Sharjah Parking Timing 2024 | Free and Paid Zones

Sharjah Parking Timing is critical to realize to park your automobiles in any car parking zone of the town. Sharjah is a stunning city and the Sharjah Municipality offers a hassle-free and convenient parking provider to anyone.

The Sharjah Parking Timing and Rules are strict, so be careful while parking your automobile in Sharjah. In this article, I will provide a whole manual on Sharjah Parking Timing, Sharjah Parking Fees, and fines, and additionally explain How to Pay Parking Fees in Sharjah.

Sharjah Parking System and Management

The Sharjah Municipality and Public Works Department takes care of the parking gadget and control in Sharjah City. The government has organized parking facilities in a way to makes them secure and handy for car proprietors and drivers.

There are a few Paid Parking Zones in Sharjah, at the same time as it also has many Free Parking Zones and Private Parking Areas. The Sharjah Parking Timing is constant on every day days but the parking government updates the parking timing at some point during Ramadan, Eid, and other unique days.

Paid Parking Zones in Sharjah

The Paid Parking Zones in Sharjah are available in all crowded areas of the town. These areas consist of Al Sour, Al Ilya, Al Nabba, Al Mahata, Al Shahaba, Al Musala, Al Gudaibah, Al Munakh, Al Yarmouk, Al Khan, Umm Al Tarafa, Du Dang, Al Jubail, Al Majara, Al Mareeja, Al Shwahain, Al Nasirya, Maysaloon, Al Abar, Al Khuzaima, Halwan, Samanan, Semnan, Al Khozamah, Batanh and Industrial Area 4, 5 and 6.

Paid Parking Zones
Paid Parking Zones

To park your automobile or other vehicle in Sharjah Paid Parking Zones, you have to pay the parking charge as applicable. The Sharjah Parking price is charged on in step with hourly basis that you may pay by cash or Muwaqif pay-as-you-go card or SMS fee mode.

You need to comply with the paid parking guidelines & rules to help authorities hold a problem-loose and green parking machine in Sharjah. If you comply with the policies, it will assist all people to get a parking space for their vehicles.

Sharjah Parking Timing

The Sharjah Parking Timing is from Saturday to Thursday, from 8:00 AM to ten:00PM. You need to pay for parking your automobile between 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM on all six days of the week besides Friday.

Generally, Sharjah Municipality gives unfastened parking on Fridays, special galas, and public vacations. During Holy Ramadan Month, the Sharjah Parking Timing is from eight:00AM to 12:00 Midnight.

So, the parking timing in Sharjah is a problem to alternate in Ramadan and unique days/activities. You can observe the Sharjah Municipality’s Twitter Handle to get today’s updates on Sharjah Parking Timing for various parking zones.

Parking Fees in Sharjah

When you park your automobile in the Paid Parking Zones of Sharjah, you have to pay the parking rate according to the rules. The Sharjah Parking charge is charged on per hour foundation, in addition, info is given below:

Parking Fees in Sharjah
Parking Fees in Sharjah
  • 2 AED for 1 Hour Parking
  • five AED for two Hour Parking
  • 8 AED for three Hour Parking
  • 12 AED for an Hour of Parking
  • 15 AED for the Whole Day Parking

The parking charge referred to above is applicable in any respect to paid parking zones in Sharjah. You need to pay the fee for the period you want to park your vehicle there.

How to Pay Parking Fee in Sharjah

There are numerous price alternatives available for parking price payment in Sharjah. To make it less complicated for everyone, Sharjah Municipality has located Sharjah Parking machines in any respect paid parking zones in the metropolis. To recognize an extra approximate way to pay parking fees for the usage of a parking gadget or parking meter, test the information beneath.

  1. First of all, park your car in the specific parking spot.
  2. Go to the close by parking meter/gadget.
  3. Enter your vehicle plate variety and select the parking period.
  4. Insert the Muwaqif Prepaid Card to pay the parking price. If you do not have the cardboard, insert cash to pay the price through coins.
  5. Collect your parking ticket as it comes out from the parking meter/gadget.
  6. Place the parking price ticket to your car’s dashboard, and make sure that the price ticket is visible from outside.

In case you do now not have a Muwaqif Prepaid Card or sufficient coins to pay the parking fee, you could pay it through the SMS Parking System. The SMS Parking in Sharjah is to be had on Du, Etisalat and Virgin Mobile Networks.

  • If you’re a registered user of SMS Parking in Sharjah, ship your <nickname> to 5566.
  • If you aren’t a registered consumer, send the SMS as Plate Source<space>Plate Number<area>Duration to 5566. Here length manner your desired parking length like 1 for one hour.
  • As you ship the SMS in its best layout, quickly you’ll get hold of an SMS together with your virtual allow/price tag for parking your automobile.
  • You will acquire a reminder SMS before 10 minutes of your parking length expiry. You can respond with Y to increase the parking length if required.

Parking Fines in Sharjah

The Parking Fines in Sharjah are applicable and most effective in case you wreck a parking rule or misuse the parking spot.

  • AED 150 for no longer shopping or displaying a price tag.
  • AED a hundred for exceeding the parking time.
  • AED 500 for laundry motors in parking regions.
  • AED 500 for misusing any gadget in a parking facility.
  • AED a thousand for parking in handicapped reserved parking spots.
  • AED 1000 for booking a parking spot without a using license.

Free Parking in Sharjah

There are many free parking zones in Sharjah where you may park your car for free. Such parking spots are located in residential neighborhoods and different areas.

Free Parking in Sharjah
Free Parking in Sharjah

Some unfastened parking areas may additionally have restrictions during a few particular hours and for a few unique varieties of vehicles. You ought to take a look at the signboard on the parking lot before you park your car.

The individuals who love shopping, will usually get loose parking in Sharjah. Because most shopping shops in Sharjah provide loose parking for his or her customers.

Wrapping Up:

At the give up, you have learned approximately Sharjah Parking Timing from Saturday to Thursday and on Friday and public holidays. You can use this easy manual to discover paid parking zones in Sharjah and pay the parking fee effectively.

You ought to constantly study the symptoms and commands at parking zones. Follow the parking guidelines & guidelines to avoid parking fines. You need to preserve Sharjah Parking Timing in thoughts to continually have a hassle-unfastened parking in Sharjah.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the parking timings in Sharjah from Saturday to Thursday?

A1. The parking timing in Sharjah from Saturday to Thursday is from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Is parking free on Fridays and public holidays in Sharjah?

A2. Yes, parking is generally free on Fridays, special festivals, and public holidays in Sharjah.

How can I pay for parking in Sharjah?

A3. You can pay for parking in Sharjah using either the Muwaqif Prepaid Card, coins at parking meters, or through the SMS Parking System.

What are the parking fees in Sharjah paid parking zones?

A4. The parking fees in Sharjah paid parking zones vary: 2 AED for 1-hour parking, 5 AED for 2-hour parking, 8 AED for 3-hour parking, 12 AED for 5-hour parking, and 15 AED for whole day parking.

What are the fines for parking violations in Sharjah?

A5. Parking fines in Sharjah include AED 150 for not purchasing or displaying a ticket, AED 100 for exceeding parking time, AED 500 for washing cars in parking areas, AED 500 for misusing parking facility equipment, AED 1000 for parking in handicapped reserved spots, and AED 1000 for booking a parking spot without a driving license.

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