Where to buy alcohol in abu dhabi

Looking to buy alcohol in Abu Dhabi? Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, finding the right place to purchase your favorite spirits can be a challenge. Luckily, Abu Dhabi has a variety of options for purchasing alcohol, from specialty shops to supermarkets and even online retailers.

One of the most popular places to buy alcohol in Abu Dhabi is at one of the city’s many licensed liquor stores. These stores offer a wide selection of beer, wine, and spirits, and are typically located in shopping centers or malls throughout the city. Some of the most well-known liquor stores in Abu Dhabi include African & Eastern, MMI, and Spinneys.

If you’re looking for a more convenient option, many supermarkets in Abu Dhabi also sell alcohol. Carrefour, Lulu Hypermarket, and Waitrose are just a few examples of supermarkets that offer a selection of beer, wine, and spirits. Keep in mind that these stores may have limited selection and may not carry certain brands or types of alcohol.

Understanding Abu Dhabi’s Alcohol Laws

If you’re making plans to buy alcohol in Abu Dhabi, it’s critical to recognize the metropolis’s alcohol legal guidelines. Alcohol in abu dhabi is a Muslim metropolis, and therefore, Islamic legal guidelines observe right here. Alcohol consumption and sale are prison in Abu Dhabi, however there are positive guidelines and rules that you need to follow.

Understanding Abu Dhabi’s Alcohol Laws
Understanding Abu Dhabi’s Alcohol Laws

Age Limit

In Abu Dhabi, you need to be 21 years or older to purchase and eat alcohol. If you’re stuck promoting or serving alcohol to someone below the age of 21, you may face extreme outcomes.


To purchase alcohol in Abu Dhabi, you want to have a valid liquor license. You can reap a liquor license from the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority (TCA). You’ll want to offer a copy of your passport, residency visa, and a passport-sized picture to apply for a liquor license.

Alcohol Purchase Limits

There are limits to the amount of alcohol you can purchase in Abu Dhabi. Non-Muslim residents should purchase up to 20% of their monthly revenue in alcohol. For example, in case you earn AED 10,000 per month, you could buy AED 2,000 really worth of alcohol. alcohol in abu dhabi tourists are allowed to buy alcohol in certified resorts and restaurants, however they can not buy alcohol from retail shops.

Drinking and Driving

Drinking and using is precisely prohibited in Abu Dhabi. If you’re stuck using below the influence of alcohol, you may face imprisonment, fines, or even deportation. Alcohol in abu dhabi the prison restrict for blood alcohol content material (BAC) in Abu Dhabi is zero.02%.


By following these regulations and regulations, you could enjoy alcohol in Abu Dhabi without any felony problems. Always recollect to drink responsibly and in no way drink and force.

Where to Buy Alcohol in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a city where alcohol consumption is regulated. However, it is still possible to find various places to purchase alcohol. Below are some of the places where you can buy alcohol in Abu Dhabi.

Where to Buy Alcohol in Abu Dhabi
Where to Buy Alcohol in Abu Dhabi

Liquor Stores

There are several liquor stores in Abu Dhabi where you can purchase alcohol. These stores are licensed by the government to sell alcohol to individuals who are over the age of 21. Some of the popular liquor stores in Abu Dhabi are:

  • African & Eastern: This is a popular liquor store in Abu Dhabi that stocks a wide range of alcoholic beverages, including wine, beer, and spirits.
  • Spinneys: Spinneys is a supermarket chain that has a dedicated section for alcohol. You can find a large selection of alcoholic beverages at Spinneys, including local and international brands.
  • Cellar: Cellar is a boutique liquor store that specializes in premium wines and spirits. You can find a wide range of exclusive and hard-to-find alcoholic beverages at Cellar.
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Most accommodations and eating places in Abu Dhabi have a license to serve alcohol. If you’re searching out an area to have a drink, you could go to one of the many lodges or restaurants inside the city. Some of the famous resorts and eating places that serve alcohol in Abu Dhabi are:
  • Yas Island Rotana: This is a luxury inn that has several bars and restaurants on its premises. You can revel in a drink at the motel’s rooftop bar, Y Bar, which gives stunning views of the city.
  • The St. Regis Abu Dhabi: The St. Regis Abu Dhabi is a 5-big name inn that has numerous bars and eating places. You can experience a drink at the resort’s Crystal Lounge, which gives a sophisticated and fashionable surroundings.
  • Zuma: Zuma is a Japanese eating place that serves a extensive range of alcoholic beverages, such as sake, wine, and cocktails. The restaurant has a modern day and chic ecosystem, making it a famous spot for liquids.
  • Duty-Free Shops
  • If you are looking to buy alcohol at a discounted charge, you can visit one of the responsibility-loose stores in Abu Dhabi. These stores are positioned on the airport and provide tax-loose charges on alcoholic liquids. Some of the obligation-loose shops in Abu Dhabi are:
  • Abu Dhabi Duty-Free: This is the main responsibility-unfastened shop at Abu Dhabi International Airport. You can find a extensive range of alcoholic beverages at Abu Dhabi Duty-Free, including nearby and global brands.
  • DFS Abu Dhabi: DFS Abu Dhabi is any other obligation-free store at the airport that gives tax-unfastened costs on alcoholic beverages. You can find a large choice of wines, spirits, and beers at DFS Abu Dhabi.
  • In conclusion, there are numerous locations in which you may purchase alcohol in Abu Dhabi, consisting of liquor shops, accommodations and restaurants, and obligation-unfastened shops. Make sure to follow the laws and guidelines concerning alcohol intake in Abu Dhabi.
  • Online Alcohol Stores in Abu Dhabi
  • If you favor to shop online, there are a few on line alcohol shops in Abu Dhabi that you can take a look at out. Here are some of the most popular ones:
  • African + Eastern: This is one in all the largest alcohol retailers in the UAE, and they have an extensive online store in which you can order beer, wine, spirits, and greater. They offer loose transport on orders over AED three hundred, and their prices are aggressive.
  • MMI: Another fundamental player in the alcohol retail industry in the UAE, MMI also has a web store where you can order beer, wine, spirits, and greater. They provide free shipping on orders over AED 500, and that they have a wide selection of products to pick out from.
  • Liquor Store UAE: This is a smaller on-line save, however they’ve a terrific selection of beer, wine, and spirits. They provide free delivery on orders over AED 200, and their fees are reasonable.
  • When ordering alcohol online in Abu Dhabi, it’s crucial to maintain in thoughts that you ought to have a valid alcohol license to be able to buy and eat alcohol inside the UAE. Additionally, some on line shops may additionally require you to offer a duplicate of your alcohol license earlier than they can technique your order.
  • Overall, looking for alcohol on line in Abu Dhabi can be a handy choice for individuals who opt to keep away from going to bodily stores. Just make certain to check the transport times and minimal order necessities before setting your order.

Alcohol Delivery Services in Abu Dhabi

If you favor to have your alcohol added to your doorstep, Abu Dhabi has some options for you. Here are a number of the alcohol shipping offerings to be had within the city:

Alcohol Delivery Services in Abu Dhabi
Alcohol Delivery Services in Abu Dhabi

1. A+E Delivery

A+E Delivery is a famous alcohol shipping carrier in Abu Dhabi. They provide a extensive range of alcoholic beverages, such as wine, beer, spirits, and fizz. You can location your order through their internet site or by means of calling their hotline. They provide same-day transport and feature a minimum order requirement of AED 200.

2. Drinkies

Drinkies is some other popular alcohol transport carrier in Abu Dhabi. They have a big choice of alcoholic liquids, which includes beer, wine, spirits, and mixers. You can location your order through their website or cell app. They provide same-day shipping and feature a minimum order requirement of AED one hundred.

3. African + Eastern

African + Eastern is a famous alcohol retailer in Abu Dhabi. They also provide alcohol shipping offerings. You can vicinity your order through their internet site or by means of calling their hotline. They provide equal-day shipping and have a minimum order requirement of AED a hundred and fifty.

4. MMI

MMI is some other famous alcohol retailer in Abu Dhabi that gives delivery offerings. They have a wide selection of alcoholic liquids, along with wine, beer, spirits, and poo. You can region your order thru their website or through calling their hotline. Alcohol in abu dhabi they offer identical-day delivery and have a minimum order requirement of AED 250.

Overall, there are several options for alcohol delivery offerings in Abu Dhabi. It’s essential to be aware which you need to be over 21 years vintage to reserve alcohol and you’ll be asked to reveal ID upon shipping.

