Who Called Me From This Best Number UAE? Know the Caller Name

Called Me From This Number UAE Do you receive calls from regarded numbers? In the United Arab Emirates, like other international locations, fraud has started out to growth, because of which human beings are very involved. If you need to understand who referred to as me from this wide variety UAE? So you need to comply with some of the techniques noted by us and then you may be able to get the caller’s deal with, call and different records effortlessly.

Many people have a addiction of now not selecting the calls from unknown numbers obtained on their Called Me telephones. Every day there is a brand new replace in mobile phones, most of that are Android mobiles, which inform about the number and whether the received name is spam or no longer.

Google is paying more interest to this issue. Even whilst you get a name from an unknown range, the screen turns pink. This shall we the recipient realize that the number is fraudulent and can reject the call. Apart from this, there are numerous ways by means of which they can find out the call of the caller. There are strict laws within the United Arab Emirates but not tons regulation has been made yet to save you online fraud. Therefore, everybody has to maintain his protection.

You should care approximately acknowledged numbers calling the ones dwelling inside the UAE

There are many reasons why you should be cautious whilst receiving Called Me from unknown numbers. If you want to keep away from the rip-off, you need to be very careful and after attending the call, solution the character retaining your safety in mind. Here are a few motives which might be essential as a way to recognise.

  1. Avoid Scams and Fraud
  • Unknown numbers may be frauds and scams to accumulate your private statistics.
  • It can fraudulently accumulate your facts like ID range, cope with, financial institution account, PIN and other such statistics.
  • They can track your quantity and music your every circulate.
  • It can end up being horrible like blackmailing etc
  1. Verify the Callers Details or Business Information
  • If you receive a known name, it is able to be from a organisation, financial institution and any authorities entities
  • To keep away from incorrect and fake calls, it is very vital to get the information of this variety and verify that the individual Called Me you is a representative of a organisation or bank.

How to Know if the Caller is Spammer or Fraud – How to Identify the Caller

There are many ways to discover this out. You can without difficulty discover caller names from our cited apps, opposite quantity lookup offerings or on line directories. If you receive a name from a business enterprise, these apps can even inform you the call of the agency to avoid fraud.
Caller is Spammer
Caller is Spammer

If you are using any SIM card in UAE including EtisalatDU and Virgin Mobile you can easily use these methods. Some companies have especially provided USSD codes and online methods to know the caller’s name through a flash SMS.

  1. Check the Number in your phone call history
  2. Search the number on search engines
  3. Lookup on online directories in UAE
  4. Use the Spam identify apps in Android and IOS
  5. Use a Reverse Phone Lookup Service
  6. Search on Social Media Apps, if someone’s social account is available, it will appear

When a friend or relative Called Me you from a new number that you do not have saved, it is difficult to get information about it. Getting the new number information is a bit difficult but you can find that too with the caller name service of the company. Some companies do not offer such a service, unlike other methods you can use. First of all, we will tell you about apps that provide you with number information.

Best Reverse Phone Number Lookup Services – Know Who called me from this Number UAE

In UAE, you can find a lot of Reverse Phone Number Lookup Services. These can help you to find the name, address, and more information for free.

You have to just visit the website and enter the number. If you enter the organization or company number it will appear on the screen including the address company name, phone numbers and much more.

1. TrueCaller – Spam Call Blocker

Truecaller is a totally famous app and also you in all likelihood realize approximately it. This app tells you the name of the caller earlier if you want to show the friend, relative or any close person who will name you from the new range. Apart from this, if you get hold of any fraudulent call, then this app also informs you approximately it right away.

TrueCaller – Spam Call Blocker
TrueCaller – Spam Call Blocker

You have to install this app to your Called Me cellphone and then it’ll ask you permission to get entry to your phone numbers. After permitting it, it’s going to preserve all the numbers in your mobile phone in its database. Now if you get a name from any employer or character whose number you don’t have saved, it will tell you about it.

You should recognize how this app works so you realize what facts this app collects and continues in its facts.

When someone installs this app on their cellular smartphone, it asks for some permissions. These consist of smartphone ebook, name history and so forth. After permitting these kind of permissions, Truecaller collects all the coded numbers for your cellular cellphone in its database.

Suppose you have a chum whose variety you’ve got stored as “Yusuf” then he will additionally collect the same name and number in his database. When this individual calls someone who doesn’t have his wide variety saved and has the Truecaller app hooked up, he’ll show him as “Yusuf” in step with your stored name.

