How to Get an RTA Card for Best Uber in Dubai

RTA Card for Best Uber in Dubai Taxi Service is constantly on call in Dubai, therefore many ex-pats want to become a taxi drivers to earn cash. Before you apply for an Uber driving force activity, you have to understand a way to get an RTA Card for Uber in Dubai and do the process to get it.

Whether you work with Dubai Taxi, Uber, Careem, or any other taxi business enterprise, you need to get an RTA Card to become a taxi driver and earn money.

How to Become an Uber Driver in Dubai

If you have an interest in painting as an Uber Driver, you need to apply to Uber UAE with all the required files. Here I will share the eligibility standards and required documents to become an Uber Driver in Dubai, UAE.

Uber Driver in Dubai
Uber Driver in Dubai
  1. A Valid Emirates ID
  2. A Valid RTA Card
  3. A Valid RTA Registered Vehicle Mulkiya
  4. A Driver Profile Photo
  5. A four-door Sedan or Minivan in Good Condition with No Cosmetic Damage and No Commercial Branding
  • Must be a forward-dealing, centered image consisting of the motive force’s complete face and pinnacle of shoulders, with no sunglasses.
  • Must be a photo best of the motive force with no different problem within the body, nicely lit, and in focus. It can’t be a driver’s license photo or a different revealed image.

Eligibility to Get an RTA Card for Uber in Dubai

In order to get an RTA Card for Uber in Dubai, you need to meet the following eligibility standards.

  • Age Must be between 21 Years and 65 Years
  • Must Complete the Foundation Training Course
  • Must Pass the Test of the Foundation Training Course
  • Must Pass the Medical Fitness Test
  • Must-Have a Criminal Investigation Certificate
  • The Driver Residence Must be underneath the Name of Same Sponsor.

If you meet the above eligibility conditions, you can observe on line at RTA website to get an RTA Card. To assist you get your RTA Card for Uber quicker, I will provide an explanation for the complete technique right here.

1. How to Get an RTA Card for Uber in Dubai Online

  1. Go to RTA reputable internet site @www.Rta.Ae.
  2. Choose English or hold in Arabic language.
  3. Put the cursor on Services phase and click on on View drivers and vehicle proprietor services.
  4. Under Drivers heading, discover and click on Apply for a Permit to Work as a Taxi Driver.
  5. Check the facts in Overview and Service Details sections, then click on on Apply Now.
  6. Login together with your username and password to open the net utility shape.
  7. Select your desired provider and enter the required information efficiently.
  8. Pay the prices of AED 220 thru credit card to complete the application system.
  9. Soon you’ll acquire an RTA Card/Permit in Dubai Drive app to your cellular smartphone.

2. How to Get an RTA Card for Uber from RTA Customer Happiness Center

You can also go to your nearby RTA Customer Happiness Center to use for an RTA Card for Uber in Dubai.

Please convey your Original Emirates ID, Driving License, Vehicle Registration and other crucial files to the client happiness middle.

  1. Click Here to Locate an RTA Customer Happiness Center near you.
  2. Go in your nearest RTA Customer Happiness Center.
  3. Talk to the RTA provider consultant approximately RTA Card for Uber.
  4. Follow the instructions of that representative and provide your documents.
  5. Then pay the fees through credit score card or another mode as well-known with the aid of RTA.
  6. Finally, accumulate your RTA Card for Uber from the provider consultant.

In this way, you may get an RTA Card for Uber in Dubai through on line software technique or with the aid of touring an RTA consumer happiness center. After acquiring your RTA Card/Permit, you are eligible to complete your software at Uber UAE website and start operating as an Uber Driver in Dubai. Your RTA Card is valid for three hundred and sixty five days, then you will have to renew it.


The RTA Card is a obligatory report to drive Uber or any other taxi or unique automobile in Dubai. It is a evidence that you have an reputable RTA Permit to work as an Uber driver in Dubai, UAE.

To help you get an RTA Card without difficulty, I even have defined a way to get an RTA Card for Uber in Dubai on line and at RTA Customer Happiness Centers. If you still have a query, refer the regularly requested questions and their answers given below.


What is an RTA Card for drivers?

An RTA Card for drivers is a allow from Roads & Transport Authority to drive a taxi, faculty bus, luxury vehicle or different special vehicle in Dubai.

How a great deal expenses do I have to pay to get an RTA Card?

You ought to pay AED 220 as charges to get an RTA Card for Uber. Out of them, AED 200 is service price, at the same time as AED 20 is Knowledge & Innovation charge.

Can expats get an RTA Card for Uber in Dubai?

Yes, expats can get an RTA Card for Uber in Dubai if they meet all eligibility standards for it.

What is the validity of my RTA Card for Uber?

Your RTA Card for Uber is legitimate for 1 year, then you will need to apply to resume it.

When will I acquire my RTA Card for online application?

After on line application, you’ll get hold of your RTA Card right away in the Dubai Drive app in your mobile cellphone.

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