Check Best Hafilat Card Balance in One Minute (Bus Card Balance)

Hafilat card stability takes a look at – The Hafila’t Card is an obligatory smart price ticket to pay bus price ticket fares in Abu Dhabi. Whether you are a citizen or visitor in UAE, you need to get a Hafila’t Card.

In addition, you ought to understand the Hafilat Card Balance Checking Process to stay aware of your Hafila’t Card Balance and recharge it from time to time.

In the existing time, Hafilat Balance Check is incredibly clean. You can go to the Hafila’t Darb website for online stability inquiry or send an easy text message to get your Hafila’t Card Balance via SMS in a single minute. To realize extra approximately Hafila’t Balance Check Online and different methods, maintain studying in advance.

Check Hafilat Card Balance Online

can take a look at your Hafila’t Card Balance Online at Hafilat Darb’s official internet site or with the help of the Darb cell app. You ought to have your Hafila’t Card on hand at the same time as checking Hafila’t Balance Online on its internet portal or app.

Hafilat Card Balance Offline
Hafilat Card Balance Offline

Check Hafila’t Card Balance at Hafilat Darb Website:

1. Go to Hafila’t Darb’s Official Website

First of all, you want to open an internet browser and visit Hafila’t Darb’s legitimate website at hafilat.Darb. Ae.

2. Click on Recharge Card Option

On the Hafila’t Darb homepage, discover the “Recharge Card” option and click on it to hold.

3. Enter your Hafilat Card Serial Number

Here you want to enter your Hafila’t Card Serial Number so that the web Hafila’t system can fetch your card details.

4. Click on OK button

After logging into your Hafila’t Card Serial Number efficaciously, click on the OK button to continue.

5. Check Your Hafilat Card Balance

Your Hafila’t Card Balance will appear on the display screen, you can check the cutting-edge stability. If your Hafila’t Balance is low, you could pick the quantity to recharge your Hafila’t Card Online otherwise near the internet browser or app.

Check Hafilat Card Balance In the Darb Mobile App:

1. Download & Install the Darb Mobile App

You must download & install the Darb app to your cell smartphone to check the Hafila’t Card Balance through the app. You can get the Darb Mobile App from the Google Play Store for Android App Store for iPhone/iPad or App Gallery for Huawei phones.

2. Create an Account and Sign in to Darb App

You want to create an account in the Darb app to use it for Hafila’t Card-associated offerings. Enter your Name, Email, Mobile Number, and Emirates ID information to create your account. Then you could sign in for your account in the Darb app.

three. Select Hafilat Balance or Hafila’t Card Balance alternative

After logging into the Darb mobile app, find out “Hafila’t Balance” option and tap on it. Enter your Hafila’t Card Serial Number if required.

4. Check Your Hafilat Card Balance

Your Hafila’t Card Balance will appear on your cellular display. Check the balance and top up your Hafila’t Card if the stability is low.

In this way, you may check your Hafila’t Card Balance Online at the Hafila’t internet portal and using the Darb mobile app.

Check Hafilat Card Balance Offline

To test Hafila’t Card Balance Offline, you may use a price tag vending system go to a customer service center, or ship an SMS.

By Ticket Vending Machines

Abu Dhabi Transport Department has mounted price ticket merchandising machines in any respect bus stations, airports, and different vital locations. You can use a nearby price ticket merchandising system for your Hafila’t stability checking without difficulty.

You need to visit the price tag vending gadget and insert your Hafilat Card in it. Thereafter choose your language and observe on-screen commands to preserve. As you choose the “view stability” alternative, your Hafila’t Card Balance will appear on the machine screen.

By Customer Service Centers

You can also visit a Hafila’t Card Customer Service Center to check your Hafila’t Card Balance. You want to provide your card to the service middle employee so that s/he can experiment with the cardboard.

After scanning, the provider worker will check your Hafila’t Card Balance, Validity, and other info, then tell you approximately it.

Hafilat Card Balance Check through SMS

You can ship an SMS to 3009 to test your Hafila’t Card Balance through SMS. Kindly bear in mind that you need to send the SMS in the right layout and out of your registered cell range.

Card Balance Check through SMS
Card Balance Check through SMS

Hafilat Balance Checking SMS Format: BAL<space>Hafilat Card Number

Send the SMS message in the above format to 3009 out of your Registered Mobile Number and look forward to a while. Soon you’ll get hold of an SMS showing your Hafila’t Card Balance information.

We have also shared data approximately how to check Hafila’t Card Balance offline from price ticket vending machines, customer service centers, and through SMS carriers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I check my Hafila’t Card balance online?

A1. To check your Hafilat Card balance online, visit the Hafila’t Darb official website, click on the “Recharge Card” option, enter your Hafila’t Card Serial Number, and click “OK” to see your balance.

What are the steps to check the Hafilat Card balance using the Darb mobile app?

A2. First, download and install the Darb mobile app. Then, create an account and sign in. Select the “Hafilat Balance” option, enter your Hafila’t Card Serial Number if prompted, and your balance will be displayed.

How can I check my Hafilat Card balance offline?

A3. You can check your Hafila’t Card balance offline by using a ticket vending machine, visiting a customer service center, or sending an SMS to 3009 in the correct format from your registered mobile number.

What is the SMS format to check my Hafilat Card balance?

A4. The SMS format to check your Hafila’t Card balance is “BAL <space> Hafilat Card Number.” Send this message to 3009 from your registered mobile number.

Where can I find a ticket vending machine to check my Hafilat Card balance?

A5. Ticket vending machines are available at all bus stations, airports, and other important locations in Abu Dhabi. Simply insert your Hafila’t Card into the machine, select your language, and follow the on-screen instructions to view your balance.

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