Truecaller is a safe app and it does no longer damage you in any way. Most humans use it because the organisation does now not percentage your numbers and records with everyone. This app has many greater features such as blocking, spammers, and auto name block device.

If people have reported a number as a spammer, they may robotically block you when they call you. You also can get variety facts, deal with, google area, e-mail, social debts and photographs. The installation approach is very clean on any tool consisting of Apple and Android.


  1. Caller ID
  2. Spam Blocking
  3. Call Recording
  4. Smart SMS
  5. Dark Theme
  6. Community-Based Spam Reporting
  7. Auto-Block Spam Calls and SMS
  8. Safe and Efficient Communication

In addition to these core functions, Truecaller also gives several top rate features, inclusive of:

  • Call History Backups
  • Premium Caller ID
  • Premium SMS Features

2. Caller ID – Who Called me

Caller ID app is a valuable tool for identifying unknown callers, blocking spam calls, and managing your phone communication. When a user installs this app and receives an unknown call, the system blocks it if it is spam otherwise will show the name of the caller from its database.

Caller ID – Who Called me
Caller ID – Who Called me

This app has many options like call blocking, Spam blocking, location tracking, Reverse Phone Lookup, Contact Management and call recording. This app is available for both Android and Apple users which is available on app stores too. You have to register and log in to the account then it will start working. This app works fine if you are searching for who called me from this number UAE. You can enjoy premium features if you need otherwise you can use its free version.

Key features:

  • Caller identification
  • Spam blocking
  • Reverse phone lookup
  • Call history
  • Contact management
  • Spam reporting

Additional features:

  • Call recording
  • Call notes
  • Call Blocking
  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail transcription

3. Whoscall – Caller ID & Block

This app has statistics of more than 1.6 billion numbers that is up to date each month. It quickly detects the unknown quantity and immediately informs the person receiving the decision approximately it. This is a completely flexible app that you may trust. With Whoscall you can put off fraud calls because it blocks unsolicited mail calls and messages instantly. If you acquire a call from a financial institution or enterprise and you do not have that variety saved, it straight away informs you approximately it.

Whoscall – Caller ID & Block
Whoscall – Caller ID & Block

This app is used by many people so you can effortlessly get facts about any number in UAE and lots of different countries. Whoscall’s unfastened app also shows a few advertising and marketing that you may take away with a premium plan. You can get many extra benefits from its premium plan.

Whoscall has name recording, an vehicle spam block gadget, and SMS scanner services. If you may locate the name of the caller inside the above-noted apps then you could do this app as nicely. Remember that such apps save the numbers and names within the customers’ cellular phones and display you for this reason.

Basic Features:

  • Caller ID
  • Spam Blocking
  • SMS Verification
  • Smart SMS Assistant
  • Offline Database
  • Ad-unfastened Experience
  • Green Badges for Verified Callers

4. Sync.Me – Caller ID & Contacts

Synce.Me is an superb and actual facts provider from the worldwide. I use this on my cellular smartphone. This is to be had at the internet and Android phones but at the web, the unfastened trial is restricted to test only three numbersThe way to use it’s far quite simple. It copies the touch listing of its users who use this app and provides it to its database. Any variety you’ve got stored under that name will also be saved on your statistics underneath the identical call. When someone exams this variety from this web or app, it’ll display that person the identical call which you have saved for your cell.

Sync.Me – Caller ID & Contacts
Sync.Me – Caller ID & Contacts

Initially, it lets you check 3 numbers on an account and then it’s going to ask to improve. If you want to check a variety of or two then the loose version could be great for you. Through this app, you could recognise the name of the caller and also know Who known as me from this Number UAE.

You also can go to its internet site to get data on any quantity, aside from this you could set up this app for your mobile phone and use it.

5. Showcaller: Caller ID & Block

Showcaller is every other similar app which permit you to right away discover the incoming calls no longer in your contact list. Calls are robotically blocked whilst it is deducted as junk mail.

When a promotional SMS is received, this app adds it to this list. This will reveal unique SMS and additionally stop receiving fraudulent calls or SMS. Showcaller has many extra features of which caller ID may be very vital. Caller ID offers facts about the caller’s name, address, social money owed and plenty greater, even snap shots of some numbers.

Showcaller: Caller ID & Block
Showcaller: Caller ID & Block

If you maintain this app hooked up in your mobile cellphone, you’ll begin seeing all the numbers within the caller history and the name. The region of the caller is likewise shared with the help of the information in Showcaller that is handiest available to customers who use this app.

