How to Best Transfer Car Ownership in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Transfer Car Ownership in Dubai and Abu Dhabi To transfer vehicle ownership in Dubai, you want to observe a selected method. Whether you’re buying or promoting a automobile, the transfer of ownership need to be finished legally to keep away from any troubles inside the destiny. In this newsletter, we are able to guide you through the stairs you need to take to switch vehicle possession in Dubai.

The first step is to gain the essential files. You will want a valid Emirates ID, a driving force’s license, and a vehicle registration card. If you are selling the auto, you may also need a no-objection certificate from the bank if the car is below a mortgage. Once you have all the files, you could continue to the next step.

The 2d step is to go to the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to start the switch system. You will want to fill out an utility shape and pay the essential prices. The RTA will then behavior an inspection of the car to make certain it’s far roadworthy. Once the inspection is complete, the RTA will issue a new registration card inside the name of the new owner. By following these steps, you can effortlessly transfer automobile possession in Dubai.

Understanding Car Ownership in Dubai

If you’re planning to transfer vehicle possession in Dubai, it’s critical to apprehend the fundamentals of vehicle ownership inside the city. Here are some stuff you want to know:

Understanding Car Ownership in Dubai
Understanding Car Ownership in Dubai


All vehicles in Dubai need to be registered with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). The registration method involves filing a number of files, inclusive of proof of ownership, coverage, and a legitimate UAE riding license.


In Dubai, the registered owner of the car is legally chargeable for any accidents or site visitors violations that occur at the same time as the Car Ownership is being driven. If you’re planning to switch possession of your automobile, it’s critical to ensure that the new proprietor completes the switch procedure as soon as viable to keep away from any felony problems.

Transferring Car Ownership

To transfer possession of a car in Dubai, both the client and the seller ought to go to an RTA customer support middle. The manner includes submitting a number of documents, which includes the original registration certificate, a copy of the seller’s passport and Emirates ID, and a duplicate of the consumer’s passport and UAE riding license.


Transferring ownership of a Car Ownership in Dubai includes paying a number of prices, which includes a switch price, an inspection price, and a knowledge fee. The precise amount of these charges depends on the fee of the automobile and other elements.


In Dubai, it’s obligatory to have automobile insurance. When transferring ownership of a vehicle, Car Ownership the brand new proprietor must buy their very own coverage coverage. It’s important to ensure that the insurance policy is in area earlier than riding the automobile.


Car registration in Dubai need to be renewed annually. The renewal procedure includes filing a number of documents, consisting of evidence of coverage and a valid UAE driving license. Car Ownership it’s important to make certain that the registration is renewed on time to keep away from any legal issues.

How to Transfer Car Ownership in Dubai

If you’re planning to shop for or promote a vehicle in Dubai, it’s important to understand the way to transfer automobile possession to make sure a easy and legal transaction. Here are the stairs you want to observe:

How to Transfer Car Ownership in Dubai
How to Transfer Car Ownership in Dubai

Required Documents

Before you begin the transfer system, ensure you have the subsequent documents with you:

  • Original Emirates ID of the buyer and the seller
  • Original passport of the buyer and the seller
  • Original automobile registration card (Mulkiya)
  • Valid UAE driving license of the client
  • Valid UAE coverage coverage

Vehicle Inspection and Insurance

The first step in moving Car Ownership possession is to get a complete automobile inspection done. You can get this done at any RTA authorized checking out center or at any of the accepted garages. Once you’ve got the inspection report, you may then proceed to get the automobile insured.

It’s important to word that the coverage coverage should be legitimate on the time of transfer. If the coverage has expired, you may need to resume it earlier than you could transfer the possession.

Once you have the inspection file and insurance coverage, you may then proceed to the RTA to finish the transfer procedure Car Ownership. The RTA would require all the vital files, and you will want to pay the switch fee.

By following these steps, you can without problems transfer vehicle possession in Dubai and make sure a hassle-free transaction.

How to Transfer Car Ownership in Abu Dhabi

If you’re planning to transfer your car ownership in Abu Dhabi, you must follow the procedures set by the Abu Dhabi Police. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Get the necessary documents ready – You’ll need to have the following documents ready before you can start the process:
    • Original Emirates ID of both the buyer and the seller
    • Original passport of both the buyer and the seller
    • Original car registration card
    • Original car insurance certificate
    • Original sale agreement or invoice
    • Original vehicle test certificate
  2. Visit an authorized service center – Once you have all the necessary documents, you’ll need to visit an authorized service center. You can find a list of authorized service centers on the Abu Dhabi Police website.
  3. Submit the documents – Submit all the necessary documents to the service center. The service center will then verify the documents and process the transfer.
  4. Pay the transfer fee – You’ll need to pay a transfer fee to complete the process. The fee varies depending on the type of vehicle and its value.
  5. Collect the new registration card – Once the transfer is complete, you’ll receive a new registration card with your name as the owner of the vehicle.

Remember to keep all the necessary documents safe and secure throughout the process. It’s also important to make sure that the seller has cleared all outstanding fines and fees before transferring ownership.

What are the automobile transfer prices in Abu Dhabi?

When shifting automobile ownership in Abu Dhabi, you’ll want to pay a transfer charge of AED 350. Additionally, there may be other charges involved, along with a registration rate, insurance charge, and inspection price. These charges can also vary relying at the sort of car and its age.

How can I switch my car from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

To transfer your automobile from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a clearance certificates from the Dubai Traffic Police.
  2. Visit the Abu Dhabi Traffic Police Headquarters to finish the transfer process.
  3. Pay the transfer fee and any other relevant costs.
  4. Obtain new registration plates and a new registration card.