Special Events and Occasions

If you are making plans a unique event or occasion in Abu Dhabi, you will need to ensure which you have the proper selection of alcohol to keep your visitors glad. Fortunately, there are many options to be had to you in the city.

One popular choice is to visit one of the many liquor shops in Abu Dhabi. These stores offer a huge sort of wines, beers, and spirits, in addition to mixers and different add-ons. Some of the most famous liquor shops in the metropolis consist of:

  • Spinneys
  • African + Eastern
  • MMI

Another option is to order your alcohol on line. There are several web sites that provide transport of alcohol to your door, making it easy to stock up on your occasion without ever leaving your private home. Alcohol in abu dhabi some popular on line alcohol shipping services in Abu Dhabi encompass:

  • Drinkies
  • Shop and Drop
  • Al Hamra Cellar

If you are looking for a extra upscale alternative, you can want to do not forget hiring a professional bartender or mixologist to create custom cocktails in your occasion. Many catering agencies in Abu Dhabi offer this service, and might paintings with you to create a menu that perfectly complements your occasion.

Overall, there are many options available to you while it comes to shopping for alcohol for unique events and events in Abu Dhabi. Whether you prefer to visit a liquor store, order online, or hire a professional bartender, you’re positive to discover the right selection of beverages to maintain your visitors happy and glad.


In precis, there are several alternatives to be had for getting alcohol in Abu Dhabi. Whether you’re looking for a wide selection of wines, spirits, or beer, you may discover what you want at one of the many certified shops inside the city.

If you’re seeking out a handy option, take into account visiting one of the many supermarkets that promote alcohol. Carrefour, Spinneys, and Waitrose are all famous picks amongst residents and site visitors alike. These shops offer a huge variety of alternatives at competitive fees, making them a exceptional choice for those on a finances.

For the ones looking for a more upscale revel in, there are numerous high-quit liquor stores scattered at some point of the metropolis. These stores provide a more curated choice of wines, spirits, and beer, frequently with a focus on luxury and high-stop manufacturers. Some of the maximum popular options encompass A&E, Le Clos, and MMI.

Finally, in case you are searching out a brief and easy choice, recall ordering alcohol on-line. Several on-line stores offer transport offerings at some stage in Abu Dhabi, making it clean to get your favored drinks delivered straight to your doorstep.

Overall, there are lots of alternatives to be had for getting alcohol in Abu Dhabi. Whether you choose to keep in individual or on line, there may be sure to be a retailer that meets your wishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I locate African + Eastern in Abu Dhabi?

African + Eastern is one of the maximum popular places to shop for alcohol in Abu Dhabi. They have numerous locations at some stage in the town, which include in Al Mushrif, Khalidiya, and Al Wahda. You also can find African + Eastern in the various important shopping shops in Abu Dhabi.

What are the liquor charges in Abu Dhabi?

The fees of liquor in Abu Dhabi vary relying on the sort of alcohol and the shop you buy it from. African + Eastern and different important alcohol shops normally have a huge variety of fees, from less expensive to top class. You can count on to pay extra for imported manufacturers and high-cease spirits.

Are there any alcohol stores close to me in Abu Dhabi?

There are many alcohol shops all through Abu Dhabi, so it’s probable that there is one near you. African + Eastern, MMI, and Spinneys are a number of the most popular locations to buy alcohol in Abu Dhabi, and that they have multiple locations in the course of the metropolis.

Can you buy alcohol at everyday shops in Abu Dhabi?

No, you can’t buy alcohol at regular stores in Abu Dhabi. Alcohol can handiest be purchased at licensed stores, consisting of African + Eastern, MMI, and Spinneys. These shops are normally placed in purchasing shops and different industrial regions.

What are the new alcohol rules in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi has these days up to date its alcohol laws to permit for extra leniency in shopping and ingesting alcohol. Non-Muslim residents and vacationers can now buy and devour alcohol without a license, so long as they’re over the age of 21. However, it is nevertheless illegal to drink and drive, and public intoxication is also not allowed.

Is it viable to shop for alcohol online in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, it’s miles viable to shop for alcohol online in Abu Dhabi. African + Eastern and MMI each offer online ordering and home delivery offerings for alcohol purchases. However, you must be over the age of 21 and have a valid ID to receive your transport.

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