Sharjah Saif Zone Company List: A Comprehensive Guide

Sharjah Saif Zone Company List If you’re looking to installation a business in Sharjah, then the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF Zone) will be the best area for you. The SAIF Zone is a rapidly growing free quarter that offers more than a few offerings and centers to businesses of all sizes. One of the important thing advantages of the SAIF Zone is that it offers one hundred% foreign ownership, which means that you may very own your enterprise outright without the want for a local associate.

The SAIF Zone is domestic to a extensive range of groups, from small begin-u.S.A.To big multinational businesses. The sector is split into distinct sectors, every of which caters to a specific kind of commercial enterprise. For example, there are sectors for manufacturing, trading, and service industries. The SAIF Zone additionally offers a range of help services, along with banking and monetary services, prison and consultancy services, and logistics and transportation offerings. With its strategic region, trendy infrastructure, and enterprise-friendly environment, the SAIF Zone is a perfect region for agencies looking to amplify into the Middle East and beyond.

Overview of Saif Zone

Saif Zone, additionally referred to as Sharjah Airport International Free Zone, is one of the maximum distinguished loose zones in the UAE. Established in 1995, Saif Zone has come to be a hub for worldwide enterprise, presenting a range of services and facilities to its clients.

Overview of Saif Zone
Overview of Saif Zone


Saif Zone become installed with the aid of the Government of Sharjah with the goal of attracting foreign funding and promoting financial growth inside the vicinity. Since its inception, Saif Zone has been a famous destination for entrepreneurs and organizations seeking to installation operations inside the UAE.


Saif Zone is located adjacent to the Sharjah International Airport, making it a super place for corporations worried in logistics and transportation. The free area is likewise situated close to foremost highways, presenting easy access to other emirates in the UAE.

Key Features

Saif Zone offers various services and facilities to its clients, which includes:

  • a hundred% foreign possession
  • No company or non-public earnings tax
  • No regulations on repatriation of capital and earnings
  • State-of-the-artwork infrastructure and centers
  • Fast and efficient commercial enterprise setup method

In addition, Saif Zone has a numerous variety of industries represented, which includes aviation, production, logistics, and buying and selling. With over 7,000 organizations currently operating in Saif Zone, it is a thriving business network with plenty to provide.

Types of Companies in Saif Zone

If you’re considering setting up a enterprise in Sharjah’s SAIF Zone, it’s critical to apprehend the specific varieties of agencies that may be mounted. Here are the 3 essential employer kinds:

Free Zone Establishments

A Free Zone Establishment (FZE) is a limited legal responsibility corporation with one shareholder. The shareholder can be an man or woman or a employer. FZE is the most famous kind of business enterprise in SAIF Zone, as it provides complete possession and manage to the shareholder.

Free Zone Companies

A Free Zone Company (FZCO) is a limited legal responsibility organization with two or extra shareholders. The shareholders can be individuals or corporations. FZCOs are a great choice for groups that require a couple of shareholder, however nonetheless want to take gain of the blessings of a loose sector.

Branch Companies

A Branch Company is a department of a foreign or local company this is already set up outside of the unfastened quarter. The department organisation is one hundred% owned by the figure organization, and it operates below the equal name and felony identity because the parent company.

SAIF Zone offers a whole lot of employer types to healthy the wishes of various agencies. Whether you pick out an FZE, FZCO, or Branch Company, you could take gain of the numerous advantages of putting in place in a unfastened region, along with one hundred% possession, tax exemptions, and streamlined administrative strategies.

Major Sectors in Saif Zone

Saif Zone is home to numerous important sectors, together with trading, services, and business. These sectors offer a diverse variety of opportunities for corporations seeking to set up themselves in the place.


The trading sector in Saif Zone is thought for its strategic region and top notch infrastructure, making it an excellent hub for companies looking to expand their international reach. The area is domestic to several trading companies managing plenty of products, which includes electronics, textiles, and food gadgets. With its superior logistics facilities, Saif Zone gives organizations a aggressive aspect inside the global marketplace.


