Naif Police Station Dubai: Location, Services, and Contact Information

If you’re seeking out a police station in Dubai, you may need to recall Naif Police Station. Located in the bustling Naif region of Deira, this police station serves the community with more than a few services. Whether you need to document a criminal offense, seek assistance, or really have a query, the officers at Naif Police Station are prepared to assist.

One of the important thing functions of Naif Police Station is its accessibility. The station is positioned in a critical place that is simple to reach by means of public transportation or non-public vehicle. This makes it a popular choice for residents and traffic alike. Additionally, the station is open 24 hours an afternoon, seven days a week, so you can get help whenever you need it.

Another gain of Naif Police Station is the variety of services it provides. In addition to managing crime reports and emergencies, the station additionally gives services inclusive of traffic fines payment, misplaced and observed items, and residency-associated services. This means that you can contend with more than one obligations in a single region, saving you time and trouble.

Location and Accessibility

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Location and Accessibility
Location and Accessibility

Address and Map

Naif Police Station Dubai is located within the Naif area of Deira, Dubai. The exact cope with is Naif Road – Dubai. You can effortlessly locate the station the usage of Google Maps or different map programs. Naif Police Station is located in a prime area, making it without difficulty reachable to both residents and travelers.

Transport Links

Naif Police Station Dubai has sufficient parking centers for traffic. You can park your car in the distinctive parking location close to the station. The parking location is nicely-lit and secure, making sure the safety of your car. If you are journeying the station for a short period, you can additionally park your automobile in the nearby paid parking areas.

Parking Facilities

The police station is properly-related to public transport services. You can easily attain the station by taking the Dubai Metro. The nearest metro station is Baniyas Square Metro Station, that’s only a few mins’ walk away from the police station. You can also take a taxi or a bus to reach the station. The station is without problems handy from all elements of the town.

In conclusion, Naif Police Station Dubai is positioned in a top region and is easily reachable to each residents and travelers. The station is properly-linked to public transport services, and it has enough parking centers for site visitors.

Services Offered

The Naif Police Station in Dubai offers a number of services to the public, together with reporting crimes, allow issuance, and community services.

Services Offered
Services Offered

Reporting Crimes

If you have got been a victim of a crime or have witnessed one, you could report it to the Naif Police Station. The police station has a team of trained officers who are to be had to take your grievance and inspect the problem. You can document crimes inclusive of theft, assault, fraud, and different criminal activities. The police station also has a hotline range that you can name to record emergencies.

Permit Issuance

The Naif Police Station is answerable for issuing permits for various sports which include occasions, demonstrations, and rallies. The permits are issued after an intensive evaluate of the software and approval from the applicable authorities. The police station additionally problems allows for the sale of alcohol and fireworks.

Community Services

The Naif Police Station is committed to serving the network and gives a number services to help human beings. The police station has a misplaced and discovered branch in which you could record misplaced gadgets or give up determined items. The police station also offers fingerprinting services for people who require it for diverse purposes which includes employment and immigration. Additionally, the police station has a community outreach application where officers go to schools, companies, and different businesses to teach human beings approximately crime prevention and safety measures.

In precis, the Naif Police Station in Dubai affords vital services to the general public, inclusive of reporting crimes, allow issuance, and network services. The police station is dedicated to serving the network and has a group of trained officers who are available to help you.

Operating Hours

MondayOpen 24 hours
TuesdayOpen 24 hours
WednesdayOpen 24 hours
ThursdayOpen 24 hours
FridayOpen 24 hours
SaturdayOpen 24 hours
SundayOpen 24 hours

Security Measures

Naif Police Station in Dubai takes the safety of its premises and visitors very seriously. The station has applied various measures to make sure that everyone is secure and steady at all times.

Surveillance Systems

The police station has a ultra-modern surveillance device that consists of excessive-definition cameras strategically located in the course of the constructing. These cameras are monitored 24/7 by means of educated protection employees to ensure that any suspicious activity is detected and addressed right now.

In addition to the cameras, the station additionally has a complicated get right of entry to control gadget that restricts entry to authorized personnel handiest. This gadget allows to save you unauthorized get entry to to sensitive areas and guarantees that best legal personnel can access exclusive information.

Patrol Protocols

Naif Police Station has a noticeably skilled and professional protection team that patrols the premises regularly. The crew is equipped with the cutting-edge security system and is educated to address any safety-associated incidents that can rise up.

The patrol team is also chargeable for carrying out regular tests of the building’s perimeter to make certain that there aren’t any safety breaches. They are also educated to become aware of capability protection threats and take appropriate motion to prevent them.

Overall, Naif Police Station in Dubai has taken substantial steps to make certain the protection and protection of its site visitors and employees. With its advanced surveillance structures and tremendously skilled protection group, the station offers a secure and stable surroundings for every person who visits.

Community Outreach

Naif Police Station in Dubai is dedicated to constructing high-quality relationships with the community it serves. As a part of this dedication, the station gives quite a number outreach packages designed to teach and interact citizens.

Community Outreach
Community Outreach

Educational Programs

The police station regularly hosts academic programs for community members of all ages. These packages cowl more than a few subjects, which includes crime prevention, avenue protection, and emergency preparedness. The packages are added with the aid of skilled police officers who are trained to communicate complex records in an on hand and attractive way.

Safety Campaigns

Naif Police Station additionally runs normal protection campaigns aimed at elevating attention of critical issues which include fireplace safety, child protection, and cybercrime. These campaigns use a number of media, such as posters, social media, and network activities, to reach as many human beings as possible.

The station’s dedication to network outreach has helped to construct agree with and information among the police and the local people. By running together, citizens and law enforcement officials can create a safer, greater stable surroundings for anybody.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the contact range for Naif Police Station?

The contact number for Naif Police Station is 04-228-9999. You can call this quantity to record any emergencies or crimes within the area.

Which Metro station is closest to Naif Police Station?

The closest metro station to Naif Police Station is Baniyas Square Metro Station. It is located at the Green Line and is just a quick walk far from the police station.

How can I document a case of cheating in Dubai?

If you need to document a case of cheating in Dubai, you can touch the Dubai Police’s Anti-Economic Crimes Department. You can name them at 04-203-6213 or send an e-mail to [email protected]. You can also visit their office located at Al Twar Center, Dubai.

What are the approaches to touch Dubai Police for non-emergencies?

Dubai Police provides several methods to touch them for non-emergencies. You can name their non-emergency hotline at 901 or use their clever app to report a criminal offense or request a provider. You can also visit any in their police stations, along with Naif Police Station, to report a criticism or request assistance.

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