Etisalat Best Internet Packages & Plans (2024)

Etisalat Internet Packages is one of the well-known networks in the UAE, providing prepaid, postpaid, and broadband connections. It is the No.1 telecom and famous community in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). You can see all Etisalat internet packages, pay-as-you-go data plans, and postpaid offers here.

Customers can dial *a hundred and one# and prompt any internet bundle on their SIM card with the aid of selecting it using the menu options. If you’re new in UAE and looking for new consumer plans, examine our manual on the Etisalat tourist sim card. For more info and bundle information online, see the total info of each package.

Etisalat Internet Packages Daily

Data Price
75MB AED 2.5
150MB AED 4 (5% VAT excluded)
250MB AED 8
500MB AED 15
1000MB AED 30

These packages are available on the Etisalat Internet Packages helpline menu with the package activation line code *101#. Dialing this code enables customers to access a complete list of package activations and deactivations. They can also view all offers available for their SIM card. The Internet is usable on high-speed or 5G networks.

To activate the daily 250MB package send  “D250M” to 1010. For activation of these packages, customers can send “Data” to 1010. Customers will receive an SMS with the package details. They must select the Internet Packages and reply with a package command.

  • Dial *101# to activate any given package or use the Internet Packages app.
  • The package is valid for prepaid customers only
  • Package prices are inclusive 5% VAT

Prepaid Weekly Internet Packages and offers

Data Daily Data Price
525MB 75MB AED 15
1.05GB 150MB AED 25
1.75GB 250MB AED 40
3.5GB 500MB AED 60
7GB 1000MB AED 100

Dial *101# to activate the Etisalat weekly internet packages. Customers will get 525MB total data which they will receive daily 75MB data. Customers will receive a daily data reset at midnight, regardless of whether they used their previous data. If you just need a small or cheapest Etisalat weekly data package, you can use the AED 15 or AED 25 plans.

Weekly 1GB data package is offering 1.05GB data for 1 week which will be provided 150MB per day. Etisalat UAE customers receive 150MB of data every midnight for the next 24 hours, regardless of their previous data usage. This means that customers can always start the day with a fresh data slate.

The subscription method is very easy, just dial *101# or call at 101 to activate the weekly bundles. If you are looking for cheap packages for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Instagram then you can activate the social packages that cost cheaper.

Prepaid Mobile Monthly Internet Packages

Data Daily Data Price
2.1GB 75MB AED 42
4.2GB 150MB AED 63
7GB 250MB AED 90
14GB 500MB AED 130
28GB 1000MB AED 200
  • Dial *101# to activate the monthly internet packages
  • Prices are VAT-inclusive
  • Customers will receive a daily internet data refresh at midnight.

Prepaid Social packages

Data Price Validity
150MB AED 2.5 1 Day
250MB AED 4 1 Day
1.05GB (150MB/Day) AED 15 7 Days
1.75GB (250MB/Day) AED 25 7 Days
4.2GB (150MB) AED 42 28 Days
7GB (250MB) AED 62 28 Days
250MB+250MB Local AED 31.5 30 Days
1GB AED 51.45 30 Days
1GB+1GB Local AED 105 30 Days
2GB+3GB Local AED 157.5 30 Days
3GB+5GB Local AED 210 30 Days
5GB+10GB Local AED 315 30 Days
4GB+7GB Local AED 262.5 30 Days
10GB+20GB Local AED 472.5 30 Days
15GB+25 GB Local+30 Hours Wi-Fi AED 525 30 Days
  • Social networks are usable for Facebook, Messenger, LinkedIn, WeChat, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and the Internet Calling Plan Apps (text only).
  • The system will reset the daily data allowance at midnight every day for 7 days and 28 days for social packages.
  • Dial *170# or *101# to activate the packages.
  • Customers can subscribe to the package multiple times, either before the validity period or after using the data.
  • Prices are 5% VAT inclusive for only social plans and include 5% VAT for social + local packages.
Social packages

By using or activating the social packages, customers will never be able to use any external website or link in social media. The system will reset the data every midnight, regardless of whether customers have used the daily data or not. These packages do not include YouTube or other websites. Below, we will also see the best Internet Packages for gaming or streaming at home or offices.

Etisalat Control Line Internet Packages

Package Data Calls Price Validity
Local Pack 1GB+Unlimited @64Kbps Local 100 Minutes AED 80 28 Days
Flexi Pack 1GB+Unlimited @64Kbps Flexi 50 Minutes AED 80 28 Days

Etisalat has designed this package for postpaid prepaid and eSIM users. Customers can enjoy 1GB of data on 5G high speed and then unlimited on 64Kbps speed at only AED 80 per month. With both packages, customers will get 1000 minutes for calling 1 number. New users, who haven’t Etisalat sim can buy it online or from any store and can save the sim card cost of AED 125.

Etisalat Combo Data Packages

Price Data Flexi Calls Validity
AED 36.75 1GB 50 Mins 28 Days
AED 173.25 6GB 200 Mins 28 Days
AED 115.5 3GB 150 Mins 28 Days
AED 105 2GB 140 Mins 28 Days
AED 36.75 500MB 25 Mins 28 Days
AED 231 10GB 250 Mins 28 Days
  • Flexi minutes are usable within and outside the country
  • Prices are including 5% VAT
  • To activate Combo data packages send “AC COMBO220” to 1012.

