalat SIM then you definitely need to know the Etisalat Call Packages for Pakistan. Because the world over calling without a package can value you plenty.

Etisalat has enabled calling programs for three operators in Pakistan; Jazz, Zong, and Ufone. It method that customers can not call from Etisalat to Telenor Pakistan. In my experience, this isn’t always a awful offer, as there are almost 3 networks strolling in Pakistan, of which Jazz and Zong are primary networks which might be mandatory for eighty out of 100 humans.

Etisalat Call Packages for Pakistan

Calling from the UAE to Pakistan is not difficult because Etisalat has made it easy.

Using the Etisalat prepaid sims, you can get any type of package like internet plans, roaming plans, and international plans.

To Activate Package

Dial *135*31#

Check Remaining Minutes

Send “Voice” to 1012 to check the remaining minutes

It is an amazing package that is designed for visitors or all residents of the UAE whose relatives and friends live in Pakistan. You can select a 30-minute call package that costs AED 5 for 1 day (24 hours). If you are a visitor and you need call packs for 7 days, then you can continue using its weekly international plan. This plan costs AED 25 and provides 200 international minutes for Pakistan.

Three monthly Pakistan calling gives are available for 28 days, which offer 500 mins for handiest AED 49, 1000 minutes for AED 79, and 2000 minutes for simplest AED 99. Now, what number of lengthy calls you’re making relies upon on you.

Etisalat Calling Addons for Pakistan

If your package deal is exhausted and you need extra calling minutes, you may set off Etisalat accessories. These add-ons are available for Pakistan as well as other nations.

How to Subscribe?

Dial *101*24# & Send “DI25” to 1012

To Unsubscribe

Send “C DI25” to 1012

Terms & Conditions

  • Users can call Jazz, Zong, and Ufone numbers from Etisalat
  • Customers can name Pakistan every time without any off-peaks
  • This package is valid for simplest pay as you go customers
  • For extra facts, customers can go to the internet site https://www.Etisalat.Ae/ and spot the replace on this package

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the available Etisalat call packages for calling Pakistan from the UAE?

A1. Etisalat offers various call packages for calling Pakistan from the UAE, including options for 30 minutes, 200 minutes, 500 minutes, 1000 minutes, and 2000 minutes, with prices ranging from AED 5 to AED 99.

Which Pakistani operators can I call using Etisalat call packages?

A2. With Etisalat call packages, you can call operators such as Jazz, Zong, and Ufone in Pakistan. However, calls to Telenor Pakistan are not included in these packages.

How can I activate an Etisalat call package for calling Pakistan?

A3. To activate an Etisalat call package for calling Pakistan, dial 13531# from your Etisalat prepaid SIM.

How can I check the remaining minutes on my Etisalat call package for Pakistan?

A4. To check the remaining minutes on your Etisalat call package for Pakistan, send “Voice” to 1012 from your Etisalat prepaid SIM.

Are there any calling addons available if I exhaust my Etisalat call package for Pakistan?

A5. Yes, Etisalat offers calling addons for Pakistan, including 50 extra minutes for AED 5.25, which can be subscribed to by dialing 10124# and sending “DI25” to 1012.

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