How to Get Best Married in Abu Dhabi ( Requirements and Process )

Get Married in Abu Dhabi getting married is a massive milestone in one’s existence, and it’s important to ensure that the method is as smooth and stress-loose as feasible. For those planning to tie the knot in Abu Dhabi, there are several things to do not forget to ensure that their massive day runs easily. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on a way to get married in Abu Dhabi, including the felony requirements, documentation wished, and the steps worried inside the system.

The process of having married in Abu Dhabi entails numerous legal necessities that have to be met. Couples have to be as a minimum 18 years antique and no longer intently related. They should also offer a certificates of accurate behavior and a medical fitness certificate. Additionally, non-Muslim couples need to offer a certificates of no objection from their embassy or consulate. The process can be time-ingesting, so couples ought to plan in advance and allow masses of time to complete all the necessary steps.

The documentation required for buying married in Abu Dhabi includes passports, residency visas, and beginning certificate. Couples must additionally offer two witnesses who’re over 21 years old and feature legitimate identity. The wedding ceremony can take vicinity in a mosque, church, or other non secular venue, or on the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department. With proper making plans and training, getting married in Abu Dhabi can be a seamless and enjoyable enjoy for couples.

Eligibility for Married in Abu Dhabi

Getting married in Abu Dhabi requires assembly sure eligibility necessities. Here are the important thing elements to keep in mind:

Married in Abu Dhabi
Married in Abu Dhabi

Age Requirement

Both events should be at least 18 years old to get married in Abu Dhabi. If both birthday party is under 18, they must gain a court order and have the consent of their dad and mom or felony guardians.

Residency Status

There are no residency requirements for buying married in Abu Dhabi. However, non-residents may additionally need to reap a no-objection certificate from their embassy or consulate.

Religious Considerations

Muslim couples can get married at the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) or at a mosque. Non-Muslim couples can get married at their embassy or consulate, or at a church or temple if they have a particular non secular association.

It’s vital to be aware that couples of different religions may face extra necessities or regulations when getting married in Abu Dhabi. For instance, a Christian and a Muslim couple can also need to reap a special marriage license and have their marriage registered at a court docket. It’s advocated to consult with a felony professional or spiritual authority to ensure all requirements are met.

Requirements for Marriage in Abu Dhabi

To get married in Abu Dhabi, there are sure necessities that need to be met. These necessities consist of identification files, a fitness certificate, and a unmarried status certificates.

Requirements for Marriage in Abu Dhabi
Requirements for Marriage in Abu Dhabi

Identification Documents

Both parties should offer legitimate identity files which include passports or Emirates IDs. If the bride or groom isn’t a resident of the United Arab Emirates, they may want to provide a duplicate in their visa as nicely.

Health Certificate

A health certificates is likewise required for both parties. This certificates must be obtained from a government-accepted clinical middle and have to indicate that both events are loose from infectious sicknesses.

Single Status Certificate

In addition to the above, a unmarried reputation certificates is likewise required. This certificates should be received from the embassy or consulate of the united states of america wherein the person resides and have to suggest that they’re single and unfastened to marry.

It is essential to word that those necessities may also range depending on the nationality and faith of the parties concerned. It is suggested that individuals consult with their embassy or consulate for unique necessities.

Overall, by following these necessities, individuals can make certain a clean and hassle-loose marriage process in Abu Dhabi.

The Marriage Process

Getting married in Abu Dhabi requires a few steps to be followed. The manner entails a pre-marriage medical examination, submission of documents, and the marriage ceremony.

Pre-Marriage Medical Examination

Before getting married, each the bride and groom ought to go through a pre-marriage scientific exam. The exam is conducted to make certain that each people are free of any infectious diseases. The scientific examination may be done at any government clinic or medical middle in Abu Dhabi.

Submission of Documents

After the scientific examination, both the bride and groom have to put up the specified documents to the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department. The files required for the marriage process include:

  • Passport copies of both people
  • Birth certificates of each people
  • Emirates ID copies of each individuals
  • Certificate of no objection from the embassy (for non-UAE citizens)
  • Divorce certificate (if previously married)

All files should be attested by means of the applicable authorities and translated into Arabic if they are in any other language.

