How to Pay Parking in Sharjah by SMS

Parking in Sharjah by SMS Paying for parking in Sharjah has come to be extra convenient than ever earlier than. With the introduction of the SMS payment system, you could pay to your parking spot without having to fear approximately carrying change or traveling a parking meter. This step-by means of-step guide will display you a way to use the SMS price gadget to pay to your parking in Sharjah.

To get started, you’ll need to have a registered mobile wide variety and a valid vehicle registration number. Once you’ve got those information, you may ship an SMS to the particular quantity with the information of your parking spot and the duration of your live. The machine will routinely deduct the parking price from your cellular balance or upload it on your month-to-month invoice. It’s that easy!

Registering for SMS Parking Service

If you often park your vehicle in Sharjah, registering for the SMS parking provider can be a convenient and time-saving option. Here’s a step-by-step manual that will help you sign in for the carrier.

Registering for SMS Parking Service
Registering for SMS Parking Service

Collecting Necessary Information

Before registering for the SMS parking provider, you may need to acquire a few important records. Make certain you have the following information with you:

  • Vehicle registration number
  • Mobile wide variety registered together with your telecom company
  • Emirates ID range or passport variety

Sending the Initial Registration SMS

Once you have got collected the vital information, you may initiate the registration manner by way of sending an SMS to the particular wide variety. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the messaging app on your mobile smartphone.
  2. Type “REG” accompanied by way of a space.
  3. Enter your automobile registration range (with none areas or hyphens).
  4. Enter your Emirates ID number or passport range.
  5. Send the SMS to the detailed wide variety (the quantity might be provided via your telecom company).

After sending the SMS, you will acquire a confirmation message together with your account details and commands on the way to use the carrier. Note that you’ll be charged a one-time registration rate for the use of the service.

With the SMS parking provider, you may effortlessly pay on your parking with the aid of sending an SMS with the automobile parking space range and length of live. This removes the want for bodily parking tickets and saves you effort and time.

How to pay Parking in Sharjah via SMS

If you are searching out a quick and easy manner to pay for parking in Sharjah, you can use the SMS price method. With this technique, you may pay on your parking price tag from the consolation of your car and keep away from the problem of trying to find a parking meter or a pay station.

Composing the Parking SMS

To begin the manner, you want to compose an SMS message with the required records. The message have to include your automobile registration variety, the automobile parking space number, and the length of your live. Make positive you double-take a look at the records earlier than sending the message.

Sending the Payment SMS

Once you have got composed the message, ship it to the number provided at the parking sign. You will acquire a affirmation message with the info of your payment and the time of expiry. Keep this message as proof of price in case you need it later.

Confirming Transaction Success

After sending the payment SMS, watch for a few seconds to acquire a affirmation message. If you do not get hold of a affirmation message, test your balance to make certain that the fee has been deducted. If you still have no longer received a affirmation message or if there’s an errors in the charge, touch the customer service crew for assistance.

Paying for parking via SMS is a convenient and hassle-unfastened technique that saves you effort and time. Make positive you follow the stairs efficiently to make certain a successful transaction.

Sharjah Parking SMS Number

To pay for parking in Sharjah by way of SMS, you want to send an SMS to the precise wide variety. The Sharjah SMS parking wide variety is 5566.

Sharjah Parking SMS Number
Sharjah Parking SMS Number

To use this carrier, you have to first check in your vehicle by sending an SMS to the identical variety. The SMS need to consist of your vehicle registration range, followed by a area and the wide variety of hours you want to park for. For instance, if your car registration number is “ABC123” and also you need to park for 3 hours, you have to send the following SMS to 5566:

Once you’ve got registered your car, you could pay for parking by means of sending an SMS to the same number. The SMS should consist of the letter “P” observed through a area and the wide variety of hours you want to park for. For instance, in case you want to park for 2 hours, you have to send the following SMS to 5566:

The fee of parking may be deducted out of your mobile smartphone credit or added on your monthly invoice, relying for your cellular phone provider provider.

It is essential to be aware that the Sharjah SMS parking provider is only to be had in distinct parking zones. Make positive to test the symptoms inside the parking vicinity to make certain that SMS parking is to be had and to verify the correct automobile parking space variety.

