How to Check Absconding Status in UAE – How to Clear It?

Check Absconding Status When an expat employee (worker) is absent from work without out earlier note, the Employer can declare the employee as absconded within the UAE.

If you watched that you are absconded, you could examine how to test absconding repute in UAE and check it online. The abscondin’g reputation will permit you to understand if your organization has filed a criticism towards you or not. You can take a look at your abscondin’g reputation online properly on your cell cellphone.

What is Absconding in UAE?

When a foreign employee (expatriate) no longer reports to his administrative centre for seven days without a previous note, this pastime is referred to as Abscondin’ in UAE.

In this case, the enterprise can also declare the employee as absconded i.E. Run far from work without following the right method.

Is Absconding Illegal in UAE?

Yes, Absconding is unlawful in UAE due to the fact it’s far violation of the UAE Labour Law. The Labour Law may be very strict within the UAE and it takes of each the corporation and the worker.

The employee needs to follow the prison method to take leave whilst working inside the UAE in any other case s/he’s going to get into the “absconding” hassle a good way to lead to prison effects.

How to Check Absconding Status in UAE

The facility to test absconding fame in UAE is available for all expatriate people. You can test your abscondin’g status online or offline as you pick. Here I offer three simplest approaches for checking abscondin’g reputation in UAE as below.

Check Absconding Status at the MOHRE Website

The Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MOHRE), UAE affords a carrier to take a look at abscondin’g reputation online for expat employees. If you need to test it, simply take the stairs given below.

Check Absconding Status
Check Absconding Status
  1. Go to MOHRE’s reputable internet site @www.Mohre.Gov.Ae.
  2. Put the cursor on the Services segment to make bigger it and select New Enquiry Services choice.
  3. Navigate to Choose a Service section and pick the applicable alternative as “Abscond Approval” or “Abscondin’g Withdraw Cancellation Document”.
  4. Enter the Transaction Number and Security Code in the given boxes.
  5. Finally, click on on Search button to continue.
  6. Your absconding fame will appear on your screen.

The facility to take a look at abscondin’g reputation online is likewise available in the MOHRE cellular app. You can download the MOHRE app and log in to it, then check your abscondin’g reputation within the app.

Check Absconding Status at the Emirates Smart Service Website

You also can go to the Emirates Smart Service internet site to check your abscondin’g status online, right here are the stairs for the technique.

Status at Emirates
Status at Emirates
  1. Open a web browser and go to the reliable internet site of Emirates Smart Service @www.Icp.Gov.Ae.
  2. Scroll right down to the Services section and click on E-Channel Services option.
  3. Enter your Email and Password or select Sign in with UAE Pass to retain.
  4. Find and click on the “Collect the Leave Permit Fees” choice.
  5. Enter your Date of Birth (DOB) and Nationality, then click on on Next button.
  6. If you see the message “Person Cannot Pay This Fine” on the display screen then your absconding repute is effective. It appears that your organization has filed a complaint against you for walking away from work without prior observation.

Visit the Police Station to Check the Absconding Status

You can go to a nearby police station to take a look at Abscondin’g Status offline. You should offer your Emirates ID and work contract information as requested with the aid of the police officer. The police officer will enter your non-public info in their device to test for any absconding case in opposition to you or now not.

You have to discuss with the police officer approximately how to remedy the absconding status as soon as feasible. Listen to the police officer’s recommendation and comply with the system to remove the abscondin’g case quickly.

List of Documents Required at Police Station

When you visit a police station to test your abscondin’g reputation in UAE, do bring all required files shared beneath.

  • Original Emirates ID
  • Original Passport
  • Residence Visa
  • Employment Contract
  • Latest Payment Receipt or Salary Slip
  • Valid Medical Certificate(s) If Applicable

How to Remove Absconding Status in UAE

After checking the absconding status, you’ve discovered that your business enterprise has filed an abscondin’g case in opposition to you.

So, you have to do something to resolve the abscondin’g case to cast off absconding popularity from your work visa.

Here I offer some vital hints for casting off absconding fame in UAE for expat employees.