Etisalat Wasel Flexi Internet Packages

Data Flex Calls Price
500MB+500MB Bonus 30 Mins AED 33
500MB+500MB Bonus 60 Mins AED 42.85
500MB+500MB Bonus 90 Mins AED 52.38
500MB+500MB Bonus 120 Mins AED 61.90
1GB+1GB Bonus 30 Mins AED 47.61
1GB+1GB Bonus 60 Mins AED 57.14
1GB+1GB Bonus 90 Mins AED 66.66
1GB+1GB Bonus 120 Mins AED 76.19
2GB+2GB Bonus 30 Mins AED 76.19
2GB+2GB Bonus 60 Mins AED 85.71
2GB+2GB Bonus+(1) 90 Mins AED 95.23
2GB+2GB Bonus+(1) 120 Mins AED 104.76
3GB+3GB Bonus+(1) 30 Mins AED 95.23
3GB+3GB Bonus+(1) 60 Mins AED 104.76
3GB+3GB Bonus+(1) 90 Mins AED 114.28
3GB+3GB Bonus+(1) 120 Mins AED 123.80
5GB+5GB Bonus+(1) 30 Mins AED 133.33
5GB+5GB Bonus+(1) 60 Mins AED 142.85
5GB+5GB Bonus+(1) 90 Mins AED 152.38
5GB+5GB Bonus+(1) 120 Mins AED 161.90
  • (1) Unlimited Free Internet Packages Calling: Customers can use all social media apps for internet calling, sending and receiving text messages, images, audio, and videos on Bottim Go Chat.
  • Prices are excluded 5% VAT
  • To activate these packages, dial *101# or *101*50#
  • Flexi minutes can be used for local and international calls.

Yearly Wasel Flexi Plans

Customers can get double discounts and cheaper packages when they subscribe to yearly contract plans. The latest prices for yearly contract users are available here.

Data Flex Calls Price
500MB+500MB Bonus 30 Mins AED 217.14
1G+1GB Bonus 30 Mins AED 309.52
2GB+2GB Bonus 30 Mins AED 495.23
3GB+3GB Bonus 30 Mins AED 619.4
5GB+5GB Bonus 30 Mins AED 866.66
2GB+2GB Bonus 60 Mins AED 85.71
  • In the 5GB and 2GB internet packages, customers will get free unlimited internet calling for GoChat Messenger App.
  • Prices are excluded 5% VAT
  • Dial dial *101# or *101*50# to activate the following packages.
  • Calls are unlimited for 1 preferred number.
  • Customers can check the remaining balance by dialing *101*50#

Hourly Internet Packages

3 AED Unlimited 1 Hour
6 AED Unlimited 3 Hours
  • Dial *800*5# to activate the hourly internet package on Etisalat
  • Customers can enjoy unlimited internet by activating the Etisalat hourly, or 3 hours internet packages.
  • Internet speed will be 3Mbps on hourly data plans

Local Data Addon Packages

New users who want to buy a SIM card can enjoy 1GB of free data as a gift if they choose a Wasel prepaid SIM card. They can also activate the below given local Internet Packages.

Price Data Validity
AED 10.00 250MB 24 Hours
AED 5.00 100MB Daily
AED 4.00 150MB Daily
AED 2.00 60MB Daily
AED 14.28 75MB/day 7 Days
AED 23.80 150MB/day 7 Days
AED 38.09 250MB/day 7 Days
AED 57.14 500MB/day 7 Days
AED 20.00 300MB 7 Days
AED 50.00 1GB 7 Days
AED 40.00 75MB/day 28 Days
AED 60.00 150MB/day 28 Days
AED 85.71 250MB/day 28 Days
AED 47.62 150MB/day 28 Days
AED 65.00 2GB Local 28 Days
AED 80.00 2GB Local 30 Days
AED 30.00 500MB Local 28 Days
AED 50.00 1GB Local 28 Days
AED 100.00 3GB Local 28 Days
AED 150.00 6GB Local 28 Days
AED 200.00 10GB Local 28 Days
AED 300.00 20GB Local 28 Days
AED 600.00 50GB Local 28 Days
AED 42.85 30GB Local + Music Pack 30 Days
AED 123.80 500MB Local 28 Days
  • Prices are 5% VAT excluded
  • Dial *101# > Select packages > Addons to activate an add-on.

Social Data Addons

By activating the Social data add-ons, customers can enjoy free Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Linkedin, WeChat, Snapchat, Instagram, GoChat, and internet calling plan apps Botim, CME, and HIU. After activating these add-ons, customers can use them within the country only.

