Best Etisalat Roaming Packages and Data Packages

Are you seeking out Etisalat Roaming Packages? If yes, you’re in the proper location. When you pass out of the country, you could need roaming services. This is when you don’t need to trade your cell-wide variety and need to perform your identical SIM in other countries. Etisalat is a widely used community inside the United Arab Emirates that also provides roaming services. Customers can avail of the roaming gives by dialing *177#.

If you have an Etisalat SIM and want to apply it in other international locations, you need to spark off its services, for which the price, applications, and net data packages are provided right here. Dubai Sims offers you with all styles of applications and offerings in the United Arab Emirates.

How to Activate Roaming in Etisalat?

Etisalat’s roaming applications assist in running the net on an Etisalat Roaming SIM abroad. It has a lot of internet programs that offer local and roaming offerings. If you have neighborhood internet and want to use it abroad, you want to set off accessories.

Customers can activate roaming offerings using this method.

  • To get roaming package information and activation, customers should dial *177#
  • Send ‘ROAMA‘ to 1010 for activation and subscription
  • Postpaid users can prompt roaming services by using sending the SMS “ASROAM” to 1010

Etisalat Roaming Data Packages Prepaid

These programs are legitimate for only new and interesting Etisalat Roaming pay-as-you-go clients. You can see the modern-day expenses and statistics bandwidth given using Etisalat for roaming.

60MB2 AED24 Hours
150MB4 AED24 Hours
2GB100 AEDWeekly
500MB35 AED28 Days
1GB50 AED28 Days
2GB80 AED30 Days
3GB100 AED28 Days
6GB150 AED28 Days
10GB200 AED28 Days
20GB300 AED28 Days
50GB600 AED28 Days
(1GB per Day)
38.09 AED30 Days
Etisalat Data + Social Media Roaming Packages
3GB+2GB Social150 AED30 Days
7GB+4GB Social250 AED30 Days
10GB+5GB Social300 AED30 Days
20GB+10GB Social450 AED30 Days
25GB+15GB Social500 AED30 Days
250MB+250MB Social30 AED30 Days
5GB+3GB Social200 AED30 Days
1GB+1GB Social100 AED30 Days
  • Dial *177# to activate any of the given packages
  • Social media apps Facebook, WhatsApp, BBM, Twitter, LinkedIn and BOTIM can be used on Social data
  • You have to activate internet calling plans to make audio and video calls

 Etisalat Monthly Data Package 35 AED

Etisalat Roaming Social Data Packages

1GB49 AED30 Days
600MB12 AED24 Hours
500MB10 AED24 Hours
300MB6 AED24 Hours
200MB5 AED24 Hours
  • Dial *177# from your phone and select the data package according to your need
  • You can also use the Etisalat Roaming UAE app to activate these plans
  • You can use Social media apps Facebook, WhatsApp, BBM, Twitter, LinkedIn and BOTIM can be used on Social data
  • Etisalat will select automatically a network in other countries that will provide you with roaming services.

Etisalat Umrah and Hajj Roaming Packages

Calls650 minutes UAE and KSA
50 Minutes for preferred countries
Price100 AED
Valid7 Days
ActivationDial *177# and follow the instructions

Etisalat Roaming has mainly designed roaming applications for Saudi Arabia for the people who visit KSA for Hajj and Umrah. These applications encompass free net and calls to Saudi Arabia and other countries which may be completed without changing the SIM. This package deal offers 7GB of internet facts and 650 calling and receiving minutes.

Etisalat Umrah and Hajj Roaming Packages

When you go to Hajj and Umrah from UAE, you no longer want to buy a brand new vacationer SIM card or change the number. Just dial *177# and spark off your roaming offerings then use all of the services at domestic in abroad. This package deal rate is AED 100 according to week such as 5% VAT.

650 calling mins are usable to name and acquire calls to UAE and KSA (Mobily, STC, Zain) networks. Etisalat Hajj and Umrah plan additionally affords 50 minutes for voice to different desired networks Mobily, STC, Zain, and different international locations.

Prepaid Etisalat Roaming Call Packages

When you travel within the u. S . A . Or overseas, you could use all offerings using Etisalat roaming services. You will now not disconnect from the arena however nonetheless be linked via calling and social media. Here is the information on different roaming packages supplied via Etisalat.

Roaming Weekly Combo Pack: This plan comes with three hundred calling minutes and three.5 GB statistics for only one hundred fifty AED consistent with a week consisting of five VAT. It is a normal plan at an awesome rate according to name and net. This plan may be activated on pay-as-you-go Etisalat SIM by calling *177#. Three hundred minutes may be used for calling and receiving calls in preferred countries and networks.