Sharjah Parking SMS Format

Paying for parking in Sharjah has grow to be less complicated with the advent of the SMS charge technique. To use this technique, you need to ship an SMS to the specific range with the required information. Here is a step-via-step guide on a way to use the Sharjah parking SMS format:

Sharjah Parking SMS Format
Sharjah Parking SMS Format
  1. Start through growing a brand new SMS message for your mobile smartphone.
  2. In the recipient field, enter the special range for Sharjah parking SMS payment, that is 5566.
  3. In the message field, type the subsequent statistics in the precise layout:
  • Plate range (area) automobile parking space quantity (space) duration in hours
  1. For example, in case your plate variety is ABC123 and you want to park in area 123 for two hours, you have to type: ABC123 123 2
  2. Double-test the statistics you’ve got entered to ensure it’s miles accurate.
  3. Once you’re positive the information is accurate, send the SMS message to 5566.
  4. You will acquire a confirmation SMS with the details of your parking price, consisting of the parking start and give up time.

It is essential to word that the Sharjah parking SMS layout is case-insensitive, that means you may use uppercase or lowercase letters when coming into the plate number and quarter variety. However, it’s far recommended to use uppercase letters to avoid any errors.

In addition, ensure you have enough credit in your cellular telephone to cowl the parking rate. The parking price could be deducted from your cellular cellphone stability, and you will acquire an SMS notification as soon as the price has been processed.

By following these easy steps, you could without problems pay for parking in Sharjah using the SMS payment approach.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you come upon any issues even as procuring parking in Sharjah through SMS, don’t worry. Here are some not unusual troubles and answers that assist you to resolve them.

Troubleshooting Common Issues
Troubleshooting Common Issues

SMS Not Sent

If you are having hassle sending an SMS to pay for parking, ensure which you have an appropriate variety and format. The SMS variety for Sharjah parking is 5566. Make certain which you enter the correct area range and period of parking within the SMS. If you’re still unable to ship the SMS, check your network connection and ensure that you have sufficient stability in your smartphone.

Payment Not Processed

If your payment is not processed after sending the SMS, check your stability to make sure that you have sufficient price range. If your stability is sufficient, test if you have received a confirmation SMS from the parking gadget. If you haven’t obtained a affirmation SMS, attempt sending the SMS again. If the problem persists, touch the customer support group for help.

Other Technical Difficulties

If you face every other technical problems whilst purchasing parking through SMS, strive restarting your smartphone and sending the SMS once more. If the problem persists, take a look at if there are any network or gadget troubles. You can also contact the customer support crew for help.

Remember to continually double-take a look at the data you input inside the SMS earlier than sending it to keep away from any troubles. If you face another problems, don’t hesitate to touch the customer support group for assist.

FAQs on SMS Parking Payments in Sharjah

If you are new to paying for parking in Sharjah via SMS, you may have some questions about the process. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers:

How do I register for SMS parking payment?

You can register for SMS parking payment by sending an SMS to the designated number with your vehicle registration number. You will receive a confirmation message with instructions on how to use the service.

How do I pay for parking via SMS?

To pay for parking via SMS, you need to send an SMS to the designated number with the zone code and the duration of parking. For example, if you want to park for one hour in Zone A, you would send an SMS with the message “A1”.

How much does it cost to pay for parking via SMS?

The cost of parking via SMS in Sharjah varies depending on the zone and the duration of parking. You can check the rates on the Sharjah Municipality website.

Can I extend my parking duration via SMS?

Yes, you can extend your parking duration via SMS by sending another message with the new duration. For example, if you want to extend your parking from one hour to two hours, you would send an SMS with the message “A2”.

What happens if I don’t pay for parking via SMS?

If you don’t pay for parking via SMS, you may receive a fine from the Sharjah Municipality. It is important to pay for parking to avoid any penalties.

Can I use SMS parking payment in all areas of Sharjah?

No, SMS parking payment is only available in designated zones in Sharjah. You can check the zones on the Sharjah Municipality website or on the signs in the parking areas.

By following these simple steps and guidelines, you can easily pay for parking in Sharjah via SMS and avoid any fines or penalties..

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