What If I Don’t Have Money to Pay an Overstay Fine

Money to Pay the overstay is charged to UAE visa holders who live in the u. S . After visa cancellation/expiry. You might imagine, “What if I don’t have money to pay an overstay satisfactory” and I will solve all such doubts right here, so live with me through this post to know the whole thing about overstay fines in UAE.

What If I Don’t Have Money to Pay an Overstay Fine

If an expat or traveler stays in UAE after the expiry of the visa and style length, the authority will price an overstay high-quality of AED 50 according to the day. So, the excellent amount increases every day, and not everybody can come up with the Money to Pay for to pay the overstay quality for a longer duration. So, it’s very important to know what to do in case you are not able to pay overstay high-quality in UAE and the way you could legally go out the United States of America.

  1. Apply for Visa Fine Reduction
  2. Apply for an Out Pass (Exit Permit)

1. Apply for Visa Fine Reduction/Waiver

Overstaying in the UAE is unlawful and that’s why the authorities price an overstay fine on visa policies violators. So, the overstay best is obligatory to Money to Pay, but you could apply for a visa high-quality reduction or waiver if you have Money to Pay a valid motive for overstaying in UAE.

Documents Required to Apply for Fine Reduction

You must offer vital files required to apply for an excellent reduction to the UAE Immigration Department.

  1. A reproduction of the violator’s passport.
  2. A letter stating the reasons for the violations and the violator’s lack of ability to Money to Pay the quality.
  3. Any different files requested via the Fines Committee.

With above documents, you may practice for exceptional discount online at GDRFA Dubai website or you could visit the closest Immigration/Visa Office inside the UAE.

Note: You can request for excellent discount when you have Money to Pay a legitimate motive for overstaying in UAE. Moreover, the UAE Immigration Department will recall the best reduction request if the best amount is greater than 3000 in Abu Dhabi and more than AED 4000 in Dubai.

The Immigration Department will take a look at your files and review your motives. Thereafter it can approve or reject your exceptional discount request.

Steps to Apply for Fine Reduction Online

  1. Go to GDRFA Dubai’s legit internet site @www.Gdrfad.Gov.Ae.
  2. Scroll down to the search bar under How can I help you?
  3. Type exemption and click on Exemption from fines for violators of Residence Law.
  4. Read the carrier description and click on the Start Service button.
  5. Select the Individuals section, then enter your Username & Password or log in with UAE PASS.
  6. Fill up the application shape and add the required documents.
  7. Pay Money to Pay the Fees if applicable and publish the software.

After you post the software for pleasant reduction/waiver online or at a nearby Immigration Office, you need to look ahead to some time. The UAE Immigration Department will check your software & files, then it’ll either approve your request for an exceptional discount or reject it.

  • If your request is authorized, you need to pay the decreased nice amount as demanded by way of the Fines Authority, Immigration Department of UAE.
  • If your request is authorized for quality waiver, you don’t want to pay Money to Pay any satisfactory as you are exempted from the quality.
  • If your request is rejected, you need to pay Money to Pay full amount of first-class to clean your account earlier than you depart the united states.
  • In case your request is rejected and also you don’t have Money to Pay the money to pay the quality, you can are trying to find felony recommendation from a lawyer or your embassy in UAE. The legal professional/embassy will manual you to address these instances.

Request for Fine Dismissal to Ministry of Justice

You can get help of a felony adviser (lawyer) to get exemption from overstay high-quality with a valid cause. With required files, you can submit a web request for pleasant exemption to the Ministry of Justice, United Arab Emirates.

  1. Open Ministry of Justice website portal @www.Moj.Gov.Ae.
  2. Select E-Services and click on Services Directory.
  3. Click at the seek bar, kind “Fine” and click on on Search button.
  4. Now, click on “Service Info” under Request for exemption or dismissal of the pleasant.
  5. Sign in with UAE PASS and fill up the utility shape.
  6. Attach required documents and pay the charges if relevant.
  7. Submit the software shape online and watch for the approval.

