Virgin UAE Best Tourist SIM Card Plans

While visiting Dubai or UAE at any location, you may want a traveler’s sim card. If you no longer recognize the Virgin Tourist sim card plans and packages, here are the complete statistics about sim card fees, packages, and gives of internet, calling, worldwide, and roaming plans. Our evaluation tables let you choose the great SIM card in UAE in step with your wishes.

Virgin Mobile UAE tourist SIM card charge begins from AED 50 inclusive of VAT that’s to be had in all towns. If you have an Emirates ID then you could order it online even at domestic earlier than landing in the UAE.

Virgin UAE Visitor plans

First of all, we can display you the traveler plans that you can call the vacationer sim plans. Virgin SIM card prices in UAE start from AED 50. Here is the entire info one by one:

PriceDataLocal & Int’lValidity
AED 50
AED 15021GB (3GB/Day)30 Local & 20 Int’l Min & SMS7 Days
AED 20040GB (4GB/Day)30 Local & 20 Int’l Min & SMS10 Days
AED 30075GB (5GB/Day)30 Local & 20 Int’l Min & SMS15 Days
AED 300Unlimited30 Local & 20 Int’l Min & SMS10 Days
  • Prices of all SIM playing cards consist of five VAT.

  Etisalat Tourist SIM Card & Visitor Plans

Virgin is presenting the 21GB facts package to tourists on excessive-velocity 5G. To use the 5G offerings, you could have a 5 G-enabled or supported tool. We have provided you with all of the packages for travelers but now, you will ask for greater internet packages from Virgin.

Virgin has deliberate to offer all-in-one plans to site visitors in Dubai. Its programs are valid for 7 days, 10 days, and 15 days that can be extended using recharging handiest. This is a Sub-employer of Du UAE which is the most important telecom operator in UAE. All the Dubai sims are 5G enabled and have the highest internet pace greater than 332 Mbps.

In all plans of Virgin UAE, the organization has offered 20 international minutes and SMS and 30 local minutes and SMS. The validity, costs, and internet facts are specific from each other.

Virgin 7 Days Tourist SIM Plan

This SIM card consists of a weekly plan with 30 neighborhood minutes, SMS, 20 worldwide call minutes and SMS, and 21GB statistics if you want to use 3GB each day. The facts may be reset every midnight whether customers have used or no longer those MBs.

A SIM card is included so, we will say that it’s miles loose. You can retain the usage of it after recharge when its plan will result in 7 days.


  • Price: AED one hundred fifty Including 5% VAT
  • Internet: 21GB (3GB according to day)
  • Local Calls: 30 minutes
  • Local SMS: 30 SMS
  • International Calls: 20 Minutes
  • International SMS: 20 SMS

10 Days Tourist SIM Plan

Those who come to Dubai for 10 days can use the longtime expiry traveler SIM card in UAE. It charges AED 2 hundred for one time according to 10 days. After shopping for this sim card which includes the plan, customers get 40GB of information (4GB in keeping with the day), 30 nearby minutes & SMS, and 20 global mins and SMS.


  • Price: AED 2 hundred Including five VAT
  • Internet: 40GB (4GB in keeping with day)
  • Local Calls: 30 minutes
  • Local SMS: 30 SMS
  • International Calls: 20 Minutes
  • International SMS: 20 SMS

10 Days Unlimited Tourist Plan

if you need more records you may retain them with this plan. It comes with limitless high-pace 5G enabled facts, 30 nearby minutes & SMS, and 20 global mins and SMS. The fee of this package deal which includes a loose sim card is AED 300 legitimate for 10 days.


  • Price: AED three hundred Including 5% VAT
  • Internet: Unlimited
  • Local Calls: half-hour
  • Local SMS: 30 SMS
  • International Calls: 20 Minutes
  • International SMS: 20 SMS

15 Days Tourist SIM Plan

Logtime expiry SIM card in UAE is AED 300 for Virgin 5G network which may be purchased online and from any airport. Customers can ebook a SIM card online and on arrival, they can get it from any store, or airport and might get to the provided cope with inside 60 minutes.

Virgin 15-day sim card comes with 75GB (5GB in step with day) high-speed 5G enabled data, 30 nearby mins & SMS, and 20 international mins and SMS. The price of this package inclusive of a free sim card is AED three hundred legitimate for 15 days.


  • Price: AED three hundred Including five VAT
  • Internet: 75GB (5GB per day)
  • Local Calls: half-hour
  • Local SMS: 30 SMS
  • International Calls: 20 Minutes
  • International SMS: 20 SMS

Virgin UAE Tourist SIM Bonus

After expiring or ending the plan, clients will receive 200MB of facts for free which can be used on one hundred Kbps. Users can activate the booster to get 1/2 bundle again on the SIM card at the lowest expenses. To get it, open the app and tap on Boost beneath your package deal information.

How to get or purchase a Virgin Tourist sim?

You can order a sim card online with the use of your Google account or e-mail address. It is easy and you may order it from abroad before coming to Dubai or UAE.

  • Open the Virgin website https://www.Virginmobile.Ae/traveler-be part of/
  • Select any plan and click on “Choose this plan”
  • Select your favorite range or shuffle the numbers to select anybody
  • Accept the phrases and situations and click on the Pay Now button
  • Enter your Debit card or credit card info to pay the costs
  • Now, enter the cope with or pick out the airport where you’ll collect the sim
  • If you choose the eSIM, it will arrive at your e-mail address in a few minutes

You can also buy a sim card from any nearest Virgin shop. If you order a sim card, it is free and could arrive at your vacation spot in 60 minutes. You ought to offer your Emirates ID to prompt the Virgin SIM card.

Most people use the Virgin app to check data, calls, and SMS. Virgin app is loose and any customers can use it to spark off, deactivate, and see the records of the sim card.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the starting charges for Virgin Mobile UAE tourist SIM cards?

A1: Virgin Mobile UAE tourist SIM card charges start from AED 50, inclusive of VAT.

How can I order a Virgin Mobile UAE tourist SIM card online?

A2: You can order a Virgin Mobile UAE tourist SIM card online using your Google account or email address. Simply visit the Virgin website, select your desired plan, choose a number, accept the terms and conditions, make the payment, and provide your delivery address or select the airport for collection.

What are the available tourist plans for Virgin Mobile UAE SIM cards?

A3: Virgin Mobile UAE offers tourist plans with varying data and validity options. The plans include options such as 7-day, 10-day, and 15-day validity, with different data allowances ranging from 21GB to unlimited high-speed 5G data.

How can I activate a Virgin Mobile UAE tourist SIM card?

A4: To activate a Virgin Mobile UAE tourist SIM card, you can either order it online and provide your Emirates ID for activation upon delivery, or purchase it from a nearest Virgin store and activate it in-store.

What are the benefits of the Virgin UAE Tourist SIM Bonus?

A5: After the plan expires, Virgin Mobile UAE offers customers 200MB of free data, which can be used at 100 Kbps. Additionally, users can activate a booster to get half of their package back at discounted rates.

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