This is a completely free app and you can without difficulty set up it to your cellular cellphone. After putting in this app you want to allow a few permissions and then it will begin working. Showcaller has features like call blocker, caller ID, name recorder, SMS blocker, junk mail safety and lots greater.

6. Eyecon: Caller ID & Contacts

Eyecon is getting more famous with time due to its dependable relied on gadget and updated database. More than 50 million humans have set up it from the Google Play Store, consistent with which it has statistics of greater than 1 billion numbers global. When you operate this app, you will also see the call of the character calling from an unknown number.

This app works in all international locations of UAE, Iran, India, the USA, Europe and the Middle East. When you get hold of a call from a financial institution, it shows the financial institution’s call and also the person’s call. It is completely unfastened and has many security systems like other apps. You can disable your default call app and set it as your default call app and then you could use many futures.

Eyecon: Caller ID & Contacts
Eyecon: Caller ID & Contacts
  • With the call block option you can block unwanted numbers
  • It shows promotional calls and SMS separately which you can forget about
  • According to the up to date device, you may now not receive spam calls or SMS
  • The caller’s name, e-mail, social accounts and profile photograph are displayed.

Use the Best Reverse Phone Lookup – Find the People by way of Phone Numbers

Here you’ll be instructed about all such Reverse Phone Lookup offerings which are unfastened. You can seek everybody’s variety with the aid of creating a free account. Please note that the address, name and different records furnished may range and can not be assured to be one hundred% correct.

1. Revealname.Com

Revealname.Com is a famous website in which you may enter any u . S . Number and get its facts. If you are from Dubai and you’re receiving a call from an unknown wide variety, you can pick out the United Arab Emirates range and get its data.

It offers you the exact numbers of maximum companies or businesses. If you need to get information about an character quantity, it can no longer be there. But it will come up with the business enterprise numbers, deal with, and some extra facts.


You can observe the given technique to check the quantity owner information in UAE:

  1. Open the internet site URL Revealname.Com from your mobile or desktop
  2. Select the Lookup and choice the u . S . A .
  3. Enter caller wide variety beginning from +971 (Do not consist of country code)
  4. A popup will appear at the display to verify whether or not the brought range is accurate or no longer
  5. If that is correct, faucet or click on affirm button
  6. Number Owner name, community and cope with will seem in a few seconds
  7. The supplied information can not be a hundred% correct

2. Emobiletracker.Com

emobiletracker.Com is the pinnacle hint mobile number internet site in which 230 nations database is to be had. You can also look for unknown caller numbers right here. More than four hundred,000 users use this website to check their smartphone range data without spending a dime.


You can locate the proprietor’s Name, Country, and vicinity on Google Maps including statistics inclusive of Telecom issuer. If you have become calls from an unknown wide variety, simply placed the quantity right here and get the details of the man or woman. EmobileTracker in no way costs any charge to test the cellphone wide variety place and data.

  • Open the website URL emobiletracker.Com from a mobile telephone or computing device
  • Select the usa and input the cellular number
  • Solve the captcha and click on the Track Now button
  • Location, owner call, and telecom provider will seem on the display screen
  • Keep in mind that given information cannot be a hundred% correct.

3. Whoseno.Com

I simply entered my variety and located that this data is accurate. This is any other superb website where you can search for any range and additionally find its Facebook profile (if to be had). You can find the vicinity on Google Maps the usage of this website.


It is unfastened but it doesn’t have that much database uploaded. You also can find the statistics of any quantity with the aid of journeying this website. You handiest need to feature the usa code, for example, in case you want to discover a wide variety inside the United Arab Emirates, you want to write down +971 earlier than the number. In case of receiving a call from any other country, you can find out the us of a code of the number and enter it right here to get its statistics.

The real a laugh of this web comes whilst it reveals accounts on social money owed like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram after coming into the quantity. With its help, you may also see the image of the caller and get greater information approximately him. Here is a complete process that you could comply with can get the number details.

  1. Open the internet site Whoseno.Com from your computer or mobile
  2. You can choose the united states of america “UAE” and add the variety
  3. Now, in some time, you can see Whose Number Is This Calling Me
  4. It is free and absolutely everyone can use this method

4. SearchYellowDirectory

With the help of this internet site, you can take a look at approximately the organizations or any new number calls. Information approximately most companies may be discovered right here. If you get a name from someone and they call you a representative of a corporation, you could enter their variety here and get their facts.