The Ministry of Justice will assessment your request and check the files you’ve got submitted. Thereafter it will either reduce or dismiss the overstay excellent charged in your account.

2. Apply for an Out Pass [Exit Permit]

The Out Pass is the reputable go out allow issued through the UAE Immigration Department. The overstayed expats in UAE ought to apply for an Out Pass to exit the united states. The residents and site visitors, whose visa is active or inside the grace length, can exit UAE with out an Out Pass in the event that they haven’t Money to Pay any fantastic fines.

There are two methods to use for an Out Pass (Exit Permit) in UAE.

  1. Apply for an Out Pass Online at GDRFA Website or ICP Website
  2. Apply for an Out Pass at Amer Centers, Typing Centers and Customer Happiness Centers

If the first-class amount is low-cost for then you definately you can apply on line to get an Out Pass at GDRFA Dubai Money to Pay website or ICP website. During the software system, you need to pay the overstay first-class on-line in any other case you can not post the software for an Out Pass.

If the overstay first-rate amount is simply too high, you need to follow for the best discount/waiver on-line. If your request is permitted, you need to pay reduced exceptional amount and thereafter you can apply online for an Out Pass in UAE.

You also can go to your nearest Amer Center or Typing Center or Customer Happiness Center to use for an Out Pass with all needed files.

Apply for an Out Pass Online in Dubai

  1. Go to GDRFA Dubai legitimate internet site @www.Gdrfad.Gov.Ae.
  2. Click on Services to open relevant page.
  3. Find Violator Follow Up and click on on it.
  4. Click on Exit Permit Service after which select Issuance of a Departure Permit.
  5. Read provider description and click on on Start Service.
  6. Select Individuals section and sign in.
  7. Fill up the utility form and pay Money to Pay AED 241 as rate.
  8. Attach required files and put up the utility.
  9. Your Out Pass might be issued in subsequent forty eight hours and you may get hold of it by Email.

Apply for an Out Pass Online in UAE (Except Dubai)

If you are in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and any other Emirate except Dubai, you have Money to Pay to visit ICP website to apply for an Out Pass on-line.

  1. Open UAE ICP official website @www.Icp.Gov.Ae.
  2. Select Services and click on Services for Individuals.
  3. Find and click on Issue Exit Permit to hold.
  4. Read the carrier records and click on on Start Service choice.
  5. Click on Fines and Leave Permits. The click on Start Service for INVESTIGATION – PERMIT – LEAVING – ISSUE.
  6. Select your favored Module i.E. Residency or Visa.
  7. Select identifier as Unified No. Or File No. Or Passport.
  8. Enter required information including your nationality and date of delivery.
  9. Click on Search button, add required documents and pay AED 350 as carrier price.
  10. Submit your utility for an Out Pass and watch for as much as 48 hours.

Apply for an Out Pass at the Nearest Amer Center

There are many Amer centers, typing facilities and client happiness facilities in UAE. By click on below hyperlinks, you could find your nearest provider center to use for an Out Pass to go out the us of a with a criminal go out permit.

  1. Click on one of the above hyperlinks to discover a service middle close to your place.
  2. Visit your nearest Amer Center or Typing Center or Customer Happiness Center.
  3. Get a Token to satisfy a provider employee for Out Pass request utility.
  4. Fill up the utility shape and connect necessary documents.
  5. Hand over the utility form to the provider worker.
  6. Pay the carrier prices and get a receipt.
  7. Wait for up to forty eight hours to acquire your Out Pass thru e-mail.

In this way, you could follow for an Out Pass (Exit Permit) in UAE. After your visa and/or grace duration are expired, you have to pay Money to Pay overstay excellent or observe for first-class discount after which observe for an Out Pass.