Saif Zone is likewise home to a thriving services region, imparting a variety of professional services to corporations operating in the place. These services consist of legal, financial, and consulting services, among others. The zone’s strategic area, coupled with its advanced infrastructure, makes it a really perfect vicinity for businesses seeking to set up themselves in the vicinity.


The business sector in Saif Zone is one of the maximum superior inside the place, providing organizations get admission to to brand new facilities and modern-day technology. The region is domestic to numerous industrial corporations handling lots of merchandise, including chemical compounds, plastics, and metals. With its advanced infrastructure and professional personnel, Saif Zone gives organizations a aggressive area inside the international market.

In conclusion, Saif Zone offers a numerous variety of opportunities for companies looking to set up themselves inside the place. With its strategic vicinity, advanced infrastructure, and professional staff, the sector is a really perfect hub for organizations looking to increase their worldwide reach.

Sharjah Saif Zone Company List

If you’re looking for a business-friendly environment to establish your company, Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF Zone) is an ideal destination. Here are some of the notable companies that have already established their presence in the zone.

Sharjah Saif Zone Company List
Sharjah Saif Zone Company List

Top Manufacturing Companies

SAIF Zone hosts a diverse range of manufacturing organizations, including some of the leading names within the industry. The zone offers a number centers and services to help the manufacturing enterprise, such as superior infrastructure, logistics assist, and get entry to to a skilled personnel. Some of the top manufacturing groups in SAIF Zone are:

  • Gulftainer:
  • A main port control and logistics agency that operates terminals in numerous nations.
  • NMC Trading:
  • A subsidiary of the NMC Healthcare institution, NMC Trading is a leading distributor of medical system and materials in the UAE and beyond.
  • Al Khaleej Sugar:
  • One of the largest sugar refineries in the international, Al Khaleej Sugar has a production potential of seven,000 tonnes in keeping with day.

Leading Trading Companies

SAIF Zone is domestic to many buying and selling corporations that operate in a huge variety of industries, which includes electronics, textiles, and meals merchandise. The quarter offers a range of blessings to trading corporations, along with easy get admission to to nearby markets, superior logistics centers, and a beneficial regulatory surroundings. Some of the main buying and selling organizations in SAIF Zone are:

  • Al Aqili Group:
  • A diversified group of agencies that operates in several industries, such as textiles, electronics, and actual estate.
  • Al Fakher Tobacco:
  • A main producer of shisha tobacco merchandise which might be exported to over 100 international locations international.
  • Al Jaber Optical:
  • A leading retailer of eyewear and optical products in the UAE.

Prominent Service Companies

SAIF Zone also hosts many carrier agencies that offer a wide range of services to companies and people. The zone offers a range of benefits to carrier businesses, such as advanced infrastructure, get right of entry to to a professional team of workers, and a beneficial regulatory environment. Some of the prominent service businesses in SAIF Zone are:

  • Sharjah Islamic Bank:
  • One of the leading Islamic banks within the UAE, Sharjah Islamic Bank offers various banking and monetary services to businesses and individuals.
  • Sharjah Airport Travel Agency:
  • A leading tour enterprise that offers a number tour-associated services, including airline ticketing, inn bookings, and excursion applications.
  • Sharjah National Lube Oil Company:
  • A leading producer of lubricants and greases that are exported to numerous international locations international.

Here is a table listing 48 companies located in Sharjah Saif Zone:

