Best Five SIM Number Check Code – New Methods (2024)

Five SIM Number Check Code There are many customers of Five SIM inside the United Arab Emirates, however, they don’t know an awful lot about it. Especially human beings who have come to the United Arab Emirates for the first time and have selected Five SIM. It additionally will become difficult for new users to find out the Five SIM varieties and take a look at the code. We are going to offer you all of the records approximately in this subject matter, which you could use to discover your SIM number.

It is an MNVO network of Etisalat, however not many humans understand approximately it. There are many new and vintage ways to discover this SIM number, which we’re going to present right here.

Five SIM Number Check Codes

To take a look at your Five SIM range, you may use the following code:

  1. Dial *a hundred and one# out of your phone
  2. Select “Account Management” and respond with “1”
  3. On the third number you will see “Account information” so respond with “three”
  4. See the “Know my range” choice and respond with its assigned command, which may be “3”
  5. Your cell number will appear in your cell display

Knowing the cellular variety could be very crucial, as it’s miles essential for making calls, getting recharges, and many different critical responsibilities. If you couldn’t find the SIM number notwithstanding following the us code method, then you could follow more techniques here.

Call 121 to Know your Five Number

This is likewise an excellent approach, but you should have stability in your SIM to do it. If you are seeking to find out your SIM wide variety for recharge, then this method will not be right for you. If you have got stability on your SIM, you upload 121. Talk to the customer support representative and ask him about your variety. He will inform you of your quantity after taking some records from you.

Send an SMS with the phrase “MYNUM” to 1010

This is a completely easy manner to check Five SIM numbers. If you have an easy cell tool, then this approach might be perfect for you. You should visit messages to test your range and write a brand new message there.

Write “MYNUM” and ship it to 1010. In a while, Five Company will send you a message along with your cellular quantity. Save it for your cellular phonebook or another safe place.

Call to Any Other Number

Many people are in a state of hysteria and overlook that calling someone else will get their number. In one of these cases, they could find out their range. If you have every other cellular phone and you additionally have balance to your Five SIM, then observe this method.

Add the variety of your near pals, relatives, or neighbors and contact them from your cell telephone. Also, you may locate your wide variety by sending a clear message. This is a far faster and looser manner to discover your SIM-wide variety. You also can use the Etisalat app. If you already have an Etisalat login, you can view the number in it. For this, you ought to have a web package or Wi-Fi. You also can name Five Mobile helpline quantity 800 544 or 166 from your cellphone.


Finding the SIM number isn’t always a difficult challenge. When you buy a brand new SIM card, you get the range written in the SIM card package. You can locate the wide variety at the again of your SIM card bundle when you have one. All the techniques are quite simple, which you may use to discover your SIM range. I hope these kinds of strategies are useful for you. If you face any similar difficulty, you can call the employer’s helpline at 166, go to the Five UAE internet site, or specify your opinion in the feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I check my Five SIM number?

A1: Dial *101# from your phone, select “Account Management,” then “Account Information,” and finally “Know my number” to view your Five SIM number.

What should I do if I couldn’t find my Five SIM number using the USSD code method?

A2: You can call 121 from your Five SIM to speak to a customer service representative who can assist you in retrieving your number.

Is there an alternative method to check my Five SIM number if I don’t have sufficient balance for a call?

A3: Yes, you can send an SMS with the word “MYNUM” to 1010 from your Five SIM to receive your mobile number via text message.

How can I find out my Five SIM number using another mobile phone?

A4: You can call or message a friend, relative, or neighbor from your Five SIM to view your number on their phone. Alternatively, you can use the Etisalat app if you have an account.

Where can I find my Five SIM number if I’ve lost the SIM card package?

A5: If you’ve lost the SIM card package, you can still find your Five SIM number by using the methods mentioned earlier, such as dialing *101# or calling 121 from your Five SIM.

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