Get an Out Pass at the Airport in Dubai/Abu Dhabi

The Issuance of an Out Pass Service is also to be had at Dubai International Airport and Abu Dhabi International Airport. You can visit the Immigration Office at the airport to apply for an Out Pass and get it quickly.

Consequences of Overstaying in UAE

Overstaying in UAE after visa expiry & grace duration expiry have Money to Pay severe results for expats and tourists. The UAE Immigration Authority affords a grace duration of 30 days to one hundred eighty days to residence visa holders and 0 grace period for traveller/traveler visa holders.

You must now not live in UAE after your visa & grace period are expired. If you want to live within the UAE, renew your visa to avoid overstay fines and prison outcomes. Here I provide entire data about what is going to take place in case you overstayed in UAE.

Overstay Fine:

The Immigration Department fees an overstay best from vacationers/residence who stay in UAE after their visa/grace duration expiry. The overstay excellent is AED 50 according to day, so that you can get an overstay first-rate of AED 500 in case you live after your visa expiry.

Arrest and Detention/Jail:

The UAE Government considers overstaying as an unlawful pastime. It is the violation of residency law within the UAE. If you overstay for a protracted duration, you may get arrested with the aid of the police of respective Emirate of UAE.

The police will arrest you and take to a detention center or jail to take felony motion towards you.


After you pay Money to Pay the overstay first-class or you’re not able to pay it. You want to comply with the criminal manner to get an Out Pass. Thereafter, the Immigration Department will deport you to your house united states. Here you do no longer have Money to Pay any option, you need to observe the commands of the Immigration Officer and leave the u . S ..

Entry Ban and Blacklisting:

The overstayed site visitors and residents have more chanced to get an Entry Ban from authorities. If you do now not have Money to Pay enough money to pay the overstay excellent, the UAE Immigration Department will placed an access ban on you and upload you of their blacklist.

With an access ban and blacklisting, the overseas residents (expats) cannot get any visa for UAE and different GCC nations. If you’re deported from UAE, there are much less chances as a way to get a vacationer visa or house visa or employment visa for UAE in future.

In case the UAE authorities puts a everlasting ban, you will never get any visa for UAE. So, those are essential consequences of staying in UAE even after your visa and grace length are expired.


The overstay nice is mandatory to pay for absolutely everyone who has violated the UAE Residency Law. If you don’t have the Money to Pay an overstay excellent you then want to request for best reduction and pay the reduced first-class.

After paying the Money to Pay overstay satisfactory, you need to get an Out Pass (Exit Permit). The Immigration Department will trouble an Out Pass within 48 hours of request submission.

Not paying an overstay exceptional can result in arrest, jail/detention and deportation from UAE. The Immigration Department can positioned a brief ban or permanent ban on you. It will save you you from coming into UAE in future.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if I can’t afford to pay the overstay fine in UAE?

A1. If you’re unable to pay the overstay fine in UAE, you can apply for a fine reduction or waiver if you have valid reasons for overstaying. Documentation and application must be submitted to the UAE Immigration Department for consideration.

What documents are required to apply for fine reduction in UAE?

A2. Documents required for applying for fine reduction in UAE include a copy of the violator’s passport, a letter stating the reasons for the violation and inability to pay the fine, and any other documents requested by the Fines Committee.

How can I apply for fine reduction online in Dubai?

A3. To apply for fine reduction online in Dubai, visit the GDRFA Dubai official website, navigate to the relevant service section, fill out the application form, upload required documents, pay applicable fees, and submit the application.

What are the consequences of overstaying in UAE?

A4. Overstaying in UAE after visa and grace period expiry can lead to an overstay fine, arrest and detention, deportation, entry ban, and blacklisting by UAE authorities, restricting future entry into the country and possibly other GCC nations.

Where can I apply for an Out Pass (Exit Permit) in UAE?

A5. You can apply for an Out Pass in UAE either online through official portals such as GDRFA Dubai or ICP website, or by visiting nearest Amer Centers, Typing Centers, or Customer Happiness Centers, depending on your location.

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