How to Block ADCB Debit Card in UAE (Internet Banking, Mobile App, SMS)

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank provides six styles of debit cards to its clients. If your debit card is misplaced or stolen, you need to block it immediately. To recognize how to block ADCB debit cards online in UAE, examine this publish until ceases.

How to Block ADCB Debit Card

To block your ADCB debit – card, you have got six distinct techniques. Here I will proportion the listing of all feasible approaches about how to deactivate ADCB debit cards that will help you do it effortlessly.

Block ADCB Debit Card
Block ADCB Debit Card
  1. Block ADCB Debit Card Online through Internet Banking
  2. Block ADCB Debit Card through Mobile Banking
  3. Block ADCB Debit Card via Phone Banking
  4. Block ADCB Debit Card via WhatsApp Banking
  5. Block ADCB Debit Card by Visiting Bank Branch
  6. Block ADCB Debit Card thru SMS Banking

In order to recognize the way to block ADCB debit – card online with step-with the aid of-step guiding principle, you have to check all six techniques. Here I will provide an explanation for every approach in element.

1. How to Block ADCB Debit Card Online

The ADCB Internet Banking lets in you to get right of entry to your financial institution account online from everywhere, whenever. You simply need to login to ADCB Internet Banking Website to manipulate your account activities and card offerings. You can block ADCB debit card online thru net banking provider with help of the stairs given beneath.

  1. Open a web browser and visit ADCB Internet Banking professional internet site @www.Adcb.Com.
  2. Find LOGIN phase in top proper nook and click on it to see to be had options.
  3. Choose Personal Banking in case you are an man or woman client or choose Business Banking in case you are a commercial enterprise client.
  4. Enter your User ID and Password, then click on on Login button.
  5. Open Navigation Menu or Your Profile, then Find and Select Manage Your Cards option.
  6. Choose the debit – card you need to dam, then click on on Block or Deactivate option.
  7. Make positive which you have blocked your ADCB debit card for all transactions.
  8. Your debit card has been blocked.

2. How to Block ADCB Debit Card via Mobile App

ADCB Mobile Banking is available thru ADCB cell app for Android, iPhone/iOS and Huawei phone devices. Every client can register for cell banking to use ADCB app to test their account transactions, make on line bills and maintain control on their spends via debit card.

In case you have got misplaced your ADCB debit – card, you can block it through ADCB Mobile Banking Service.

  1. Download & Install ADCB app to your cell smartphone. Register and Login to ADCB mobile app.
  2. Go to Card Control or Manage Cards section.
  3. Choose the debit card this is lost and also you need to block.
  4. Select Block Card alternative and verify your motion.
  5. Your ADCB debit – card has been blocked now.

3. Block ADCB Debit Card thru Phone Banking

The Phone Banking Service is to be had in 3 forms i.E. ADCB Contact Centre, IVRS and VoicePass Service. You can use IVRS to check your financial institution account stability and different inquiry services. If you need to block your ADCB debit card you then want to touch ADCB Contact Centre.

The ADCB Contact Centre Number is one-of-a-kind for one-of-a-kind bank money owed and debit – cards. You should name on one of the following smartphone variety based on the kind of ADCB debit card or financial institution account you’ve got.

  • Aspire – 600 50 2030
  • Excellency – six hundred 50 2004
  • Privilege – six hundred 50 8008
  • Simplylife – 600 545545
  • From Outside UAE – +971-2-6210090

When you call up ADCB Contact Centre, a financial institution representative will choose your call. Inform the representative approximately your lost/stolen or broken debit card and request to block it immediately.

The ADCB Bank consultant will test your account details and can ask critical data about your card for verification purposes. Then s/he’s going to take delivery of your request and block your ADCB debit card immediately.

4. How to Block ADCB Debit Card through WhatsApp

The ADCB Bank presents secure & stable banking services via its WhatsApp Banking. You just need to feature ADCB WhatsApp Banking Number 600 50 2030 in your smartphone contacts. Then ship Hi or Hello to ADCB on WhatsApp from your registered cell wide variety.

