Top 6 Banks Offer 0 interest on car loans in UAE

Buying an automobile is a dream for lots of people in the UAE. Your dream can come true with zero-interest vehicle loans offered using many banks in the UAE. To get a first-rate deal, you must perform a little research earlier than applying for a car loan.

Every bank has an exclusive interest fee and exceptional terms & situations for automobile loans. Some banks provide zero-interest quotes on automobile loans to encourage humans to buy new automobiles.

Can I Get a Zero Interest Car Loan in UAE?

Yes, you may get a zero-interest car loan in UAE in case you meet its eligibility standards and feature the required files. Any UAE resident who has all the documents wanted for a car loan is eligible to obtain a vehicle loan.

Interest Car Loan in UAE
Interest Car Loan in UAE

The processing of all car loans is inside the arms of banks. So, it’s miles crucial to apprehend that every vehicle loan is problem to approval by the mortgage department of the bank.

6 Banks for 0 Interest on Car Loans in UAE

Many banks in the UAE offer car loans at attractive hobby costs. Some banks offer 0-interest vehicle loans on unique automobile fashions. If you desire to shop for a vehicle on finance, you should know about nice zero hobby vehicle loans in UAE to pick out your suitable automobile loan.

1. Emirates NBD Bank

The Emirates NBD Bank presents 0% hobby vehicle loans for a few specific car brands and fashions. The ENBD is ready to provide a hobby loose car mortgage for a New Toyota, New Audi, New Lamborghini as well as a New Volkswagen Passat and Teramont.

You should take a look at the eligibility criteria and phrases & conditions noted through Emirates NBD Bank. Thereafter you could observe for a vehicle loan at 0 interest to buy a new automobile and pay its EMI in the tenure of 3 years to 5 years i.E. 36 to 60 months.

In case you need to shop for any other car that isn’t always referred to above, you may get a low hobby car mortgage. The Emirates NBD offers automobile loans with interest rates beginning from 1.99% in line with the annum.

2. Emirates Islamic Bank

Emirates Islamic Bank offers zero-interest car loans with 0 processing rate. Moreover, there are no hidden prices in any vehicle loan given by the Emirates Islamic Bank, UAE.

Emirates Islamic Bank
Emirates Islamic Bank

You can choose your preferred new automobile and get it financed by an interest unfastened vehicle loan. The Emirates Islamic Bank affords 0 hobby car loans with a tenure of up to five years (60 months). The loan tenure can be extended a maximum of up to ten years (a hundred and twenty months).

3. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank is a widely recognized financial institution in the UAE. It presents all banking services inclusive of zero-interest car loans with a tenure of up to five years i.E. 60 months.

You can apply for an 0-interest automobile mortgage at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank for AED 50,000 to AED two hundred,000. The ADCB Bank does not rate any processing price that is some other advantage for you.

four. Al Hilal Bank

The Al Hilal Bank is a reputed bank in UAE. You can apply for a 0-hobby automobile mortgage at Al Hilal Bank to revel in its rapid and easy approval technique. It does now not have any hidden charges or fees.

The mortgage tenure may be bendy as according to your desires from 1 year to 5 years i.E. 365 days to 60 months. The Al Hilal Bank does not require a salary switch to your automobile mortgage approval. It also offers the opportunity to consider joint income with your blood spouse and children.

five. Ajman Bank

Ajman Bank is a famous non-public region bank in UAE. It enables you to buy your dream car under the Sharia-Compliant Structure of Murabaha. The Ajman Bank buys client automobiles from the provider or owner and sells them to the customer at less costly installments.

The Ajman Bank Sharia Compliant Finance has tied up with all main auto dealerships in UAE. It gives clean & brief automobile loans with 0 markup costs. The Ajman Bank vehicle mortgage tenure is as much as five years i.E. 60 months and the maximum loan quantity is AED 500,000.6. Dubai Islamic Bank

Dubai Islamic Bank also offers Sharia-Compliant Finance Products at 0 markup costs. It affords easy vehicle loans with a mortgage amount of up to AED two hundred,000. The mortgage tenure is up to five years i.E. 60 months.

You can practice buying a brand new car or used vehicle with a vehicle loan from Dubai Islamic Bank. You don’t need to switch salary to get an automobile mortgage and you can repay it without problems in installments.

In this way, you can select one of the banks given above to achieve an automobile mortgage at zero interest in the UAE. Do study all phrases & conditions carefully earlier than you practice for an interest-free automobile loan in any financial institution.

Eligibility Criteria for Car Loans in UAE

Almost all banks in the UAE provide vehicle loans at zero interest rates or markup fees. Some banks offer zero% hobby automobile loans with 0 processing rates to draw your attention. There are a few eligibility standards for acquiring automobile loans, right here I percentage them with you.

