All You Need to Know about Best Azad Visa Dubai (Is it Legal?)

Azad Visa Dubai is a freelance visa to permits an individual to work independently in Dubai, UAE. Any man or woman with the required eligibility can observe for a Dubai Azad Visa and reap an official permit to stay & work in Dubai. The Azad Visa (Freelance Visa) comes with a validity of two years.

What is Azad Visa Dubai?

Azad Visa Dubai is a unique type of visa for individuals who need to paint independently in Dubai. The organizations in Dubai provide sponsorship to trouble Azad Visa to eligible applicants from other nations.

After obtaining an Azad Visa, the applicants can join any organization they prefer or construct their very own commercial enterprise or paintings as freelancers in Dubai. The sponsor corporation will no longer intrude in any paintings of the candidates.

An everyday residence visa holder has to paint below the sponsor organization as long as s/he remains in Dubai. On the other hand, an Azad Visa Holder can work everywhere in Dubai as s/he needs without any limit from the sponsor business enterprise.

So, Azad Visa for Dubai is a special form of visa for expats who want to work independently with flexible working hours as they like.

How to Get an Azad Visa for Dubai

To get Azad Visa Dubai, you want to touch a business enterprise that is situated in Dubai, UAE. A registered employer (organization) in Dubai can problem an Azad Visa for Dubai for you after checking your eligibility and verifying all required files.

Azad Visa for Dubai
Azad Visa for Dubai

You also need to undergo a medical health check to prove that you do not have any contagious ailment. Thereafter you need to pay the charge i.E. Azad Visa Dubai Price to the enterprise. Finally, the company will trouble an Azad Visa with your call.

Eligibility Criteria for Azad Visa Dubai

The candidate needs to have the required know-how and competencies in artwork, layout, consultation, technology, or every other freelance work. Depending upon your knowledge and abilities, the sponsoring enterprise will decide if you are successful in working as a freelancer or businessman in Dubai.

To check your eligibility, the business enterprise may additionally conduct an interview. It can be either a telephonic interview or a live video interview wherein you may need to solution all of the questions requested with the aid of the consultant of the organization.

Documents Required for Azad Visa Dubai

Before you follow Azad Visa Dubai, ensure that you have all of the required files. Here I provide the 2 files required for Azad Visa Dubai as follows.

  • Original Passport with Entry Stamp or Tourist Visa
  • Two Passport Size Photographs
  • Documents Showing Your Professional Skills and Capability

If you apply online for Azad Visa Dubai, you want to ship the Photocopies of your passport and passport-size photograph via e-mail to the Email Address of the corporation.

Medical Fitness Test

The Medical Fitness Test is an obligatory fitness checkup for every UAE visa applicant. There is a situation in which you should get your medical fitness check at a UAE-accepted medical institution. Only then your medical certificate will be considered legitimate.

Medical Fitness Test
Medical Fitness Test

During the scientific fitness test, you need to go through a blood take a look at, urine test, lung test, TB take a look at, an HIV test, and a medical check for all contagious diseases. The woman candidate has to undergo a pregnancy test and its result has to be poor to reap the Dubai Azad Visa.

Azad Visa Dubai Price 2024

The Azad Visa Dubai Price is between AED 3000 and AED 7000, it could move high as much as AED 20,000 as nicely. The Dubai Azad Visa Fee is determined by the sponsor organization, consequently, the visa price varies from person to man or woman.

The Azad Visa Dubai Fee includes the charges of Visa Stamping, Medical Test, Emirates ID, Work Permit, NOC, and other things. The organization must procedure your software for visa and different permits plus files wished for staying in Dubai, UAE.

The overall fee of Azad Visa Dubai contains a fixed amount of refundable deposit (40-50% of the overall charge). In case your visa utility is rejected, the company will return the refundable deposit to your bank account.

Step-via-Step Process for Azad Visa Dubai

You can gain your Azad Visa for Dubai by following the step-by-step method given below.

#1. Find a Sponsor:

You want to discover a sponsor organization that can apply for a Dubai Visa underneath its sponsorship. Because it is the handiest manner to get work allowed for Dubai, UAE. You can contact the UAE Embassy or seek online a Dubai-based totally organization that could sponsor your Azad Visa.

#2. Get Your Documents Ready:

You should talk to the sponsor corporation’s representative about the required files. You should get all your documents ready as per UAE Rules. I have shared the listing of documents required for Azad Visa Dubai above, it includes your passport, passport-length picture, and expert files.

