Best Nol Card Balance Transfer [Step by Step Process]

Nol Card Balance Transfer – Nol Card Balance Transfer is a digital card for payment of public transport offerings in Dubai. The RTA Dubai provides Nol Card Balance Transfer Service for transferring balance from one Nol card to another. This facility is to be had for every Nol card holder.

If your Nol card does not have enough balance, you could pinnacle up your Nol Card or use a Nol card balance transfer provider easily. For doing this Nol card to Nol card balance transfer mission, you must have Nol playing cards wherein one card has sufficient stability.

What is a NOL Card and How Does It Work?

Nol Card is a smart card issued by way of the Roads & Transport Authority, Government of Dubai. The Nol card is useful for paying public delivery fares like buses, metro, cabs/taxis, trams, and water buses properly.

Nol Card and How Does It Work
Nol Card and How Does It Work

The Nol Card includes a chip that the cardboard reader can understand to fetch card information and deduct journey fares. Every bus, metro, and different shipping vehicle in Dubai has a card reader.

How to Transfer Nol Card Balance

It is quite clear to transfer the Nol card balance to another Nol card. You have to have each of the NOL cards and the knowledge about the way to switch NOL card stability. In case you need assistance, you could comply with the step-through-step manual to switch Nol card stability with no interruption.

Methods to Transfer Nol Card Balance

  1. Online Nol Card Balance via RTA Mobile App
  2. Use Ticket Vending Machine to Transfer Nol Card Balance
  3. RTA Service Center Transfer

Transfer Nol Card Balance using the RTA Mobile App

To switch Nol card stability online, you must follow the steps that I am going to share right here.

How to Transfer Nol Card Balance Online (RTA Mobile App)

  1. Download & set up the RTA Dubai app on your cell smartphone.
  2. Launch the RTA app and log in.
  3. Activate NFC on your mobile.
  4. Choose the “nol to nol transfer” option in the RTA app.
  5. Tap the sender’s NOL card on again of your telephone.
  6. Then faucet the receiver’s NOL card on the back of your telephone.
  7. Then enter the quantity you want to transfer.
  8. Tap on the keep or continue button to finish the nol to the nol transfer system.

Transfer Nol Card Balance by using Ticket Vending Machine

The Roads & Transport Authority has installed ticket vending machines (POS terminals) in any respect metro stations, bus stations and public locations. You can use a price tag merchandising device to switch Nol card stability from one card to another with steps given beneath.

using Ticket Vending Machine
using Ticket Vending Machine

How to Transfer Nol Card Balance Using a Ticket Vending Machine

  1. Go for your close by price tag merchandising machine or terminal.
  2. Tap on the machine display to see Nol card offerings.
  3. Choose “Transfer” option to keep.
  4. Insert the supply Nol card from which you need to transfer stability.
  5. Then insert the goal Nol card to that you want to switch balance.
  6. Enter the goal Nol card number and amount, the put up.
  7. Enter the confirmation code and put up it.
  8. Pay the service fee (if relevant) to complete the transaction.
  9. You have completed the Nol card stability switch provider.

After you finish the Nol to Nol balance transfer method, it can take numerous mins to show the up to date stability. The quantity is deducted right away from the source Nol card however it takes time to show up within the target Nol card, so have a few persistence.

Transfer Nol Card Balance at RTA Service Center

The RTA Service Centers (customer happiness facilities) are positioned at six distinctive places in Dubai. You can visit any of the RTA customer happiness centers to transfer Nol card balance easily.

How to Transfer Nol Card Balance at RTA Customer Happiness Center

  1. Go in your nearest RTA customer happiness center.
  2. Request the service representative for Nol to Nol stability transfer carrier.
  3. Provide the source Nol card.
  4. Then provide the goal Nol card and say the amount to switch.
  5. Pay the service price as relevant.
  6. Wait for completion of the Nol card stability switch manner.

How to Check Transferred Nol Card Balance

After you switch your Nol card stability to other Nol card, you need to check its balance to confirm. The transfer system is quick but it takes time to reveal updated balance on the transferred Nol card. So, I propose you to take a look at Nol card stability after half-hour of nol to nol switch technique.

  1. Open RTA Dubai cellular app or visit RTA professional website @www.Rta.Ae.
  2. Tap on “Check nol Balance” choice.
  3. Enter your Nol tag ID i.E. Nol card range.
  4. Tap on seek button to proceed.
  5. Your updated Nol card stability will seem on display screen.

In this way, you can check your Nol card balance online after transferring the balance from one Nol card to another.

Nol Card Balance Transfer Charges and Fees

There are No charges or fees for Nol card balance transfer service. The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) provides this service for free. In case you want cash refund from your Nol card balance then you have to pay the service fee 2.5% or 5 AED, whichever is higher.


The Nol card balance transfer service is available for all registered card holders. You can use this service to transfer balance from one Nol card to another whenever you need.

At the end, I recommend you to follow the step-by-step instructions shared above to transfer Nol card balance without any error. After the balance is transferred, you can check the Nol card balance online at RTA website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Nol Card?

A1: A Nol Card is a digital card provided by the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai for paying public transport fares such as buses, metro, taxis, trams, and water buses.

How does a Nol Card work?

A2: A Nol Card contains a chip that is readable by card readers on buses, metro, and other transport modes in Dubai. It stores information and deducts fares when used for travel.

How can I transfer balance from one Nol Card to another?

A3: You can transfer balance between Nol Cards through various methods such as using the RTA Mobile App, Ticket Vending Machines, or visiting an RTA Service Center.

What are the steps to transfer Nol Card balance using the RTA Mobile App?

A4: To transfer Nol Card balance via the RTA Mobile App, download and install the app, log in, activate NFC on your phone, select “nol to nol transfer,” tap the sender’s and receiver’s Nol Cards on the back of your phone, enter the amount to transfer, and complete the process.

Are there any charges for transferring Nol Card balance?

A5: No, there are no charges or fees for transferring Nol Card balance. The service is provided by the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) free of charge. However, if you request a cash refund from your Nol Card balance, a service fee of 2.5% or 5 AED, whichever is higher, may apply.

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