Price Data Validity
AED 150.00 3GB Local+2GB Social 30 Days
AED 250.00 7GB Local+4GB Social 30 Days
AED 300.00 10GB Local+5GB Social 30 Days
AED 450.00 20GB Local+10GB Social 30 Days
AED 30.00 250MB Local+250MB Social 30 Days
AED 200.00 5GB Local+3GB Social 30 Days
AED 49.00 1GB Social 30 Days
AED 40.00 150MB/day 28 Days
AED 60.00 250MB/day 28 Days
AED 500.00 25GB Local+15GB Social 30 Days
AED 100.00 1GB Local+1GB Social 30 Days
AED 3.00 200MB Social 24 Hours
AED 4.00 300MB Social 24 Hours
AED 20.00 120MB Social 24 Hours
  • Prices are 5% VAT excluded
  • To activate addon, dial *101# > Select packages > Addons
  • Social bundles are usable on the Gochat social app including Internet Packages calling, and text.
  • These add-ons can be used on prepaid and postpaid SIMs

Unlimited Data Plans

Data Calls Price Validity
Nonstop 50 Int’l Mins AED 20 7 Days
Nonstop 200 Int’l Mins AED 60 28 Days
Nonstop AED 50 28 Days

Dial *135*5# to activate the Etisalat unlimited Internet Packages.

These packages include international minutes that users can use for calling in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, Egypt, and the Philippines.

Daily FUP is 150MB at 192Kbps on high speed after this, the Internet Packages will be unlimited at 64Kbps speed.

Unlimited Data Plans
  • Check data: Dial *170*1# or send DATA to 1010
  • Check Minutes: send “VOICE” to 1012
  • Valid for prepaid Wasel customers

Data SIM Only Plans & prices

The price of a new Etisalat Data sim card package starts from AED 29. Here are all the Data SIM packages available:

Data Price
500MB AED 29
1GB AED 69
3GB AED 99
5GB AED 119
7GB AED 149
10GB AED 179
20GB AED 249
50GB AED 379
100GB AED 749
  • Package prices are excluded 5% VAT
  • Visit the Etisalat store and dial *101# or 101 to activate these Internet Packages
  • Local data sim packages are valid for one month only
  • 12 months contract requirement
  • Need trade license, passport, UAE ID of individual and company, letter of authority, and establishment card to get this plan

Roaming Data Add-ons

Data Price
1GB AED 60
5GB AED 149
12GB AED 219
  • Dial *101# or use the app to get roaming plans

Buy Romaing add-ons only when you need it because it can be expensive. Always monitor your Internet Packages and roaming details through the Etisalat UAE app.

Business Roaming Data Only Packages & Plans

Data Price Validity
500MB AED 35 Daily
Use Local Data AED 100 Weekly
Use Local Data One-time AED 100 Weekly
2GB (Auto Renewed) AED 100 Weekly
2GB One-time AED 100 Weekly
1GB (Auto Renewed) AED 200 Weekly
1GB One-Time AED 200 Weekly
10GB (Auto Renewed) AED 200 Weekly
10GB One-Time AED 200 Weekly
35GB (Auto Renewed) AED 500 60 Days
35GB One-Time AED 500 60 Days
50GB (Auto Renewed) AED 1200 365 Days
50GB One-Time AED 1200 365 Days
  • To unblock the roaming PayG data services, send “Unblock” to 1010 (Charges may be applied).
  • Dial *125# and follow the instructions to activate and deactivate the roaming plans
  • There are No Activation Charges.

Etisalat Business Internet Packages

Internet Price Users
200Mbps AED 1,095 1 User
300Mbps AED 1,245 2 users
400Mbps AED 1,475 4 Users
550Mbps AED 1,875 6 Users
750Mbps AED 2,475 8 Users
1Gbps AED 3,375 10 Users
  • 100 Flexi minutes/user & 7500 fixed-to-fixed minutes are included
  • Fixed to mobile call rate: AED 0.30 per minute
  • Fixed to Fixed call charges: Free (After End bundle, AED 0.15 per minute)
  • To see more benefits click here
  • Contract: 12 Months
  • Billing: Monthly

New users who do not have an Etisalat Internet Packages business connection will incur a one-time installation charge of AED 200. Flexi minutes are usable for calling within 100 supported countries. If customers need WIFI points packages, they can also add to their packages starting from AED 150 per month on a 12-month contract. On 36 months contract customers can get WIFI plans at AED 100 per month.

For more information, you can see this information:

Helpline: 101

Package details: Dial *101# and *170*1#

Roaming Helpline: Dial *177# or send “RDD” to 1010

Calling Abroad: +971 800 2 30

Data Check: Dial *140#, *101#, *170#

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the available Etisalat internet packages for daily usage?

A1. Etisalat offers daily internet packages with data allowances ranging from 75MB to 1000MB, with prices starting from AED 2.5 to AED 30.

How can customers activate the daily internet packages?

A2. Customers can activate the daily internet packages by dialing *101# and selecting the desired package from the menu options or by sending the respective activation code to 1010.

Are the internet packages valid for prepaid customers only?

A3. Yes, the daily internet packages are valid for prepaid customers only.

What are the options for Etisalat weekly internet packages?

A4. Etisalat offers weekly internet packages with data allowances ranging from 525MB to 7GB, with prices starting from AED 15 to AED 100.

How can customers check their remaining data balance for the weekly internet packages?

A5. Customers can check their remaining data balance for the weekly internet packages by dialing 1701# or by sending “DATA” to 1010.

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