What Are External Fines in Abu Dhabi? Online Check and Pay

External Fines in Abu Dhabi Government charges fines to individuals who violate visitor regulations, parking guidelines and others. The fines issued using Abu Dhabi Police (traffic branch) are called police fines or visitors fines. If the fines are issued by way of another authorities entity, they’re referred to as external fines.

The outside fines in Abu Dhabi are usually issued through the Municipality, Integrated Transport Centre (ITC), Department of Health, Environment Agency and different government entities. For every resident, it’s far more important to test outside fines in Abu Dhabi online and pay the fines on time.

What Are External Fines in Abu Dhabi?

The external fines in Abu Dhabi are the fines which can be charged by Government Entities apart from Abu Dhabi Police (Traffic Department).

External Fines in Abu Dhabi
External Fines in Abu Dhabi

The outside fines are not charged using Abu Dhabi Police so they do now not have any information about it. But you need to check outside fines online and pay them to clean your account.

List of External Fines in Abu Dhabi

There are diverse outside fines charged by using various authorities departments/companies of Abu Dhabi. Here I will proportion a few examples of external fines in Abu Dhabi, so you can understand them better.

How to Check External Fines Online in Abu Dhabi

You can test outside fines online in Abu Dhabi by way of travelling to the official internet site of the applicable branch/business enterprise. For example: If you need to test external fines charged by using the Municipal Department, you need to go to the Abu Dhabi Municipality website.

External Fines Online
External Fines Online

Check External Fine at the Abu Dhabi Municipality Website

  1. Go to Abu Dhabi Municipality’s reliable internet site @www.Dmt.Gov.Ae/en/adm.
  2. Click on Our Services to open the applicable page.
  3. Scroll down to the Units phase.
  4. Find and click on Pay Municipal Violations.
  5. Read the outline and click on Sign-in to Start.
  6. Select Sign in with UAE PASS and enter your Emirates ID.
  7. Click on Login and get admission from the UAE PASS app on your cell.
  8. Check the External Fines for Municipal Violations and pay the fines online.

Check External Fine at the ITC Website

There are sorts of external fines that you may check online at the ITC internet site. These fines are known as Muwaqif Parking Fines and Toll Gate Fines. The procedure for checking the great is unique for Muwaqif and Toll Gate Fines.

Steps to Check Muwaqif Parking Fines Online

  1. Visit ITC Abu Dhabi’s legit website @www.Itc.Gov.Ae.
  2. Click on Digital Services to go to the respective page.
  3. Click on Muwaqif’s choice.
  4. Check the listing of Muwaqif Services and go to the 2d web page.
  5. Scroll all the way down to Pay Muwaqif Parking Fines and click on View Details.
  6. Click on Sign-in to Start, and pick Sign in with UAE PASS.
  7. After signing, offer your automobile information to check Muwaqif Parking Fines.
  8. Pay the fines online by a credit score card or debit card.

Steps to Check Abu Dhabi Toll Gate Fines Online

  1. Open ITC Abu Dhabi internet site portal @www.Itc.Gov.Ae.
  2. Click on Digital Services to open that web page.
  3. Click on Darb to visit the Darb associated services page.
  4. Navigate to Toll Fines Payment and click on View Detail choice.
  5. Enter your Email/Emirates ID and Password or select Sign in with UAE PASS.
  6. After signal-in, enter your vehicle details to check Abu Dhabi Toll Gate Fines.
  7. Pay the fines online to clean your account.

