Du Monthly Data Best Package 50 AED 28GB

We know staying conne­cted in this busy world is a must. We nee­d it for our jobs, for fun, and to chat with the people we­ care about. So, a good data plan is a no-brainer. Enter DU, a top phone­ service company. They ge­t it. They get us. And they’ve­ created monthly data packages just for our ne­eds. The cherry on top is the­ir Du Monthly Data Best Package. For 50 AED, we ge­t 28GB for a month. Great for those of us looking for lots of data without breaking the­ bank. Let’s walk through this Du Monthly Data Best Package. We­’ll talk about what it offers, why it’s great, and why it’s our #1 pick for kee­ping in touch in our tech-focused world.

Du has brought the Du Monthly Data Package of 50 AED 28GB for 1 month. This provide is available for all prepaid and postpaid customers who wish to get an unlimited statistics plan for 28 days. This is one of the cheapest net plans that provides 28GB of statistics for one month, and customers can use it to browse all websites, social networks, and YouTube.

Du Monthly Data Package 50 AED 28GB

Du Monthly Data Package 28GB Data
PriceAED 50
ActivationDial *135*5#
Valid forPrepaid Users

The Du Monthly- Data Package 50 AED 28GB offers a remarkable alternative for people who need a reliable and price range-pleasant statistics plan with lots of information. Here are the complete details:

  • Package: DU 28GB month-to-month information package deal 50 AED
  • Price: AED 50
  • Validity: Monthly
  • Activation: Dial *a hundred thirty five*5#
  • Deactivation: Dial *135*five# > Follow Instructions

It is a package deal that fulfills all of your desires, be they internet-related or not. With 28 GB of statistics, you could easily go to any website, watch TV channels, stay streaming, and interact in gaming and social sports. This provided from Du is used loads due to the fact it is inexpensive and gives extra records.

With this package, users also can use WhatsApp, Botim, IMO, Facebook, Instagram, and all mobile apps. If you cancel this package upfront, you can reactivate it by following the instructions below. All you have to do is recharge and dial *one hundred thirty-five*five #. You can set off this package with the aid of following the details received on the display.


  • 28GB of data
  • For just AED 50
  • No facts overage prices
  • Valid for 30 days
  • Easy to prompt and manage

This package will vehicle-renew every month if the consumer has enough balance within the SIM. To get rid of car-renewal, you can use the Du app or dial *one hundred thirty-five #. Du Monthly Data Package 50 AED 28GB is an exceptional desire for employees, students, and families. You can also enroll in DU internet applications through the use of the DU UAE app or by calling the helpline. This package is ideal for moderate-to-heavy statistics customers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the price of the Du Monthly Data Package 50 AED 28GB?

A1: The price of the Du Monthly Data Package 50 AED 28GB is AED 50.

How much data does the Du Monthly Data Package 50 AED 28GB offer?

A2: The Du Monthly Data Package 50 AED 28GB offers 28GB of data.

How long is the validity of the Du Monthly Data Package 50 AED 28GB?

A3: The validity of the Du Monthly Data Package 50 AED 28GB is one month.

How can I activate the Du Monthly Data Package 50 AED 28GB?

A4: You can activate the Du Monthly Data Package 50 AED 28GB by dialing 1355#.

Can prepaid customers use the Du Monthly Data Package 50 AED 28GB?

A5: Yes, the Du Monthly Data Package 50 AED 28GB is valid for all prepaid customers and can be accessed through the Du UAE app.

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