What Is the Minimum Wage in Dubai 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re planning to paintings in Dubai, one of the stuff you need to recognize is the minimum wage. The minimal salary is the bottom amount an agency can legally pay their employees for their offerings. In Dubai, the minimum wage is about through the government and varies depending on the industry and activity type.

For some industries, the minimum wage is set at AED 2,000 according to month, at the same time as for others, it is able to cross as much as AED three,000 in line with month. However, it’s critical to be aware that some jobs are exempt from the minimal wage regulation, such as home employees and agricultural workers. Additionally, the minimal salary regulation simplest applies to employees who’re on a fixed-time period contract. If you’re on a everlasting agreement, your revenue will be negotiated among you and your corporation.

What is the Minimum Wage in Dubai?

What is the Minimum Wage in Dubai
What is the Minimum Wage in Dubai


If you’re an employee in Dubai, you may be questioning what the minimum salary is. The minimal wage is the bottom amount of pay that an enterprise is legally required to pay their employees. It is crucial to notice that during Dubai, the minimal wage isn’t always the same for all workers.

Current Minimum Wage

As of 2023, the current minimum salary for professional workers in Dubai is AED three,000 per month. For unskilled workers, the minimum salary is AED 2,500 in line with month. It is essential to note that these wages are difficulty to exchange and might vary relying on the industry and the form of process.


There are a few exceptions to the minimum salary regulation in Dubai. For example, domestic workers inclusive of maids, nannies, and drivers aren’t blanketed by the minimal salary regulation. Instead, their salaries are negotiated between the corporation and worker. Additionally, some industries including agriculture and creation have their very own minimal wage charges.

It is vital to observe that whilst the minimum wage in Dubai might also appear low, it’s miles nevertheless enough to cowl primary desires consisting of housing, meals, and healthcare. Employers are also required to offer healthcare coverage to their employees beneath the UAE Labour Law.

To make sure that personnel get hold of their right wages, the UAE government has applied the Wages Protection System. This machine requires employers to transfer their personnel’ salaries via an authorised bank to ensure that they receive their full wages on time.

Overall, it is important to apprehend the minimal wage laws in Dubai to ensure which you are being paid pretty to your paintings. If you have any issues approximately your wages, you should communicate together with your HR branch or a prison professional.

Industries and Professions

Industries and Professions
Industries and Professions

Hospitality Industry

If you figure within the hospitality enterprise in Dubai, you could assume to earn a minimal wage of AED 2,000 consistent with month. Minimum Wage this applies to roles along with chefs, waiters, and inn group of workers. However, when you have enjoy and abilities within the enterprise, you will be able to earn greater than the minimum salary.

Finance Industry

In the finance enterprise, the minimum salary in Dubai is AED 2,500 consistent with month. This applies to roles which include bank tellers and finance assistants. Minimum Wage however, if you have a diploma in finance or are a certified accountant, you could count on to earn a higher income.

Sales Industry

For income executives, the minimal wage in Dubai is AED 2,500 per month. However, when you have revel in in income and a verified track record of assembly goals, you may be able to negotiate a better income.

Technology Industry

If you figure inside the technology enterprise, the minimum salary in Dubai is AED 3,000 in step with month. Minimum Wage this applies to roles such as cell developers and software program engineers. However, when you have specialized abilities or enjoy, you’ll be capable of earn a better profits.

Healthcare Industry

In the healthcare industry, the minimal wage in Dubai is AED 3,500 in step with month. This applies to roles together with nurses and professional technicians. However, when you have a diploma in healthcare or specialized abilities, you could count on to earn a better earnings.

Education Industry

For instructors in Dubai, the minimal wage is AED 2,500 consistent with month. However, if you have a degree in schooling or a coaching qualification, you may assume to earn a higher profits. University graduates also can earn a higher income within the training industry.

Overall, the minimum wage in Dubai varies relying on the industry and profession. It is essential to note that expats must have medical insurance with a purpose to work in Dubai.

here’s a table of minimum salaries in Dubai based on profession

ProfessionMinimum Salary (AED)
Skilled labor (e.g. carpenter, electrician, plumber)2,000
Sales and marketing3,000
Security guard2,500

Minimum Wage in Dubai for Foreigners

If you are a overseas worker in Dubai, you might be wondering what the minimum salary is for your job. The minimal salary in Dubai varies relying at the enterprise and job kind, but there are a few general hints to hold in mind.

Firstly, it’s critical to note that the minimum wage in Dubai isn’t similar to in other international locations. The authorities of Dubai units the minimum wage for extraordinary job classes based at the cost of residing, industry standards, and different factors.

Minimum Wage in Dubai for Foreigners
Minimum Wage in Dubai for Foreigners

Generally, the minimum salary for overseas workers in Dubai ranges from AED 1,000 to AED 2,500 consistent with month. However, this amount can range relying at the type of task, enterprise, and qualifications of the worker.

Some industries, along with creation and hospitality, have decrease minimal salary quotes as compared to different industries like finance and technology. Additionally, people with better qualifications or revel in may be provided a higher revenue than the minimal salary.

It’s also essential to observe that a few employers may provide extra blessings, which includes housing, transportation, and medical insurance, which could increase the overall reimbursement package deal for foreign workers.

In summary, the minimal salary for overseas people in Dubai varies depending at the enterprise, process kind, and qualifications. Minimum Wage it’s essential to research and negotiate your salary and benefits package deal earlier than accepting a activity offer in Dubai.


In precis, the minimum salary in Dubai is not set at the countrywide stage however instead determined by using employers. This way that employers are unfastened to pay their employees something they see healthy, as long because it is not beneath the compensation tiers set by using the government for certain professions.

It is essential to note that qualifications and enjoy can also play a role in determining an worker’s income. Those with greater enjoy or higher qualifications can be capable of negotiate a higher earnings than folks who are just starting out.

To ensure honest reimbursement, the government has delivered an electronic machine that lets in personnel to file complaints in the event that they feel they are not being paid fairly. This system helps to guard people from exploitation and guarantees that employers are held liable for paying their personnel pretty.

Overall, at the same time as there is no countrywide minimal wage in Dubai, the authorities has taken steps to guard employees and make sure fair repayment. It is important for personnel to be aware of their rights and to use the sources to be had to them if they sense they may be being paid unfairly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimal salary in Dubai?

In Dubai, there is no professional minimal salary. However, the government has set certain suggestions for minimal salaries that employers have to pay their employees. These guidelines range depending at the worker’s qualifications and task category.

What is Dubai’s minimum salary in step with month?

As cited in advance, there’s no authentic minimum salary in Dubai. However, the Dubai government has set a guiding principle for minimal salaries for sure process classes. For instance, the minimum revenue for a home employee is AED 2,500 in step with month, while the minimum income for a skilled employee is AED three,000 according to month.

What is a superb revenue in Dubai for a family of 4?

The cost of living in Dubai can be pretty high, so what’s taken into consideration a “true” profits for a family of four may also range relying in your way of life and prices. However, consistent with a survey carried out with the aid of the Dubai Statistics Center, the common household profits for a family of 4 in Dubai is round AED 22,000 in line with month. This includes all resources of income, inclusive of salaries, bonuses, and allowances.

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