Du Monthly Data Package 25 AED – Best Non-Stop Bundle

Du Monthly Data Package 25 AED clients usually enjoy affordable net programs equal Du month-to-month information package 25 AED. People looking for such forms of programs which are not available on neighborhood locations and websites. Get Du’s monthly data bundle for 25 AED, and revel in free get right of entry to to social apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Botim, along side 25 flexi calling mins.

All new and current prepaid clients can enroll in this package by means of dialling *135*250#. This subscription is valid for one month (No renewal) and you need to resubscribe once more using the same technique to prompt the package.

Du Monthly Data Package 25 AED

Customers are eligible to buy this package deal for best AED 25 consistent with month which is the most inexpensive internet plan. Include this, customers get non-stop calling to call on country wide and global numbers. Du Provides limitless non-forestall socializing to its users who spark off this package.

Prices may be changed according to user tariff and SIM card. More records is to be had here:

  • Data: Non-Stop Chat (Viber and WhatsApp)
  • Price: AED 25 per month
  • Calls: 35 Flexi minutes
  • Validity: 28 Days
  • Auto-Renewal: No

How to prompt Du Monthly Data Package Offer 25 AED?

To enroll in this bundle actually dial USSD code *a hundred thirty five*250#. This bundle is likewise to be had at the Du UAE app. You can also dial *a hundred thirty five# without delay and pick this package deal in the data packages section.

To prompt the Du Monthly Data Package Offer for 25 AED, you can:

  1. Open your Du mobile phone’s dialer.
  2. Dial *135# and press the call button.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to navigate the menu.
  4. Look for the option related to data packages or internet offers.
  5. Select the option for monthly data packages.
  6. Look for the package priced at 25 AED and select it.
  7. Follow the prompts to confirm your selection and complete the purchase.
  8. Once confirmed, you will receive a notification confirming the activation of the data package on your account.

Alternatively, you can visit the Du website or use the My Du app to explore and activate the 25 AED monthly data package offer.


The Data Package will automatically expire and unsubscribe after a month. You do not want to dial any USSD code to unsub this. If it is important to unsubscribe from the Du 25 AED Monthly Data percent, you could use the Du UAE app and visit the account > Active offerings > Unsubscribe.


Many human beings set off and use this package deal, and the motive for its price is the use of limitless social apps. Many people come to Dubai for work, which requires them to talk with their cherished ones. In such situations, people look for packages with apps like WhatsApp, Botim, and Viber. People widely use it due to its low price.

Du provides its customers with all styles of centers that allows you to benefit from them. Therefore, you can actually observe an increase inside the number of customers making use of it. After activating the monthly 35 dirhams package deal, the person can without problems use WhatsApp and Viber with none limits.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the price of Du’s monthly data bundle?
Du’s monthly data bundle is priced at AED 25.

What social apps are included for free in Du’s monthly data bundle?
Du’s monthly data bundle includes free access to social apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, and Botim.

How many flexi calling minutes are included in Du’s monthly data package?
Du’s monthly data package includes 35 flexi calling minutes.

How can customers subscribe to Du’s monthly data offer for AED 25?
Customers can subscribe to Du’s monthly data offer for AED 25 by dialing 135250# or through the Du UAE app.

How can customers deactivate Du’s monthly data offer?
Customers do not need to dial any USSD code to unsubscribe from Du’s monthly data offer. They can use the Du UAE app and go to Account > Active Services > Unsubscribe to deactivate the package.

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