Marriage Ceremony

Once the files are submitted and accepted, the couple can proceed with the bridal ceremony. The ceremony can be performed at any mosque or a marriage hall in Abu Dhabi. The couple must have at least two witnesses present at the rite.

Marriage Ceremony
Marriage Ceremony

During the ceremony, the couple is needed to signal the wedding agreement inside the presence of the witnesses. The marriage certificate will then be issued through the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department.

In end, getting married in Abu Dhabi includes a pre-marriage scientific examination, submission of documents, and the wedding ceremony. By following these steps, couples can legally get married in Abu Dhabi.

Post-Marriage Legalities

After getting married in Abu Dhabi, there are some prison formalities that need to be sorted. This phase will cover the two most vital ones: Marriage Certificate Attestation and Name Change Procedures.

Marriage Certificate Attestation

To make your marriage certificates legitimate outdoor of the UAE, you will want to get it attested through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and the embassy of the country wherein you intend to use it. The following steps need to be accompanied:

  1. Get your marriage certificates attested by using the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) in Abu Dhabi.
  2. Submit the attested certificate to the MOFA for attestation.
  3. Take the attested certificates to the embassy of the usa in which you propose to use it for further attestation.

It is essential to be aware that the technique and necessities might also vary depending at the embassy and country.

Name Change Procedures

If you want to change your name upon getting married, you’ll need to comply with those tactics:

  1. Get a brand new passport along with your new name out of your embassy.
  2. Submit a request to alternate your name to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).
  3. Get your new Emirates ID along with your new name from the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA).
  4. Change your call on all other reputable documents, such as your using license, bank debts, and software payments.

It is crucial to notice that the name change manner may make the effort, and you can want to provide additional documents, including your marriage certificates and proof of residence.

Overall, those publish-marriage legalities are essential to make sure that your marriage is diagnosed and valid outside of the UAE, and that your legitimate documents replicate your new marital fame.


Getting married in Abu Dhabi can be a truthful and comparatively strain-loose method, furnished that couples follow the necessary steps and necessities. The system involves acquiring felony documents, filing them to the applicable authorities, and attending a wedding ceremony.

It is important for couples to plot ahead and permit sufficient time to complete the office work and make any important arrangements for the rite. They need to also be aware of the cultural and spiritual customs of the UAE and admire them thus.

Couples ought to make certain that they have all the vital documents, consisting of passports, visas, and delivery certificate, and that they may be valid and up-to-date. They ought to also be organized to provide extra documentation, together with divorce or loss of life certificates, if relevant.

In addition, couples need to be aware about the prices involved inside the procedure, along with the ones for obtaining files, submitting packages, and attending the rite. They have to also be prepared to pay for any additional offerings, consisting of translation or prison assistance, if needed.

Overall, getting married in Abu Dhabi may be a memorable and significant enjoy for couples who’re organized to follow the important steps and necessities. With right planning and training, couples can ensure that their special day is a success and they begin their married life collectively on the right foot.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the key legal requirements for getting married in Abu Dhabi?

A1: Couples must ensure they are at least 18 years old, provide certificates of good conduct and medical fitness, and for non-Muslim couples, obtain a certificate of no objection from their embassy.

What documentation is needed for marriage in Abu Dhabi?

A2: Required documents include passports, residency visas, birth certificates, and two witnesses over 21 with valid identification.

What are the eligibility requirements for marriage in Abu Dhabi?

A3: Couples must be at least 18 years old, and if under 18, they need a court order and parental consent. There are no residency requirements, but non-residents may need a no-objection certificate.

What is the process for obtaining a marriage certificate in Abu Dhabi?

A4: Couples need to undergo a pre-marriage medical examination, submit required documents to the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, and have a marriage ceremony where they sign the marriage agreement in the presence of witnesses.

What are the post-marriage legal formalities in Abu Dhabi?

A5: Post-marriage, couples may need to attest their marriage certificate through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their embassy for international recognition. If changing names, they must update documents like passports and Emirates IDs.

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