Talk to Your Employer:

When you return to understand approximately your absconding case, you should right away touch your corporation. Talk to your agency to talk about the hassle and clear the misunderstanding, if any.

in case you were not gifted at paintings for 7+ days, offer a legitimate cause with evidence to your agency. Thereafter request your corporation to withdraw the abscondin’g case so you may be unfastened from the absconding difficulty.

In case the enterprise does not withdraw the case then you need to are searching for felony help.

Get Legal Help (Hire a Lawyer):

It is crucial to get legal help for resolving an absconding case filed in opposition to you. If your organisation no longer reacts or is unreachable, you ought to visit an attorney or felony marketing consultant that worked on UAE labour cases for a long time.

You have to share the entirety approximately your employment with the felony guide so that s/he will let you do away with the abscondin’g status. The lawyer/consultant may additionally price a nominal price that you have to pay.

File a Complaint to the UAE Labour Dept:

You ought to document a complaint towards your organization if the corporation has filed an absconding case even if you aren’t at fault.

You can discuss this trouble along with your prison consultant (or legal professional) and provide legitimate evidence to prove that the agency has wrongfully filed an absconding case in opposition to you.

You need to register a grievance to the UAE Labour Law Department under the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MOHRE). The Labour Dispute Resolution Committee/Department will not forget your complaint and evidence documents, then it will take vital steps to solve the case.

Follow UAE Court Proceedings:

If the Labour Dispute Resolution Committee can not clear up your absconding case then the case will visit the UAE Labour Court. You must rent a legal professional to symbolize your case inside the labour court docket and provide all evidence out of your facet.

The UAE Labour Court Proceedings may also take several weeks to consider & evaluate your case. The court docket will also remember your employer’s grievance and evidence, if any. At maximum, your abscondin’g case might be resolved via the labour court in twelve months.

Please apprehend that the absconding status may be eliminated best if the court unearths you harmless on the quit.

If you are guilty and your organisation is right, the UAE Labour Court will maintain the absconding status on you and might ban you from operating inside the UAE for several years or completely.

Consequences of Absconding Case in UAE

The UAE Labour Law takes absconding cases very seriously therefore it has some effects.

If there is a valid abscondin’g case against you, you will face the outcomes of the abscondin’g case in UAE which include the subsequent.

Consequences of Absconding
Consequences of Absconding

Fines & Penalties:

The worker is prone to pay fines & consequences to the UAE Labour Department if s/he is demonstrated responsible within the abscondin’g case. The fine/penalty amount is decided by way of the UAE Labour Court or the Labour Dispute Resolution Committee.

If you’re innocent but your enterprise is responsible for filing a fake absconding case then the organisation has to pay 5000 or ten thousand AED first-rate/penalty as ordered by the UAE Labour Department or Labour Court.

UAE Work Visa Ban for One Year

The absconded employee is banned from running within the UAE for 365 days. It method which you cannot paint at another employer in UAE after absconding from your present-day business enterprise.

If you are an absconded employee, no employer will come up with a job within the UAE. You should go away from the United States of America as per the authority’s order and you’ll not be able to get a UAE painting visa for 12 months.

Note: If an expat employee (employee) has a couple of absconding cases from different employers, the UAE Labour Department or Court may ban such a worker permanently. Such an employee can by no means get a UAE paintings visa again throughout a lifetime.

Detained in Jail and Deportation to Home

After the organization files a criticism of an absconded employee, the UAE Labour Department informs the UAE Police to find the worker ASAP.

After the employee is determined guilty of absconding from work without informing the agency, the police will detain the worker in prison.

The worker has to pay fines/penalties as ordered using the government. Thereafter the employee has to complete the pending paperwork with the company.

When it’s miles all over, the UAE Police will deport the worker to his/her home u. S . A ..


At the quit, I recommend you test your Absconding Status Online in case you think that your employer has filed a case in opposition to you. Absconding from work isn’t always an answer, you need to contact the UAE Labour Department when you have a complaint concerning any difficulty in your company/workplace.

The UAE Labour Law protects the advantages of personnel and looks after the rights of the employers. I even have shared everything approximately how to test absconding fame in UAE and its consequences. If you still have a doubt, ask your query in the comment section.

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