1Emirates Steel
2Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries
3Sharjah Printing & Packaging Company
4Sharjah Oxygen Company
5Sharjah Paper & Packaging Company
6Gulf Cryo
7Sharjah Steel Rolling Mills
8Sharjah Aluminium
9Gulf Ceramics
10Al-Futtaim Motors
11Al-Futtaim Trading
12Al-Futtaim Foods
13Al-Futtaim Electronics
14Al-Futtaim Automotive
15Al-Futtaim Engineering Services
16Al-Futtaim Logistics
17Al-Futtaim Building Materials
18Al-Futtaim Textiles
19Al-Futtaim Car City
20Al-Futtaim 4X4
21Al-Futtaim Motors Used Cars
22Al-Futtaim Car Care Centre
23Al-Futtaim Spare Parts
24Al-Futtaim Accessories
25Emirates Glass
26Emirates Steel Industries
27Al-Futtaim Trading
28Al-Futtaim Foods
29Al-Futtaim Electronics
30Al-Futtaim Automotive
31Al-Futtaim Engineering Services
32Al-Futtaim Logistics
33Al-Futtaim Building Materials
34Al-Futtaim Textiles
35Al-Futtaim Car City
36Al-Futtaim 4X4
37Al-Futtaim Motors Used Cars
38Al-Futtaim Car Care Centre
39Al-Futtaim Spare Parts
40Al-Futtaim Accessories

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Setting Up a Company in Saif Zone

If you’re planning to set up a corporation in Sharjah Saif Zone, there are a few things you want to know. This phase will manual you through the registration process, criminal requirements, and fee structure.

Registration Process

To sign in a employer in Saif Zone, you want to comply with those steps:

  1. Choose a enterprise pastime: Before registering your agency, you want to decide at the business activity you need to undertake. Saif Zone gives over 2,500 commercial enterprise sports to select from.
  2. Choose a criminal shape: You can pick out from several felony structures, inclusive of Free Zone Establishment (FZE), Free Zone Company (FZC), and Branch of a Foreign Company.
  3. Submit the utility: You want to submit the software in conjunction with all of the required files. The files encompass a marketing strategy, passport copies of shareholders and directors, and a No Objection Certificate (NOC) out of your current sponsor in case you are already within the UAE.
  4. Pay the costs: Once your utility is permitted, you want to pay the charges and signal the hire settlement.

Legal Requirements

To operate a enterprise in Saif Zone, you want to conform with positive prison requirements. These encompass:

  1. Obtaining a exchange license: You want to achieve a change license from Saif Zone to perform your enterprise.
  2. Obtaining visas: You can apply for visas for your personnel and dependents.
  3. Complying with labour legal guidelines: You need to comply with the labour legal guidelines of the UAE, consisting of imparting medical insurance and give up-of-provider benefits for your personnel.

Cost Structure

The cost of putting in a business enterprise in Saif Zone relies upon on the criminal shape you pick out and the enterprise activity you adopt. The cost consists of:

  1. Registration fees: The registration charges range from AED 1,500 to AED 15,000, depending at the legal shape.
  2. License costs: The license expenses range from AED 5,500 to AED 15,000, depending on the prison shape and business pastime.
  3. Visa fees: The visa prices range from AED 1,000 to AED three,000 according to visa, relying on the type of visa.

Overall, putting in place a organization in Saif Zone is a honest procedure, and the cost is affordable in comparison to different unfastened zones in the UAE. With the right prison shape and commercial enterprise hobby, you can enjoy the tax-loose environment, one hundred% foreign possession, and other advantages presented through Saif Zone.

Advantages of Setting Up a Company in Saif Zone

If you’re making plans to set up a corporation in Sharjah, Saif Zone is an exceptional desire. Here are a few advantages to take into account:

1. Strategic Location

Saif Zone is positioned close to the Sharjah International Airport and the Port of Sharjah, making it a perfect place for agencies that require easy get entry to to transportation. It is also close to Dubai, that is a primary commercial enterprise hub in the place.

2. Tax Benefits

One of the most tremendous benefits of putting in place a corporation in Saif Zone is the tax blessings. Companies working within the area are exempt from corporate and personal profits taxes, import and export obligations, and fee-added tax (VAT). This can bring about huge fee savings for groups.

three. Business-Friendly Environment

Saif Zone is designed to offer a enterprise-friendly environment for organizations of all sizes. The zone offers more than a few facilities and offerings, such as workplace area, warehouses, and land for development. It also has a dedicated crew of experts who can assist with employer registration, licensing, and different administrative responsibilities.

