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Etisalat International Call Rates When calling from UAE to other countries using Etisalat SIM, you have to pay various call charges. With Etisalat International Calling Rates you can find out what call rates will be charged to the country of your choice. Note that these rates are inclusive of VAT 5%. Rates start from AED 0.881 per minute for outgoing calls to GCC countries and go up to AED 15 per minute for some destinations.

Etisalat to Asian Countries Calling Rates

Here is the information for the Asian countries Rate list:

Calling Rates for African Countries

Here is the information for the African countries’ calling rate list:


 Etisalat Monthly Data Package 25 AED

Etisalat to Europe Calling Rates:

Here are the complete retail prices of Etisalat to European countries per minute calling rates:

Middle East Countries Calling Rates:

North America:

South America:

  • International calling rates are included VAT 5%
  • You have dial dial code before the other countries’ number
  • Calling rates can be changed according to time and company policy. You can visit the Etisalat UAE website to learn more information.
  • You can also use the Flexi or local calling offers to call international or UAE.

If you need to make a call to another country, try using a call package. Long-distance calls without a package incur higher charges than with a package. Etisalat Prepaid and Postpaid customers can make calls abroad by checking their balance before going international without a bundle. If you are facing a problem in calling abroad then you must add a country code before your matched number like +92 for Pakistan +93 for India and +1 for the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the international calling rates for Etisalat SIM users from the UAE to Asian countries?

A1. Etisalat offers varying international calling rates for Asian countries, starting from AED 2.52 per minute for countries like Bangladesh and India, up to AED 9.95 per minute for destinations like Mongolia.

How much does it cost to make calls to African countries with Etisalat from the UAE?

A2. Calling rates for African countries range from AED 2.52 per minute for Egypt to AED 9.95 per minute for countries like Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo.

What are the calling rates for European countries with Etisalat from the UAE?

A3. Etisalat charges between AED 2.23 to AED 3.94 per minute for European countries, with rates varying depending on the destination, such as AED 2.23 per minute for France and AED 3.94 per minute for Monaco.

How much does it cost to make calls to Middle Eastern countries using Etisalat from the UAE?

A4. Calling rates for Middle Eastern countries range from AED 2.23 per minute for Bahrain and Qatar to AED 4.51 per minute for Afghanistan.

Can I find information about calling rates for North and South American countries with Etisalat from the UAE?

A5. Yes, Etisalat provides calling rates for North and South American countries, ranging from AED 2.83 per minute for Canada and the United States to AED 7.27 per minute for countries like Guyana and Suriname.

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