UAE Best Driving License Categories List 2024

The UAE Best Driving License Categories is available in eight exceptional categories for different varieties of vehicles. The technique for obtaining a riding license in UAE consists of a software shape, required files, service fees, schooling training, realistic tests, and medical checks.

You have to be a UAE resident with an Original Emirates ID to use for a driving license. In addition, you have to qualify for all theory and practical exams. Only then the RTA and Ministry of Interior will trouble a UAE driving license together with your name.

UAE Driving License Categories List

The UAE authorities are very strict in site visitor rules and license techniques. It has divided the UAE using license into 8 exclusive categories that I will explain here.

License Categories List
License Categories List
Category No.Category NameVehicle Type
Category 1Category ATwo Wheeler i.e. Motorcycles
Category 2Category BCars
Category 3Category CLight Motor Vehicles
Category 4Category DHeavy Vehicles like Trucks
Category 5Category E Light Trailers and Mini Buses
Category 6Category F Heavy Trailers and Big Buses
Category 7Category G Forklift
Category 8Category H Heavy Forklift and Shovels

The 8 categories of riding licenses are designed for specific sorts of automobiles. You need to attain a driving license to power the relevant type of car in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, or some other Emirate.

For instance: If you need to power a bike (bike or scooter) in UAE, you need to gain a category 1 (category A) driving license.

Category-clever Minimum Age for UAE Driving License

The UAE Roads & Transport Authority presents driving license after verification of the applicant’s age and other files. If you offer all valid files with charges and your age meets the minimal age standards, most effective then you can gain a driving license in UAE.

Here I offer the minimal age standards required for acquiring a riding license in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Minimum 17 Years for Motorcycles
  • Minimum 17 Years for Vehicles for People with Special Needs
  • Minimum 18 Years for Cars and Light Motor Vehicles
  • Minimum 20 Years for Tractors and Heavy Vehicles
  • Minimum 21 Years for Buses

You have to test your age before you apply for a UAE-using license and additionally offer a valid report for age verification. The Roads & Transport Authority no longer difficulties a driving license if you no longer meet the minimum age standards.

Documents Required for a UAE Driving License

The Roads & Transport Authority has issued a list of obligatory documents to use for a riding license in UAE. Kindly notice that each document that I percentage right here is obligatory and you have to submit it in conjunction with your utility form.

  1. Original Emirates ID and Its Copy
  2. Copy of a Valid Passport
  3. Copy of UAE Residence Visa
  4. Two Passport Size Photographs with a White Background
  5. Eye Test Report
  6. No Objection Letter from the Sponsor if required via the applicable traffic department
  7. Visa Copy of the Sponsor if required

Make sure that you have all the above documents prepared when applying for a brand new driving license in the United Arab Emirates.

UAE Driving License Classes and Tests

The RTA and Ministry of Interior offer training lessons on riding in keeping with UAE visitor’s guidelines. Every applicant has to attend those instructions to discover ways to power an automobile in UAE.

UAE Driving License Classes and Tests
UAE Driving License Classes and Tests

After coaching and training, the authorities conduct exclusive checks to check the understanding and talents of the applicant. If you apply for a riding license in UAE, you need to follow all instructions and bypass all checks that I am sharing right here.

  1. Eye Test
  2. Theory Classes [8 Classes]
  3. Theory Test
  4. Practical Training [40 Classes]
  5. Parking Test
  6. Assessment Test
  7. Highway Classes at the Speed of one hundred twenty KM/H
  8. Final Road Test

After attending all instructions and performing all tests, you may get your UAE riding license authorized via the respective government.

UAE Driving License Fees

The UAE Driving License is a criminal allow issued using the Roads & Transport Authority. It is to be had for all UAE residents who are eligible and willing to obtain a license.

There are one-of-a-kind service prices for utility, lectures/training, checks, and different. Here I provide all service fees for a UAE riding license for you.