4. Wide Range of Industries

Saif Zone is domestic to extra than 7,000 organizations from a wide variety of industries, inclusive of manufacturing, buying and selling, and offerings. This creates a various business network that may offer possibilities for networking and collaboration.

5. Easy Company Setup

Setting up a organisation in Saif Zone is a straightforward manner that may be finished speedy. The zone has a streamlined registration technique that can be completed on-line, and the specified documentation is minimal.

Overall, Saif Zone gives organizations a number of benefits that make it an attractive area for putting in place a corporation. From tax blessings to a commercial enterprise-pleasant environment, Saif Zone can provide the aid and assets that businesses need to be successful.

Challenges and Considerations

When thinking about putting in place a commercial enterprise in Sharjah Saif Zone, there are a few demanding situations and considerations to maintain in mind. Here are a few elements to do not forget:

1. Competition

Sharjah Saif Zone has a various range of organizations working inside its jurisdiction, that can create a noticeably aggressive environment. It is essential to behavior thorough market studies to decide the level of opposition to your enterprise and pick out ways to distinguish your business.

2. Regulations and Compliance

As with any enterprise, there are guidelines and compliance necessities that need to be met while running in Sharjah Saif Zone. It is vital to familiarise yourself with the nearby laws and guidelines, as non-compliance can bring about fines or maybe the revocation of your enterprise license.

3. Language and Culture

Sharjah Saif Zone is a multicultural environment, with human beings from various nationalities and backgrounds working collectively. It is crucial to be aware of cultural variations and language boundaries which can stand up, and take steps to bridge any gaps in verbal exchange.

four. Infrastructure and Logistics

Sharjah Saif Zone has fantastic infrastructure and logistics, but it is critical to recollect the particular desires of your business. For instance, in case you require specialised equipment or transportation, you may want to make arrangements to make sure your needs are met.

Overall, whilst there may be demanding situations and concerns when putting in place a enterprise in Sharjah Saif Zone, with proper making plans and research, it may be a pretty worthwhile surroundings for commercial enterprise growth and achievement.


In end, the Sharjah Saif Zone Company List offers a various variety of companies and industries that cater to the wishes of both neighborhood and international buyers. With over 7,000 businesses operating inside the unfastened quarter, it affords a dynamic and competitive enterprise surroundings that fosters growth and innovation.

Through its strategic vicinity, state-of-the-art facilities, and business-friendly guidelines, Sharjah Saif Zone has set up itself as a leading hub for exchange and commerce within the region. Its comprehensive range of offerings, along with licensing, registration, and visa processing, make it smooth for corporations to installation and function their groups efficaciously.

Whether you are a small begin-up or a huge multinational employer, Sharjah Saif Zone gives a range of alternatives that cater to your commercial enterprise wishes. From warehousing and logistics to manufacturing and buying and selling, the unfastened region presents a platform for businesses to increase their operations and reach new markets.

Overall, Sharjah Saif Zone is a high destination for investors trying to set up a presence inside the UAE. With its strategic location, international-elegance infrastructure, and business-pleasant policies, it offers a aggressive gain that units it other than different free zones inside the location.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for obtaining a Sharjah Free Zone license?

To obtain a license in Sharjah Free Zone, you need to follow a few simple steps. First, you need to choose the type of license that suits your business activity. Then, you need to fill out the application form and submit the required documents. After that, you will receive an initial approval, and you can proceed with the payment of fees. Finally, you will receive your license and can start your business operations.

Is SAIF Zone portal available for all types of companies?

Yes, the SAIF Zone portal is available for all types of companies. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, you can use the SAIF Zone portal to manage your business activities. The portal provides a range of services, including company registration, license renewal, and visa processing.

How many free zones are there in Sharjah besides SAIF Zone?

Apart from SAIF Zone, there are two other free zones in Sharjah. These are Hamriyah Free Zone and Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF Zone). Each of these free zones has its unique features and benefits, and you can choose the one that best suits your business needs.

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