Roaming Weekly Data Pack: The best plan for internet carrier users is that it offers 2GB of net. With this plan, you could use any internet and app even social apps like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. This plan does not consist of any calling plan and can be availed for a hundred AED in keeping with the week.

Roaming Daily Combo Plan: This plan is valid for one day which provides 1GB of internet as well as 15 calling minutes to the users. It costs 60 AED which can be a bit pricey if you do daily activation. If you are looking for a package for the week, you can activate the weekly combo plans.

You can see all new prepaid roaming packages in this table:

Prepaid Roaming package calls and Internet

Umrah & Hajj7GB650 mins7 Days100 AED
Weekly Combo3.5GB300 mins7 Days150 AED
Weekly Data2GB7 Days100 AED
Business Class5GB500 minsMonthly600 AED
Economy Class2GB60 minsMonthly350 AED
First Class10GB1000 minsMonthly1000 AED
Daily Combo1GB15 minsDaily60 AED
Daily Data500MBDaily25 AED
  • Customers can activate these plans by dialing *177# and using the Etisalat Roaming UAE app.

Etisalat Postpaid Roaming Packages

Umrah & Hajj150 AED10GB1000 mins7 Days
Home Weekly Data100 AED25GB7 Days
Home Weekly Voice200 AED3000 Outg+500 Inco mins7 Days
Weekly Voice & Data250 AED25GB3000 mins Outg7 Days
Weekly Combo250 AED2.5GB500 mins7 Days
Monthly Data (One-time)350 AED40GB7 Days
Monthly Voice400 AED3000 Outg+500 Inco minsMonthly
Monthly Voice & Data (Auto-renew)500 AED40GB3000 mins outgMonthly
Monthly Voice & Data (One-Time)650 AED40GB3000 mins outMonthly
Economy Class350 AED2GB60 minsMonthly
Business Class600 AED5GB500 minsMonthly
First Class1,000 AED10GB1000 minsMonthly
Daily Data35 AED500MBDaily
Daily Combo60 AED1GB15 minsDaily

If you have a postpaid SIM, it has the quality and maximum first-rate offers for travelers. Its everyday most inexpensive postpaid roaming bundle provides 1GB of statistics and 15 minutes for making and receiving calls legitimate for 1 day. Its fee is AED 60 and you may also get a 35 AED plan that gives 500 MB of information. Daily roaming bundle choice relies upon consumer needs and price range.

Postpaid Etisalat Roaming just like the domestic weekly voice and records plan is offering 25GB of facts and 3000 minutes to any favored associate. It costs 250.00 AED in line with the week valid for 7 days and may be subscribed using dialing *177#. This package deal does now not allow you to receive calls from overseas but you may make calls the usage of those minutes. It supplies the right services at an inexpensive charge.

If you need calling minutes at the identical finances, you could activate the Combo weekly % that gives 500 minutes for receiving and calling and a couple of.5GB roaming facts for the best 250.00 AED per week.

Umrah and Hajj Packages

Enjoy loose minutes and records for 14 days as opposed to 7 days in 2024. During Umrah or Hajj in Saudi Arabia, customers can call any variety of Saudi Arabia networks Zain, Mobily, and STC. People going for Hajj and Umrah can make and acquire calls to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries (limited alternatives) for the usage of these packages.

If you visit Saudi Arabia, you won’t face signal troubles there due to the fact Etisalat Roaming is hooked up to all 3 networks along with Mobily, STC, and Zain. It automatically selects the community with the maximum indicators and affords you with a fast and true provider. This roaming bundle is to be had for each prepaid and postpaid client that I am writing about.


This package deal is available for prepaid clients who can get 650 incoming and outgoing mins in KSA and UAE. 50 minutes can be used for calling other favored international locations, except KSA. Include 7GB of information, clients can get it for AED 100 hundred valid for 14 days.


Postpaid customers can get 10GB of cell facts and 1000 incoming and outgoing minutes in KSA, UAE, and different desired countries. This package is legitimate for 14 days instead of 7 days in case you subscribe between March 8th and April 12th, 2024. While dwelling in KSA, you can call all neighborhood and landline numbers in KSA and UAE consisting of a few international numbers.

You may additionally pay greater luxurious call rates when you touch your family for longer durations. I might endorse you to subscribe to this package to keep away from paying excessive fees. In this submission, I am no longer doing any sort of advertising and marketing but providing you with some kind of advice.

