Etisalat Best Home Internet Packages and WIFI Plans

Etisalat provides home internet applications and WiFi packages in the UAE. Customers can revel in 5G high-velocity internet using Etisalat 5G routers, which come with a facts SIM. Etisalat is offering home internet gives for monthly, 6, 12, and 24-month contracts.

Residents can connect extra than six gadgets and use the internet after activating home Wi-Fi packages. Etisalat offers home net packages with free TV channels and TV containers, a phone for landline calls, and a modem.

Users can prompt those applications even for 1 month in the event that they need, however with commitment, customers get a huge discount. All the packages, fees, and extra statistics are given so that you can choose the first-class internet for you.

Etisalat Home Internet Packages and WIFI Plans

There are quite a few net Home Internet packages for homes that users can get according to their budget and needs. The Etisalat fundamental domestic net package deal comes with unlimited internet beginning at 25 Mbps, landline, and TV services. Etisalat eLife net applications start at AED 199 in step with month with 25Mbps speed. Unlimited net, landline calls, and loose simple TV channels are blanketed.

eLife Home Internet

Etisalat eLife domestic internet comes with unlimited high-velocity internet (25 Mbps), landline calls, and loose TV channels. The price of this bundle is AED 299 in line with month.

eLife Ultra

The Etisalat eLife Ultra Home Internet Package is a high-pace and top class package that comes with limitless net (250 Mbps), landline calling minutes, Norton Antivirus, TV channels, and e mail bills. The package charge is AED 639 consistent with month, however on a 12 or 24-month settlement, you could get a huge bargain.

Etisalat Home Wireless Plans

If you are looking to get a devoted internet connection for your house, wireless plans offer a outstanding deal. It is the exceptional wireless net that does not want any wire connection. Just insert the Etisalat information SIM and turn on the device. Packages start at AED 199 with limitless net (FUP 300GB).

Users could be able to get entry to the Internet by means of placing the SIM card into the router and connecting as many gadgets as they need through the WiFi Home Internet. With those programs, customers get speeds of one hundred Mbps to two hundred Mbps, in step with their decided on package. Prices are exclusive for no contract and on a settlement. You can see their fees within the desk below.

Home Wireless Advance

For AED 199 in line with month, clients can order an advanced wi-fi home plan that comes with unlimited net records for three hundred and sixty five days with a 5G router and extremely-fast fiber pace.

In this plan, clients can avail of limitless internet Fair Usage Policy (FUP) 300 GB with complete net velocity, as a way to decrease the speed up to at least one MBps after usage. This is done to prevent unnecessary net utilization and to provide properly pace net to other users. Etisalat’s Home Internet FUP policy is one-of-a-kind for brand new customers, in an effort to lessen the net velocity to 1Mbps after ingesting 5TB of statistics.

This is a superb and ordinary connection that is best for a gamer, TV streamer, and enjoyment. You can run any app, internet site, or social Home Internet from this internet.

The rate of this plan can be accelerated from AED 199 to AED 300 in line with month whilst new customers complete their settlement duration.


  • Unlimited Data (FUP 1TB for New and 300GB for Old customers)
  • Free 5G Router
  • Free 24-hour shipping

  Etisalat Roaming Packages and Data Packages

Home Wireless Premium

Home Wireless Premium plan may be availed on 24 months contract after activation you could get limitless net. In this plan, you may get a 5G router and StarzPlay in conjunction with one statistics SIM.

The velocity of this plan may be higher than the wireless superior Home Internet plan as we get a single 5G router in it. New users can get this plan for AED 299 on a 24-month agreement while present users can get this plan for AED 399 in keeping with month.


  • Unlimited Data (FUP 1TB for New and 300GB for Old customers)
  • Free 5G Router
  • Free 24-hour transport
  • Starzplay
  • Go Chat Premium

New Users (FUP):

In the Home Wireless Premium plan, new customers can avail of limitless net Fair Usage Policy (FUP) 1TB with full net pace, on the way to lower the velocity up to at least one Mbps after utilization.

Exciting Customers (FUP)

In the Home Wireless Premium plan, customers can avail of limitless net Fair Usage Policy (FUP) 300 GB with full Home Internet velocity, with a view to lower the speed up to 1 Mbps after utilization.

You can name one hundred and one or order through the web internet site element or app to get a brand new connection. The organization will name you as quickly as they acquire the order to affirm it.

Many human beings agree with that Etisalat Home Internet offers unlimited net. This is genuine due to the fact, below its truthful utilization coverage, you can use 300GB of internet at excessive pace and then the rate might be 1Mbps. After the use of 300 GB of net before the quit of the month, you may nonetheless use the net at 1Mbps speed.

How to Activate Etisalat Home Wireless Plan?

If you haven’t ordered this plan but, order it now with the aid of touring the Etisalat Home Internet website or by calling a hundred and one for free transport within 24 hours. After receiving the parcel, customers should spark off the router and SIM card in it, and then they can use it.

  1. First of all, Open the parcel and do away with the SIM from the envelope
  2. The SIM Slot is on the returned of the router
  3. Secondly, Turn at the device via connecting it to a strength source
  4. Wait for the power indicator to light up
  5. Thirdly, See the password at the router’s bottom and join your tool to it
  6. You can also alternate the password of the router

You can trade your router area from one location to some other by means of calling one hundred and one. Charges of one hundred AED could be implemented when you circulate from one location to another.

When you order an Home Internet connection for your private home, you need to test the total variety of gadgets to be related. For what purpose the internet is being installed as some people join at home for on-line or office paintings.

Office paintings calls for a terrific net connection, and you may additionally installation top rate wi-fi. Always activate the net connection according to your desires. You can also get the whole WIFI home connection with the intention to offer the total alerts, and high-speed internet in every room and floor. You can call 800101 and order it online.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the main features of the Etisalat home internet packages?

A1: Etisalat home internet packages offer unlimited internet starting at 25 Mbps, landline services, and free TV channels.

What is included in the eLife Ultra Internet Package?

A2: The eLife Ultra Internet Package includes unlimited internet (250 Mbps), landline calling minutes, Norton Antivirus, TV channels, and email accounts.

How does the Etisalat Home Wireless Plan work?

A3: The Etisalat Home Wireless Plan operates by inserting the Etisalat data SIM into a router, enabling users to connect multiple devices via WiFi. Packages offer speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 200 Mbps, with prices varying based on contract duration.

What are the benefits of the Home Wireless Advance plan?

A4: The Home Wireless Advance plan offers unlimited internet data (with Fair Usage Policy), a free 5G router, and fast fiber speeds, making it suitable for gaming, streaming, and general use.

How can I activate my Etisalat Home Wireless Plan?

A5: To activate your Etisalat Home Wireless Plan, simply order online or call 101 for free delivery within 24 hours. Upon receiving the parcel, insert the SIM into the router, power it on, connect your device using the provided password, and customize settings as needed.

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