Car Loans in UAE
Car Loans in UAE
  • The applicant needs to be a UAE Resident UAE National or Both.
  • The applicant needs to be a minimum of 21 years old at the time of software.
  • The applicant has to now not be older than sixty-five years (60 years for expatriates).
  • The applicant has to be earning a monthly revenue of a minimal AED 3000 or AED 5000.
  • The applicant has to have a credit rating of six hundred or as noted by way of the bank.

The eligibility criteria might also fluctuate a little from one financial institution to the other bank in the UAE. But the above 3 conditions are most common in all banks in UAE that provide hobby-free vehicle loans.

Documents Required for Car Loans in UAE

To use an automobile mortgage in UAE, you must have all the files required for the car mortgage utility. Here I provide the list of files you need to use for a car mortgage at any bank in the United Arab Emirates.

  1. Original Emirates ID
  2. Proof of Income i.E. Salary Certificate or Salary Certificate Letter
  3. Valid Passport and/or Visa
  4. Valid Driving License (Not Required at Some Banks)
  5. Bank Statements of the Last 3 to six Months
  6. Vehicle Insurance
  7. Security Cheque and Post-dated Cheques
  8. A Quotation or Proforma Invoice from the Car Dealer
  9. Valuation Certificate and Ownership Title (for a Used Car)
  10. Any other files as demanded by way of the bank.

Make sure that you have all the legitimate files to apply for a car loan at a bank in UAE. A mortgage software with incomplete files can be Rejected by the financial institution.

What to Consider Before Applying for a Car Loan in UAE

Car loans are available in any respect banks in the United Arab Emirates. Every financial institution has its phrases & conditions to offer a car loan and also you need to consider all of them. Here I offer some vital points to take into account before making use of a car loan in UAE as underneath.

Eligibility Criteria:

You need to take a look at the eligibility standards for a car loan. The minimum age, maximum age, minimum income, credit score score, and other criteria are unique in each bank. So, you must take a look at it cautiously and practice the most effectively if you meet the eligibility standards of the respective bank in UAE.

Required Documents:

The automobile loans are accepted after checking the eligibility and documents of the applicant. You need to check the listing of files wished for a car mortgage applicant in UAE. Thereafter you ought to get your documents ready and then apply for your automobile mortgage to keep away from rejection by the bank.

Interest Rate or Markup Rate Comparison:

Some banks provide automobile loans at zero hobby costs, while other banks price low hobby on vehicle loans. You have to test and evaluate the car loan interest charges of various banks.

Some banks offer vehicle loans at zero markup fees, you may also evaluate markup rates. At the stop, you’ll get to understand which bank gives the nice deal on car loans, and you may follow there.

Processing Fee and Other Charges:

The processing charge is charged by the bank for doing the procedure of loan application, approval, and other formalities. Some banks don’t rate any processing price, even as others fee it from the consumer.

You need to check the processing price and different fees cautiously. You need to also ask the loan officer approximately hidden expenses if any. After knowing the whole lot, you are ready to apply for a car mortgage.

Loan Amount and Car Valuation:

The bank does now not give a hundred mortgage of the auto fee. The maximum car mortgage amount is 70 to 80% of the auto price. The rest quantity is the down price that you have to pay yourself at the time of purchase.

For instance: If you buy a vehicle well worth AED hundred and fifty,000 on finance/loan, you need to pay 20% (AED 30,000) as a down payment. The financial institution will offer AED one hundred twenty,000 as a car loan to you. Then you must pay the automobile loan in clean installments every month.

Loan Tenure:

The loan tenure can be as small as 1 year i. e.g. twelve months and as long as 10 years i. e.g. a hundred and twenty months. You have to test the minimal and maximum loan tenure (length) provided by using unique banks in the UAE.

Early Repayment Fees/Charges:

The financial institution can also price early reimbursement costs in case you pay off your automobile mortgage earlier than of completion of its tenure. I strongly propose not to pay off your vehicle mortgage early.

In case you need to pay off your automobile mortgage one or two years earlier than its tenure ends, you should not forget that now. It way which you must check the early repayment expenses for car loans earlier than you practice for an automobile loan.

In this manner, you must check these types of critical points earlier than you observe for a vehicle mortgage in the UAE. After getting your automobile mortgage approved, pay its installments on time to keep away from past due charges and any prison motion with the aid of the financial institution.


The Zero-interest vehicle loans are to be had at diverse banks in the United Arab Emirates. There are some terms & conditions and eligibility criteria for interest vehicle loans. You ought to meet all eligibility criteria and conform to all T&Cs to get a car loan in UAE.

To make it simpler for you, I have defined exceptional zero-hobby car mortgage alternatives/deals in UAE. You can choose a financial institution from my cautioned list to use for a vehicle mortgage and pay it in hobby loose installments later.

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