Best Etisalat Postpaid Etisalat Roaming Call and Data Packages

Many offers are not offering the decision-receiving centers on Etisalat. You ought to pay for receiving calls from anywhere whoever, you have credit score on your cellphone. The weekly home voice plan offers 3000 Outgoing minutes and 500 Incoming calling minutes.

People who speak lots and want to talk can take full advantage of this offer. Etisalat expenses you 3 AED according to minute if you make calls without any package deal but you cannot acquire calls from it.

You need to spark off a separate package to acquire the call. If you set off a weekly home voice plan that doesn’t provide net access, you can easily acquire calls from any community and make calls to a desired area. You can get 500 minutes for receiving calls from everywhere and 3000 minutes to call on preferred locations and networks.

  • To disable roaming offerings textual content ‘CSROAM‘ to 1010
  • To test the package deal info dial *one hundred seventy# and observe the instructions
  • You can also name a hundred and one to recognize and communicate with a patron representative

Etisalat roaming costs

These fees could be carried out to all the customers with SIM cards who use the roaming offerings with no package deal.

  • Incoming Calls:
  • AED 4.25/min (Rest Of The World)
  • AED 0.808/min (GCC nations)
  • AED 5.25/min (Satellite, Maritime & Flight Operators*)
  • Outgoing name to the UAE:
  • AED 2.203**/min (GCC countries)
  • AED 9.50/min (Rest Of The World)
  • AED 15/min (Satellite, Maritime & Flight Operators*)
  • Outgoing neighborhood name:
  • AED 0.881/min (GCC international locations)
  • AED four.50/min (Rest Of The World)
  • AED 10/min (Satellite, Maritime & Flight Operators*)
  • Outgoing name to others:
  • AED nine/min (GCC nations)
  • AED 13/min (Rest Of The World)
  • AED 15/min (Satellite, Maritime & Flight Operators*)
  • Outgoing SMS:
  • AED 0.22/SMS (GCC countries)
  • AED 2/SMS (Rest Of The World)
  • AED four/SMS (Satellite, Maritime & Flight Operators*)
  • Incoming SMS:
  • Free
  • Free (Rest Of The World)
  • Free (Satellite, Maritime & Flight Operators*)
  • Data:
  • AED 0.04626/30KB
  • AED 1/30KB (Postpaid) (Rest Of The World)
  • AED 1.5/30KB (Prepaid) (Rest Of The World)
  • AED 1/10KB (Postpaid & Prepaid in Lebanon) (Rest Of The World)
  • AED 1/30KB (Postpaid), AED 1. Five/30KB (Prepaid) (Satellite, Maritime & Flight Operators*)


Now the choice is yours, which package deal you need to activate in step with your desires. We have brought the whole information and all Etisalat roaming packages with fees, records, and all critical records. You can dial *177# and also use the Etisalat UAE app to activate, deactivate, and make your plan. If you want to know approximately Etisalat nearby data plans go to our preceding post Etisalat net applications. While traveling, you can additionally see all community records on our homepage hyperlink.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I activate roaming on my Etisalat SIM?

A1. To activate Etisalat Roaming on your Etisalat SIM, you can follow these steps:

  • Dial *177# to access roaming package information and activation.
  • Send ‘ROAMA’ to 1010 for activation and subscription.
  • Postpaid users can activate roaming services by sending the SMS “ASROAM” to 1010.

What are the prepaid roaming data packages offered by Etisalat?

A2. Etisalat Roaming offers a range of prepaid roaming data packages with various prices and validities. Here are some of them:

  • 60MB for 2 AED, valid for 24 hours
  • 150MB for 4 AED, valid for 24 hours
  • 2GB for 100 AED, valid for a week
  • 500MB for 35 AED, valid for 28 days
  • 1GB for 50 AED, valid for 28 days

How can I activate social media roaming packages on Etisalat?

A3. To activate social media roaming packages on Etisalat Roaming, you can:

  • Dial *177# from your phone and select the desired data package according to your needs.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Etisalat UAE app to activate these plans.

What are the features of the Umrah and Hajj Roaming Packages by Etisalat?

A4. The Umrah and Hajj Roaming Packages by Etisalat Roaming offer the following features:

  • 7GB of internet data
  • 650 minutes for calls within UAE and KSA
  • 50 minutes for calls to preferred countries
  • Price: 100 AED
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Activation: Dial *177# and follow the instructions

How can I inquire about Etisalat roaming charges?

A5. You can inquire about Etisalat roaming charges by:

  • Texting ‘CSROAM’ to 1010 to disable roaming services.
  • Dialing *170# to check package details and follow the instructions.
  • Calling 101 to speak with a customer representative for more information.

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