  • File Opening – AED 950
  • Regular Classes – AED 1260 [40 Classes]
  • Lectures – AED 850
  • Preliminary Test – AED one hundred and five
  • Yard Test – AED 335
  • Signal Test – AED 315
  • Assessment Test – AED one hundred sixty
  • Final Road Test – AED 335
  • License Issuance Fee – AED 330
  • Administration Charges – AED 210

The fees may additionally fluctuate with the aid of some AED at distinctive driving institutes in one-of-a-kind Emirates. After thinking about all provider expenses, the general fee of a UAE riding license is approximately AED 5000.

How to Apply for a UAE Driving License

You can go to the RTA legitimate website to observe online for a UAE driving license. You can also visit a nearby riding institute or riding middle with all documents to submit your utility for a brand new license in UAE.

Here I provide the step-by using-step procedure to apply online for a riding license in UAE as beneath.

  1. Visit the RTA reliable website portal @www.Rta.Ae.
  2. Click on the “Driver and Car Owner” segment.
  3. Click on “New UAE using license” underneath the “Drivers Licensing” tab.
  4. Read the eligibility, documents, and different instructions.
  5. Click on the Apply Now button to proceed.
  6. Provide your Emirates ID and Its Expiry Date statistics.
  7. Enter your data and post it.
  8. Pay the expenses as applicable and end the utility.
  9. Book your schedule for concept classes and lectures.

In this manner, you can practice online for a UAE driving license. After finishing the online application procedure, you need to wait using training and lectures as well as appear in diverse checks. You can gain a riding license simplest after qualifying in all theory and sensible exams.

The Bottom Line

You need to select your preferred riding license class primarily based on your automobile type. You also can integrate extra classes to get one driving license for one-of-a-kind class automobiles.

Once you get your driving license, you may start using your vehicle in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and different Emirates of UAE. You need to observe all visitor’s policies and show your license if asked by a site visitor police officer.

The UAE riding license is legitimate for 1 to five years and a maximum of 10 years from the difficulty date. You need to renew your UAE riding license from time to time to power your vehicle or different vehicle without any interruption.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What are the categories of UAE driving licenses?

A1: The UAE driving license is categorized into 8 categories based on vehicle types. They are:

  • Category A: Two Wheeler (Motorcycles)
  • Category B: Cars
  • Category C: Light Motor Vehicles
  • Category D: Heavy Vehicles like Trucks
  • Category E: Light Trailers and Mini Buses
  • Category F: Heavy Trailers and Big Buses
  • Category G: Forklift
  • Category H: Heavy Forklift and Shovels

Q2: What are the minimum ages required for different categories of UAE driving licenses?

A2: The minimum ages for acquiring UAE driving licenses are as follows:

  • 17 years for Motorcycles
  • 17 years for Vehicles for People with Special Needs
  • 18 years for Cars and Light Motor Vehicles
  • 20 years for Tractors and Heavy Vehicles
  • 21 years for Buses

Q3: What documents are required to apply for a UAE driving license?

A3: The mandatory documents for applying for a UAE driving license are:

  • Original Emirates ID and its copy
  • Copy of a Valid Passport
  • Copy of UAE Residence Visa
  • Two Passport Size Photographs with a White Background
  • Eye Test Report
  • No Objection Letter from the Sponsor (if required)
  • Visa Copy of the Sponsor (if required)

Q4: What are the tests one needs to pass to obtain a UAE driving license?

A4: To obtain a UAE driving license, one needs to pass the following tests:

  • Eye Test
  • Theory Classes (8 Classes)
  • Theory Test
  • Practical Training (40 Classes)
  • Parking Test
  • Assessment Test
  • Highway Classes at the Speed of 120 KM/H
  • Final Road Test

Q5: What are the fees involved in obtaining a UAE driving license?

A5: The fees for a UAE driving license include:

  • File Opening: AED 950
  • Regular Classes (40 Classes): AED 1260
  • Lectures: AED 850
  • Preliminary Test: AED 105
  • Yard Test: AED 335
  • Signal Test: AED 315
  • Assessment Test: AED 160
  • Final Road Test: AED 335
  • License Issuance Fee: AED 330
  • Administration Charges: AED 210

The total cost, considering all service fees, is approximately AED 5000.

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