Best Lulu Exchange Salary Card Balance Check Online UAE

The Lulu Exchange Salary Card Balance affords Lulu Balance Check and Money Transfer services through its website and Lulu Money Transfer mobile app.

The Lulu Exchange has a partnership with First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB). The Lulu Exchange Salary Card is a form of prepaid card that works like an earnings account for the employees in UAE. They can use it like a bank account and test Lulu Card Balance whenever and everywhere.

four Quick Ways to Check Lulu Exchange Salary Card Balance

The Lulu Exchange permits clean balance test service in four specific ways. Out of them, two techniques are online and two techniques are offline. You can do Lulu Exchange Balance Check the usage of one of the following methods.

Lulu Exchange Salary Card Balance
Lulu Exchange Salary Card Balance
  1. Check Lulu Balance at the Lulu Exchange Website
  2. Check Lulu Balance through the Lulu Money Mobile App
  3. Check Lulu’s Balance via SMS
  4. Check Lulu Balance at a Lulu Exchange Branch

All the above techniques are useful for Lulu International Exchange Balance Check in UAE. Now, I will explain how to check Lulu Balance online and offline.

Check Lulu Balance at the Lulu Exchange Website

The Lulu Exchange Card Balance Checking helps you to recognize in case your earnings are credited or no longer. You can switch money to your family’s handiest after your wages/earnings are credited to your Lulu Salary Card. You want to visit the official internet site for Lulu Salary Check Online in two minutes.

  1. Go to Lulu Exchange’s legit internet site @www.Luluexchange.Com.
  2. Find and Click on Login choice.
  3. Login with your Username and Password.
  4. Click on My Cards or My Account choice.
  5. Select your Lulu Salary Card and click on on Balance Check alternative.
  6. Your Lulu Balance will appear on the screen.

Check Lulu Balance thru Lulu Money Mobile App

The Lulu Money Card Balance Transfer App is the legitimate cellular app for Lulu Exchange Salary Card Holders. It is available to download at no cost for Android and iPhone gadgets. Every employee ought to use the Lulu Money app to check Lulu’s stability and switch money, and different offerings.

Lulu Money Mobile App
Lulu Money Mobile App
  1. Open the Lulu Money App on your cellular cellphone.
  2. Register yourself in case you are a new person otherwise flow to the subsequent step.
  3. Login together with your Lulu Exchange Salary Card Number, Mobile Number, and OTP/Password.
  4. Go to the My Cards section or Select My Profile.
  5. Select your Salary Card and tap on the Balance Check option.
  6. Your Lulu Card Balance will appear on your cellular screen.

The Lulu Money app is likewise useful to check current transactions on your earnings card. It helps you to keep track of your charges, bill payments, and money transfer transactions all through the month.

Check Lulu’s Card Balance via SMS

You can also take a look at Lulu’s stability by sending an SMS. The Lulu Card Balance test by using SMS Service is to be had for all salary card holders. The Lulu International Exchange no longer takes any charge for Lulu stability enquiry but the cell operator takes Standard SMS Charge whilst you test your Lulu card stability by way of SMS in UAE.

Follow the steps referred to beneath to test Lulu’s stability using SMS.

  1. Open the Messaging App on your cellular phone.
  2. Select the Create New Message option.
  3. Type the message as BAL<area>NIN Number. (NIN Number way your Lulu Card Number).
  4. Send the SMS to 51999.
  5. Soon you will receive a New SMS from Lulu Exchange.
  6. Open the New SMS Message to view your Lulu Balance.

Check Lulu Balance at a Lulu Exchange Branch

The Lulu Card Balance Checking Service is likewise available at Lulu Exchange Branches. If you’re nearby a Lulu Exchange Branch then you can go there to check your Lulu Card Balance right away. You can also switch cash to your home country using asking for it at a Lulu Branch.

  1. Click Here to Find a Lulu Exchange Branch Near Me.
  2. Go to your nearest Lulu Exchange Branch.
  3. Provide your Lulu Card to the office executive and ask for a checking balance.
  4. The executive will check your Lulu Salary Card Balance and let you know the equal.
  5. You can also request for money transfer in case you need in any other case take your Lulu Card and depart.

In this way, you could take a look at your Lulu Balance Online, via cell app, by SMS, and also by traveling to the Lulu International Exchange Branch close to your vicinity.

Benefits of Lulu Exchange Salary Card

The Lulu Exchange Salary Card comes with a whole lot of blessings for the expat personnel in the UAE. Here I provide the list of advantages that you get hold of together with your Lulu Card.

  • Send money right away each time, everywhere the usage of the LuLu Money Transfer App.
  • Multi-layer Security Embedded with NFC Technology for Added Safety.
  • International POS & ATM cash withdrawal via Discover network.
  • Contactless Payments in retail shops, eating places, pharmacies, groceries, & convenience stores.
  • Check transaction records, set usage limits, reset PIN, manipulate accounts, and block & update cards using the LuLu Money App.
  • Cash withdrawal via all LuLu Exchange branches, Emirates NBD ATMs, Emirates Islamic Bank ATMs, and Mashreq Bank ATMs in UAE.
  • No Need to Open a Bank Account or Maintain a Minimum Balance.
  • Check Forex charges and Calculate high-quality change charges
  • Pay the usage of an extensive variety of unfastened payment alternatives

So, you can experience above mentioned blessings with your Lulu Exchange Salary Card with the usage of the Lulu Money Mobile App.


The Lulu Balance Check Service is beneficial for all cardholders to test if their profits are credited to their card or now not. In this post, I have defined four brief methods to test Lulu Balance online and offline.

I hope that the information I shared here has helped you in the Lulu Balance Enquiry Process. In case you have any questions, you can test the often-asked questions and solutions given below.

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