#3. Fill up the Application Form:

You need to fill up the utility form for Azad Visa with the correct records. Get assistance from your sponsor business enterprise and different people who have sufficient understanding approximately the Dubai Visa Application Form. Make certain your form is filled up without any mistakes.

#4. Pay the Fee:

You have to pay the Azad Visa Fee to the sponsor business enterprise. The organization will post your utility to the UAE visa branch best once you pay the charge and provide your application shape with all required documents.

#5. Wait for Approval:

After filing your utility and charge charge, you want to look forward to 10 running days. Your Azad Visa request can be accepted in four to five days or it could take longer. Therefore you have to look forward to 10 operating days and in case you do now not acquire any replacement, contact the sponsor corporation to understand your Dubai Azad Visa Status.

#6. Receive Your Azad Visa:

Within 10 operating days, you’ll acquire your Azad Visa Dubai through email or WhatsApp. You should check your Azad Visa, and make certain that your name, date of delivery, and different records are referred to efficaciously for your Azad Visa. In case of any mistakes or blunders, touch your sponsor corporation immediately.

#7. Pack Your Bags:

Your Azad Visa Dubai is legitimate for 2 years. After receiving your visa, you must e-book a flight, % your luggage, and go to Dubai to work there. You can use your professional knowledge, and talents and revel in doing your paintings independently in Dubai, UAE.

In this way, you could get your Azad Visa for Dubai and visit Dubai to operate as an unbiased freelancer or entrepreneur.

Dubai Azad Visa Processing Time

The Dubai Azad Visa has a general processing time of 10 days. If you top off the application shape nicely and your files are valid as in step with UAE Visa Rules, it’s going to absorb to 10 operating days.

After you publish the utility, you want to be the affected person and wait for the approval. Sometimes, the Azad Visa is authorized in 4 to 5 days and on occasion, it takes longer up to ten days.

So, the correct processing time for a Dubai Azad Visa is 10 running days.

Dubai Azad Visa Benefits

The Dubai Azad Visa offers some unique advantages. Here I offer Azad Visa Benefits as follows.

  • You are unfastened to paintings with any enterprise in Dubai or do your own business with your appropriate working hours.
  • You can live your dream existence in global’s most popular metropolitan town i.E. Dubai.
  • You can paint as a freelancer to use your abilities to satisfy the career desires of diverse businesses/agencies.
  • Once you begin earning properly, you may sponsor your circle of relatives to deliver them to Dubai and live with you.
  • You no longer need to pay any private tax or capital gains tax.

Is Azad’s Visa Dubai Legal?

No, Azad Visa Dubai is Not legal as it is not recognized as valid by way of UAE authorities. Therefore you need to take a high threat if you want to stay & work in Dubai on an Azad Visa with a 2-year validity.

Consequences of Working in Dubai on an Azad Visa

The Azad Visa Dubai comes with some risks and consequences that I need to share with you.

  1. When you’ve got Azad Visa and you’re operating in Dubai, it’s miles completely your responsibility.
  2. You can paint in any enterprise you want but you’ll get no assistance if that organization does not pay your revenue.
  3. If you get stuck running in a business enterprise without a valid work allow, you’ll face felony outcomes in Dubai. You may be taken to prison, and could quickly be deported to your property u. S ..
  4. The Azad Visa Holders do now not come under UAE Labour Law, so you will not get any criminal help if you are in a problem.
  5. The UAE government can place a permanent ban on your passport. It approaches you may never be capable of getting a house visa or work allow for Dubai, UAE.

So, you have to not forget the above dangers and effects before you decide to obtain Azad Visa Dubai and go to Dubai to paint as a freelancer.

Disclaimer – Azad Visa Dubai is Illegal

The Azad Visa Dubai is a 2-year freelance visa issued with the aid of numerous companies in Dubai, UAE. But it isn’t always a felony and the UAE government no longer takes into account legitimate. Therefore I do NOT advise you to acquire Azad Visa Dubai as it’s miles unlawful.

Our website is NOT concerned with any pastime of Azad Visa Dubai. This post is for the information motive and does no longer encourage any interest this is unlawful in Dubai, UAE.

In case you want to visit Dubai for work functions, visit the UAE Embassy in the United States of America to use a Residence Visa for Dubai. If you have a legitimate Residence Visa as opposed to an Azad Visa, you’ll be safe from criminal troubles while working in Dubai.

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