External Fine Enquiry in Abu Dhabi

You also can check your external fines by calling up Abu Dhabi Municipality Helpline Number or ITC Customer Care Number. Here I provide the Address and Contact Number of government entities that charge outside fines in Abu Dhabi. You can visit your concerned branch office to check & pay outside fines in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Abu Dhabi Municipality Contact Info

Municipality Headquarters Address

Al Mamoura Building,

forty-five, Ahl Al ‘Azm St, Al Nahyan,

Abu Dhabi 22221, UAE

City Municipality Office Address

606, Shk. Zayed Bin Sultan St,

Al Danah, Abu Dhabi 22220, UAE

Abu Dhabi Municipality Helpline Number – 800 850

Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) Contact Info

Abu Dhabi ITC Address

26, Al Khor Street,

Rabdan Area, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi ITC Customer Care Number – 800 850

Abu Dhabi Department of Health Contact Info

Head Office Address

Building 35,

Kanadel Street, Al Rawda,

Abu Dhabi – 20224 [Contact No.+971 2 449 3333]

Al Jewn Office Address

Al Insherah Street,

Al Muroor Road,

Abu Dhabi – 22401 [Contact No.+971 2 449 3333]

Abu Dhabi Health Department Helpline Number – 02449 3333

Abu Dhabi Environment Agency Contact Info

Headquarters Address

Al Mamoura building (A),

Building (62) Al Mamoura St,

Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi, UAE 22221,

P.O Box: 45553

  • Abu Dhabi Environment Agency Helpline Number – +971-2-693 4444
  • Abu Dhabi Environment Agency Email – [email protected]

So, you could name the helpline wide variety or visit the relevant office in character to realize outside fines charged to you.

External Fine Disputes in Abu Dhabi

The External Fine is charged via a government entity for violation of a selected rule via a man or woman individual. If you get one or more outside fines and you believe that you are innocent then you can take action to resolve this dispute.

You can contact the government entity via its helpline number or e-mail to inform them about the external satisfaction. You can explain the issue and the way the best charge on you is a mistake or irrelevant. If you can convince yourself to be innocent, the Abu Dhabi Government may also revoke your high quality.


The outside fines are as critical as site visitor fines in Abu Dhabi. You ought to take a look at outside fines and pay them from time to time. You can also undertake a few fines in case you trust that the fines are charged with the aid of a mistake or you have a legitimate motive for that violation.

The external fines are issued via Abu Dhabi Municipality, ITC, Health Department and different government organizations. The police no longer problem with outside fines, they may be responsible for issuing visitors fines most effectively.

For any question related to External Fines Enquiry, Payment or Dispute, you could inquire from me within the remark section. You should also test the FAQs and their solutions shared beneath.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are external fines in Abu Dhabi?

A1: External fines in Abu Dhabi are penalties imposed by government entities other thanthe Abu Dhabi Police (Traffic Department).

Can you provide examples of external fines in Abu Dhabi?

A2: Sure, some examples of external fines in Abu Dhabi include fines for littering, noise pollution, violating municipality rules (issued by Abu Dhabi Municipality), fines for smoking or spitting in public (issued by Department of Health, Abu Dhabi), fines for not wearing masks or not keeping social distance (issued by Department of Health, Abu Dhabi), fines for damaging the environment (issued by Abu Dhabi Environment Agency), fines for violating public parking rules, and fines for violating Darb Tolling System rules (issued by Integrated Transport Centre, Abu Dhabi).

How can I check external fines online in Abu Dhabi?

A3: You can check external fines online in Abu Dhabi by visiting the official website of the relevant department or agency that issued the fine. For example, for fines issued by the Municipal Department, visit the Abu Dhabi Municipality website.

What steps should I follow to check Muwaqif parking fines online?

A4: To check Muwaqif parking fines online, visit the ITC Abu Dhabi official website, click on “Digital Services,” then select “Muwaqif,” and proceed to “Pay Muwaqif Parking Fines.” Sign in using UAE PASS, provide your vehicle details, and proceed to pay the fines online.

How can I dispute an external fine in Abu Dhabi?

A5: If you believe you are innocent of an external fine in Abu Dhabi, you can contact the relevant government entity via their helpline number or email to inform them about the fine and explain why you believe it is an error or unjustified. Provide relevant details to support your case, and if convinced, the Abu Dhabi Government may revoke the fine.

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