After sending a message on WhatsApp, you will receive the listing of services available via ADCB WhatsApp Banking. Here you need to select Card Control or Card Services option. Thereafter you may get the option to block your ADCB debit – card. Kindly test the stairs given underneath to understand more.

  1. Add ADCB WhatsApp Banking Number 600 50 2030 or +971600 50 2030 for your cellphone contacts.
  2. Send Hi to ADCB WhatsApp Contact out of your registered mobile range on WhatsApp.
  3. Choose Card Control or Manage Cards Service from the list.
  4. Select the debit card you need to block.
  5. Choose Block choice to maintain.
  6. Provide required info, if any, to verify your action.
  7. Your ADCB debit – card is blocked.

5. Block ADCB Debit Card by using Visiting Branch

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) has 48+ branches at diverse places in UAE. If a branch of ADCB is nearby, you can visit the financial institution branch to dam your debit – card. Kindly preserve your financial institution ebook and Emirates ID with you while going to the ADCB financial institution department.

  1. Click Here to Find an ADCB financial institution department near you.
  2. Note down the deal with and go to your nearest ADCB department.
  3. Talk to the bank executive approximately your misplaced/stolen debit – card.
  4. Provide your Emirates ID and bank ebook for identity verification.
  5. Request the financial institution government to block your ADCB debit card immediately.
  6. The government will block your debit – card to prevent misuse via strangers.

6. How to Block ADCB Debit Card via SMS

The ADCB Bank provides SMS Banking Service to offer quite a few services to its clients. Now, you can test your account stability, spark off your debit – card and pay utility bills by using the use of ADCB SMS Banking Service on your mobile telephone.

You should have registered for ADCB SMS Banking to apply it on your telephone. You can set off your ADCB debit card by using sending ACT<area>ultimate six digits of your card wide variety to 2626. But there is no facility to be had to block ADCB debit – card thru SMS Banking.

At present, you can’t block ADCB debit – card by way of SMS but the bank may additionally offer this facility in future.

In this manner, you may block your ADCB debit – card on-line thru internet banking and mobile banking. You can also block your debit card via ADCB smartphone banking, WhatsApp banking and by way of visiting a financial institution branch.


When your debit – card is lost or stolen, there may be a chance of misuse via everyone who discover it. So, I strongly propose you to take action to block your ADCB debit – card right away.

You can block ADCB debit card on line or offline through following one of the six techniques shared above. In case you can’t block it online, you need to block your debit – card through cellphone banking or go to a nearby bank branch. For more queries, touch ADCB Customer Care Number six hundred 50 2030 or send an email to [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I block my ADCB debit card online?

A1. You can block your ADCB debit – card online through ADCB Internet Banking. Simply log in to your account, navigate to “Manage Your Cards,” select the card you want to block, and choose the “Block or Deactivate” option.

Is there a way to block my ADCB debit card using the mobile app?

A2. Yes, you can block your ADCB debit – card via the ADCB Mobile Banking app. After logging in, go to the “Card Control” or “Manage Cards” section, select the lost card, and click on “Block Card” to confirm.

How do I block my ADCB debit card through phone banking?

A3. To block your ADCB debit – card through phone banking, contact the ADCB Contact Centre using the appropriate phone number based on your account type. Inform the representative about your lost or stolen card, provide necessary details for verification, and request immediate blocking.

Can I block my ADCB debit card using WhatsApp?

A4. Yes, you can block your ADCB debit – card through WhatsApp Banking. Add the ADCB WhatsApp Banking number to your contacts, send a message, select “Card Control” or “Manage Cards” service, choose the card to block, and follow the prompts to complete the process.

How do I block my ADCB debit card by visiting a bank branch?

A5. To block your ADCB debit – card by visiting a bank branch, locate your nearest ADCB branch, bring your bank book and Emirates ID for verification, inform the bank executive about your lost or stolen card, and request immediate blocking.

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