How to Get an Best RTA Card for Limousine in Dubai

To power a luxurious car in Dubai, you have to get an RTA Card for Limousine from the Roads & Transport Authority. The method to reap an RTA Card to work as a luxurious automobile motive force is available online on the RTA website. It takes around 5 mins to do the manner and get an RTA Card/Permit immediately.

Eligibility to Get an RTA Card for Limousine

RTA Card for Limousine
RTA Card for Limousine
  • Age Must be between 21 Years and sixty-five Years
  • Must Complete the Foundation Training Course
  • Must Pass the Test of the Foundation Training Course
  • Must Pass the Medical Fitness Test
  • Must-Have a Criminal Investigation Certificate
  • Must Have a Clean Driving Record History
  • The Driver’s Residence Must be underneath the Name of the Same Sponsor

There are two one-of-a-kind methods to get an RTA Card for Limousin’e in Dubai, you may either observe online at the RTA internet site or follow offline at an RTA patron happiness center in Dubai.

Get an RTA Card for Limousine in Dubai Online

RTA Card for Limousine in Dubai Online
RTA Card for Limousine in Dubai Online
  1. Open a web browser and go to RTA’s reliable internet site @www.Rta.Ae.
  2. Click on English to exchange internet site language or preserve in Arabic.
  3. Go to the Services phase and click on View Drivers and Automobile Owner Services.
  4. Find and click on on Apply for a New Permit to Work as a Luxury Vehicle Driver option.
  5. Read the review, methods to apply, and carrier information, then click on Apply Now.
  6. Log in together with your username and password.
  7. Select the carrier, input the required data, and post it.
  8. Pay the price of AED 220 through a credit card.
  9. You have correctly applied for an RTA Card for Limousine.
  10. Soon you will obtain your RTA Card for Limousin’e in Dubai Drive app on your cellular.

Get an RTA Card for Limousine at Customer Happiness Centers

There are six RTA Customer Happiness Centers available in Dubai. You can visit the RTA middle which is near your place for making use of to get an RTA Card for Limousine to pressure a luxury automobile in Dubai.

  1. Click Here to Find an RTA Customer Happiness Center close to you.
  2. Go to your nearest RTA consumer happiness center with all the required files.
  3. Ask the RTA middle representative about the RTA Card/Permit for Limousine.
  4. Fill up the shape and hand it over with all documents to the RTA middle representative.
  5. Pay the charges which include the provider rate and understanding & innovation charge.
  6. Wait for a couple of minutes to receive your RTA Card in the Dubai Drive mobile app for your cellphone.

So, the RTA Card/Permit for Limousine could be very easy to gain. You can both follow online via technique-1 or follow offline the use of technique-2 shared above.

Whether you apply for an RTA Card for Limousine online or at an RTA customer happiness center, you will receive your RTA Card right away. You need to log in to the Dubai Drive app on your cellular to view your RTA Card for Limousine in Dubai.

Wrapping Up:

The RTA Card for Limousine is mandatory for absolutely everyone who desires to power a luxury vehicle in Dubai. To assist you get your RTA Card for the Limousine quickly, I have shared all the required information approximately it.

In case you have a doubt or query, feel free to ask it inside the comment field. For extra information approximately the RTA Card for Limousine, test the common questions and answers shared below.

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