Du Monthly Unlimited Data Package 35 AED

Du Monthly Unlimited Data Package has released every other monthly facts offer at a totally reasonably-priced price of AED 35. All pay as you go clients can now prompt the Du Monthly Unlimited Data Package 35 AED and revel in it for 30 days. Because Wi-Fi is not to be had everywhere, and we need the Internet for every small task, cell Internet is very important. Like If you want to send cash from the bank or pay a invoice somewhere, the want for internet is essential, then the offer of Du could be very useful.

Du Monthly Unlimited Data Package 35 AED

With this provide, customers get unlimited information at 192Kbps pace that is usable for 30 days. It also expenses 35 AED which provides non-prevent high velocity 155MB consistent with day internet then speed will gradual. It allows you to browse the web as well as social apps. If you play films, it won’t ultimate long as it uses numerous facts. Among the prepaid customers, it is also a wonderful preference for folks who paintings on-line and can live related to the Internet at all times.

Here the table carries all the facts approximately this package deal:

Monthly Unlimited Data 35 AED
PriceAED 35
DataUnlimited at 192kbps
Daily Usage155MB
Validity30 Days
ActivationDial *055#
Valid forPrepaid Users
  • The each day restriction is 155MB on 192Kbps after this internet speed may be down
  • This bundle will automobile renewed
  • This package deal is legitimate for 30 days
This is an notable provide for all new and thrilling clients who desire to continually be linked to the net. In many places, WIFI isn’t available whilst we are not at domestic or in exceptional locations, we want the net. We can use this statistics bundle to speak with friends, family, and cherished ones on all social media apps aside from WhatsApp.

If you need WhatsApp, you may join your cellular phone with VPN that’s available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. You also can subscribe to this package thru the Du UAE app, and internet portal and with the aid of calling the 155. If you wish to cancel this offer, you could dial *one hundred thirty five# or use the Du UAE app > My account > Services and deactivate it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the price of the Du Monthly Unlimited Data Package 35 AED?

A1: The price for the Du Monthly Unlimited Data Package is AED 35.

What data benefits does the Du Monthly Unlimited Data Package offer?

A2: The Du Monthly Unlimited Data Package offers unlimited data at a speed of 192Kbps for 30 days.

How much daily data usage is included in the Du Monthly Unlimited Data Package?

A3: The package includes a daily data usage limit of 155MB at a speed of 192Kbps. After reaching this limit, the internet speed will decrease.

How can I activate the Du Monthly Unlimited Data Package?

A4: To activate the Du Monthly Unlimited Data Package, dial *055# on your prepaid Du mobile number.

How can I cancel the Du Monthly Unlimited Data Package?

A5: You can cancel the Du Monthly Unlimited Data Package by dialing *135# or through the Du UAE app by navigating to “My Account” > “Services” and deactivating it.

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