It’s critical to notice that you’ll need to have a legitimate UAE residency visa and Emirates ID to transfer your automobile possession in Abu Dhabi.

Overall, shifting car ownership in Abu Dhabi can be a truthful process as long as you observe the vital steps and have all the required files.

Procedure of Car Ownership Transfer

Transferring vehicle possession in Dubai may be a easy method if you have all of the required files and observe the right technique. Here are approaches to transfer automobile ownership in Dubai:

At the RTA Customer Center

If you favor to do the switch in person, you could go to any RTA Customer Center. Here are the stairs you need to follow:

  1. Bring all the required documents, which include the authentic and duplicate of your Emirates ID, Car Ownership registration card, and coverage certificates.
  2. Fill out the Vehicle Ownership Transfer Application Form, which you may get from the customer service counter or down load from the RTA website.
  3. Submit the finished form and all required documents to the customer service representative.
  4. Pay the transfer price, which varies depending on the automobile’s price and age.
  5. Wait for the switch method to finish, which can take in to 2 hours.

Online Process Car Ownership

If you prefer to avoid the trouble of travelling an RTA Customer Center, you could switch vehicle possession on line. Here are the steps you need to observe:

  1. Log in to the RTA internet site using your username and password.
  2. Click at the “Vehicle Services” tab and pick “Vehicle Ownership Transfer.”
  3. Enter the required information, together with the auto registration variety, chassis number, and your Emirates ID wide variety.
  4. Upload all required files, which includes a replica of your Emirates ID, automobile registration card, and coverage certificate.
  5. Pay the transfer rate on line the usage of your credit score card.
  6. Wait for the transfer process to complete, that could take in to two operating days.

By following those steps, you may without problems transfer car ownership in Dubai.

Post Transfer Responsibilities

After efficiently shifting the auto possession in Dubai, you’ve got a few submit-transfer obligations to take Car Ownership of. This phase will guide you via the two principal responsibilities: notifying your insurance business enterprise and updating your Salik tag.

Notification to Insurance Company

Once you have got transferred the car possession, it is critical to inform your insurance corporation of the alternate in possession. This will make certain that your coverage coverage is updated with the new proprietor’s information, and you will now not be accountable for any accidents or incidents which can occur after the transfer.

To notify your coverage company, you need to offer them with the following documents:

  • The new proprietor’s Emirates ID
  • The new registration card
  • The switch certificates

It is critical to notify your coverage agency as quickly as possible to avoid any delays or complications in case of any injuries or incidents.

Update on Salik Tag

Another submit-transfer responsibility is to update your Salik tag with the new car ownership details. This is necessary to avoid any fines or consequences that can result from the usage of an outdated Salik tag.

To replace your Salik tag, you need to observe those steps:

  1. Visit the closest Salik customer support center or kiosk.
  2. Provide them with the brand new registration card.
  3. Pay the desired rate to replace your Salik tag.

It is critical to update your Salik tag as soon as possible to avoid any fines or penalties which could end result from the use of an old Salik tag.

In end, notifying your insurance organisation and updating your Salik tag are the two principal post-switch duties you want to attend to after moving the automobile ownership in Dubai. By following the stairs outlined above, you could make sure a clean transition of ownership and avoid any potential issues inside the future.

Potential Challenges and Solutions

Transfer with Outstanding Loan

If the automobile you need to transfer Car Ownership for nevertheless has an amazing loan, the technique can come to be more complex. The bank or monetary institution that furnished the mortgage has a lien on the Car Ownership until the loan is paid off. This manner that the automobile can not be sold or transferred until the mortgage is absolutely paid.

To switch the auto possession with an super loan, you will need to observe some additional steps:

  1. Contact the bank or financial group that furnished the mortgage to attain a No Objection Certificate (NOC).
  2. Submit the NOC along side the other required documents to the RTA.
  3. Pay off the top notch loan quantity before the transfer may be completed.

Transfer Upon Owner’s Death

If the proprietor of the auto has passed away, the system of moving possession can be greater complicated. In this case, the switch technique will require additional documentation, including a death certificates and a succession certificate.

To transfer the automobile possession upon the owner’s loss of life, you may want to follow a few extra steps:

  1. Obtain a demise certificate from the relevant authority.
  2. Obtain a succession certificates from the Dubai Courts.
  3. Submit both certificate together with the opposite required documents to the RTA.

It is vital to word that the succession certificates can take the time to acquire, so it’s far recommended to start the procedure as soon as viable.

In both instances, it is crucial to ensure that every one required documents are submitted and that every one charges are paid. Failure to accomplish that can result in delays or even rejection of the transfer utility.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What documents are required for transferring car ownership in Dubai?

A1. Original Emirates ID and passport of both buyer and seller, original vehicle registration card (Mulkiya), and valid UAE driving license of the buyer.

How can I transfer my car from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

A2. Obtain a clearance certificate from Dubai Traffic Police, visit Abu Dhabi Traffic Police Headquarters for transfer, pay applicable fees, and obtain new registration plates and card.

What are the automobile transfer fees in Abu Dhabi?

A3. The transfer fee in Abu Dhabi is AED 350, with additional charges for registration, insurance, and inspection, depending on the vehicle’s type and age.

What is the procedure for transferring car ownership at an RTA Customer Center in Dubai?

A4. Bring required documents, fill out the Vehicle Ownership Transfer Application Form, submit documents, pay transfer fee, and wait for completion, typically within 2 hours.

What are the post-transfer responsibilities after transferring car ownership in Dubai?

A5. Notify insurance company with new owner’s details and update Salik tag with new ownership information to avoid fines or penalties.

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