SearchYellowDirectory is a website USA white pages listing, phonebook of the world, reverse phone seek and e mail address finder. You can find any cellphone wide variety by using beginning the URL https://www.Searchyellowdirectory.Com/reverse-telephone/ into your mobile smartphone and laptop.

5. Uaecontact.Com

This internet site is a loose online enterprise listing wherein you may locate the caller’s name and so forth. Through typing the variety. This is a unfastened tool designed best for the United Arab Emirates. You also can upload your commercial enterprise in this website and get facts about a number.


There isn’t always a whole lot information on this website however you may test it due to the fact the call you get hold of can be from a employer that is also indexed in this internet site. Hold in mind that in no way tell any personal data to the caller due to the fact it could be a fraud and may be harmful.

Best Tips to Find the Name of Who Called Me from this Number UAE?

Here are a few tips that will help you discern out who the caller is. If random UAE numbers maintain calling you, those pointers can recognize why you’re receiving too many calls. Mostly, some internet site owners put the range on extraordinary web sites which causes too many calls. If you determined your quantity on-line on any website or blog, you can right now take action through contacting the internet site proprietor and inquiring for to dispose of it. If you’re receiving too many calls use the given tips to help you a lot.

  • Search the quantity on Social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Linkedin
  • Copy the number and look for it on Search engines like Google and Bing
  • Try to understand the range proprietor’s call by way of the usage of the Caller ID apps
  • Call the caller from a exceptional quantity and ask the name (If you experience cushty)
  • Search the range on phone directories, and commercial enterprise locators.

By using our guide, you could learn how to take a look at your number information without cost. These strategies permit you to to discover the UAE wide variety owner’s call, and landline number in UAE.

Prevent from Spam Calling

Those receiving calls from unknown numbers may be victims of fraud. If you acquire a name from any new number, you have to recall some critical things.

  • Do no longer percentage your caste identity card number with everyone
  • Listen to the history voice of the caller and from there guess whether the call is a fraud or no longer
  • Do not percentage personal information like account numbers etc
  • If a person tells you the consultant of the organization, seek his records on search engines and so on
  • The bank does now not take any sort of OTP from you, if someone sends you an OTP, keep away from sharing it. This can placed your bank account at threat
  • Most human beings commit fraud inside the name of a scheme. If a person asks you for a scheme and takes your non-public statistics, don’t inform them.
  • On receiving any sort of faux call, right now block it and get in touch with
  • Don’t proportion your telephone number on social media apps websites or blogs.

(FAQS) About Who Called Me From This Number UAE

How to Check UAE quantity details?

You can without difficulty discover the UAE number info by way of the usage of the caller ID app and searching the quantity on extraordinary social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. If you’re the use of a UAE SIM card, you could without difficulty discover the range owner’s call by dialling the U.S. Codes or calling the telecom issuer.

Do those strategies work for UAE Landline number search?

Yes, you may use the opposite phone search and commercial enterprise finder app or web sites to discover the landline wide variety.

Can I locate the humans in UAE?

Yes, you may input the mobile wide variety or landline quantity in cellphone number research or Caller ID apps and might locate the humans.

Can you operate Truecaller in UAE?

Yes, You can use the Truecaller in UAE on any mobile smartphone. There are billions of customers of this app which makes a huge database and assist you to to locate the UAE range at no cost.

Are these apps safe?

Yes, These apps are secure and do no longer percentage your information with anyone.

Can I discover the Social debts the use of these apps?

Yes, Caller ID apps allow customers to realize the caller’s call, place, social accounts, emails, paintings numbers and profile images. Even if the database is up to date, you may search the brand new wide variety facts free of charge.

What I can do If I receive a call from a non-public number that asks me for Bank info?

Such humans are frauds who take your bank account information from you. This difficulty is trending now and millions of people are falling sufferer to this fraud who are not conscious that the bank by no means calls anyone from a personal quantity or takes financial institution information. If you acquire the sort of name, reject it without delay.

Unravel the mystery behind Etisalat numbers with our comprehensive guide! Whether you’re a subscriber looking to verify your own number or curious about the details of another user’s line, our post has you covered. With the provided link, accessing a user-friendly platform becomes effortless, streamlining the process for quick and accurate results.

Understanding the ownership of a phone number holds significance for various reasons, from confirming personal information to ensuring security. Our guide empowers you to navigate through the system seamlessly, gaining insights into Etisalat numbers with ease.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to master the art of checking Etisalat numbers and uncovering ownership details. Click the link to embark on your journey towards clarity and certainty today!

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