DU Unlimited Data for 1 Day – Truly Unlimited Internet Package

In our fully linked-up world nowadays, supe­r reliable and fast interne­t is greatly important. Whether it’s for work, fun, or talking with dear ones, you ne­ed a strong data plan. DU, a top telecom provide­r, gets its customer’s changing nee­ds and gives several data package­s. Their goal is to provide smooth connectivity at fair price­s. The DU Unlimited Data for 1 Day package is unique­. It lets users surf, watch, and download as much as they wish, with no data limits or re­strictions. In this easy guide, we’ll look into the­ features, rewards, and value­ of DU’s Unlimited Data for 1 Day package. We’ll show you why it’s re­ally the best pick for those who want actual unlimite­d internet access.

Du Unlimited Data for 1 Day has supplied many net programs to the users, but it’s far very hard to find out which one is the unlimited package amongst them. Every corporation makes use of the word “Unlimited” with their Internet programs, however, it isn’t always surely “Unlimited”. Either the bundle is converted to 2G or a certain confined speed of 128 kbps is placed on it.

Du Unlimited information for 1 day

Du has a day-by-day unlimited information plan that offers 1GB of facts at a high pace, after which records may be capped at 128 kbps. This plan isn’t always without a doubt unlimited because after consuming the 1GB of statistics, its speed will slow down, or every so often the net will now not work. This plan’s charge is AED 2, and it can be activated by dialing *135*55#. Here is more information about this package.

Package Name Du Daily Unlimited Data
Data 1GB
Price AED 2
Validity 24 Hours
How to subscribe? Dial *135*55#
Send SMS “DICP” to 1355
Auto-Renewal No

How to subscribe to DU Daily Unlimited Data?

Dial *135*55# or send “DICP” to 1355. You can also go to the DU app or the web and easily activate or deactivate this plan. This plan will not auto-renew, so you have to subscribe to it again the next day if needed.

How to Unsubscribe DU Daily Unlimited Data?

You can dial *135*7# or send “STOP” to 1355. By doing this, your subscribed packages will be unsubscribed, and you will be unable to use the data.

DU Unlimited Data Plans

In this step, we will provide you with complete, unlimited internet information. To get unlimited internet, you have to use Wi-Fi or install Wi-Fi. If you want unlimited internet on your prepaid SIM, you need to turn on Play On-Demand Data Service. This is an amazing service that can give you unlimited internet access. So, we will first know what the Play On-Demand Data Service is and how we can activate or use it.

Play On Demand Data Service

Du has launched a separate offer for customers who want unlimited internet. With this package, users can get unlimited internet at a rate of 5 fils per minute. This offer is a gift for prepaid users who want to surf the Internet without any speed limits.

With the Play On-Demand Data Service, you can get unlimited internet at the highest speed. You can subscribe to this package by dialing *800#. Charges will be deducted from your More Time and Out Of Credit wallets only, so make sure to have a sufficient balance before you subscribe.

  • Internet Rate: 5 Fils per minute
  • Usage: Unlimited
  • Valid for: Prepaid Users only
  • Activation: Dial *800#

To find the best-unlimited data plan for you, compare all the plans and consider your needs. You can also activate the Unlimited 24/7 Data plan on prepaid, which provides you with unlimited internet data for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This plan costs AED 28 and is valid for 28 days. To subscribe to this package, you must have enough balance in your More Time wallet. Dial *153*7# to activate this plan anytime from a prepaid SIM card. We will update this article when we find any new unlimited daily plan.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is included in DU’s Daily Unlimited Data plan?

A1: DU’s Daily Unlimited Data plan includes 1GB of high-speed data for AED 2, valid for 24 hours. After consuming the 1GB, data speed may slow down to 128 kbps.

How can I subscribe to DU’s Daily Unlimited Data plan?

A2: To subscribe to DU’s Daily Unlimited Data plan, dial 13555# or send “DICP” to 1355. You can also activate or deactivate the plan via the DU app or website. Auto-renewal is not enabled, so you’ll need to subscribe again if needed the next day.

How can I unsubscribe from DU’s Daily Unlimited Data plan?

A3: To unsubscribe from DU’s Daily Unlimited Data plan, dial 1357# or send “STOP” to 1355. This will cancel your subscription, and you won’t be able to use the data anymore.

What is DU’s Play On-Demand Data Service?

A4: DU’s Play On-Demand Data Service offers prepaid users unlimited internet access at a rate of 5 fils per minute. It allows users to surf the internet without any speed limits.

How can I activate DU’s Play On-Demand Data Service?

A5: You can activate DU’s Play On-Demand Data Service by dialing *800#. Charges will be deducted from your More Time and Out Of Credit wallets only, so ensure you have sufficient balance before subscribing.

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