Etisalat Best Tourist SIM Card & Visitor Plans

Etisalat Tourist SIM Card is the high-quality telecom community in UAE which offers prepaid, postpaid, and broadband offerings in all regions. It is the highest 5G service issuer among other networks. In this guide, we will cover the Etisalat vacationer SIM card programs, prices, and how to buy Etisalat SIM playing cards a whole guide.

Etisalat New SIM card prices in Dubai or UAE start from AED forty-nine.00 together with the bundle. Tourists can get an Etisalat-unfastened SIM card from any nearest shop or airport in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and others. Etisalat has made more than 4 gives along with an unfastened SIM card starting from AED forty nine.00 to AED 319 with loose calling programs and gives.

Etisalat Visitor SIM Card Packages

Etisalat Tourist SIM has renamed the traveler SIM card “Visitor SIM” which may be bought online from Etisalat’s respectable internet site. This SIM card is to be had without spending a dime however it does now not have any recharge or bundle If you are today’s and don’t need to make calls, you could buy a SIM-unfastened card.

Etisalat has changed the validity of the AED 319 SIM card from 10 days to 14 days. Now you can purchase an Etisalat Tourist SIM prepaid traveler SIM card for 14 days and might get unlimited local facts and 300 Flexi mins. In the past, Etisalat supplied one hundred Flexi mins which turned into a price of AED three hundred however after converting the charge, it accelerated the calling minutes from one hundred to 300. Keep in thoughts that this fee consists of 5% VAT.

You ought to ask the consultant at the shop for an unfastened SIM card and then you will get it. People who need a price range plan that consists of calls, internet, and the whole thing should purchase its 2d imparting. This comes with 30 flexi minutes that may be used for calls across any community and the united states, 2GB of the net, and one loose traveler SIM card. Here are greater Visitor plans that customers can purchase online or by way of traveling to any nearest shop or a licensed supplier.

Flexi mins are usable to name inside one hundred nations or the u. S .. WIFI hours may be utilized in all international locations where Etisalat WIFI is to be had. SIM cards may be ordered online using journeying the

Etisalat 7 Days Tourist Plan

People who’ve visited the UAE for 7 days can now buy a 7-day visitor SIM card. In this SIM, clients get limitless local records at the side of a hundred flexi minutes. With those minutes they can make local and worldwide calls to allowed nations. It ought to be stated that this is a new offer from Etisalat Tourist SIM which turned into launched in 2024.

The SIM is priced at AED 200 which includes all taxes. You can purchase this SIM online and at any airport. If you have an Emirates ID, you may book the wide variety of your desire earlier than touchdown inside the UAE.

Visitor Line Transit Package

Tourists and traffic can get 1GB of data and 10 flexi mins inside AED 50. If you’re new in UAE and you are not privy to which SIM card is the greatest then you can examine the Best SIM Card in UAE article which lets you know. In addition, clients will get free WIFI for forty-eight hours. Here are more details:

  • Visitors can activate the packages by dialing *120*card number#
  • By using the Etisalat app
  • Dial *121# to check the status of your package

Which is the Best SIM Card for Visitors?

If you will Dubai for a few days and want calls, you can prompt Etisalat’s Tourist SIM different offer. With this provided, users get 30 flexi minutes which can be used to make calls anywhere. The price of this package deal is AED forty-nine which is legitimate for 28 days.

  Etisalat Monthly Data Package 25 AED

If you need more internet and calls, you can spark off the Etisalat Visitor Plan Premium. This provide also comes with loose Wi-Fi which allows users to use Wi-Fi for 5 hours. This Wi-Fi may be used anywhere within the United States of America where Etisalat Wi-Fi is to be had. With this plan, the client also gets 500 MB of records from Gochat.

If you need to use an extra net, you could opt for Etisalat Wi-Fi plans. Etisalat additionally offers a free Wi-Fi facility to its clients via which they could get a Wi-Fi plan of 5 hours to 20 hours. Here are a few free WIFI plans for tourists.

How to Get Etisalat Tourist SIM?

To get an Etisalat visitor SIM card you want to have your passport and resident ID. You can display it to the Etisalat team of workers after which buy a traveler SIM card. You can choose any of the above-given programs and should buy them.

Order SIM Card Online

You can order a sim card online using calling one hundred and one; in case you live abroad, you could go to the Etisalat Tourist SIM internet site https://etisalat.Ae/. You need to pay a fee online after this you can get a SIM card from any airport in UAE. Etisalat has provided the facility to pick out your preferred quantity online.

If you live in UAE, you could order a SIM card online and might get it at your provided deal. The SIM card could be obtained within 24 hours.

Go to the Nearest Store

You can visit any nearest shop to buy a SIM card. These SIM playing cards are to be had additionally in all airports of the UAE.

  • You can call a hundred and one or dial *one hundred and one# to activate the package deal.
  • Visit the Website https://etisalat.Ae/.
  • Go to any nearest Etisalat Store if you stay inside the UAE

Etisalat WIFI is available in more than 350 locations. You can connect your mobile phone or any other device anywhere where Etisalat WIFI is available. You have to just enter your mobile number to connect with free WIFI. After using the limited internet, you have to purchase its WIFI packages.

Etisalat WIFI packages for Visitors or Prepaid customers

Etisalat has made unlimited WIFI packages for its customers or non-Etisalat users. These packages are valid for daily, 7 days, and monthly. WIFI is available in more than 350 places in all countries. Here are the packages that visitors and anyone can subscribe to use the Internet.

You can connect to WIFI by entering your mobile number. Here is a complete guide to connecting and using the WIFI package.

  1. Open the WIFI and connect it with Etisalat WIFI
  2. In the browser, open any website > it will redirect to you on Etisalat website
  3. Enter your mobile number and verify your number by entering the received OTP there
  4. Your account will be created or you will log in successfully
  5. Now, you can claim free WIFI for 1-4 hours or can subscribe to any WIFI package online

You can get more internet, calling, and roaming services by dialing *101# or using the Etisalat UAE app.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the starting prices for Etisalat’s new SIM cards in Dubai or UAE?

A1: Etisalat’s new SIM card prices in Dubai or UAE start from AED 49.00, including the bundle.

How can tourists obtain an Etisalat Visitor SIM card?

A2: Tourists can obtain an Etisalat Visitor SIM card from any nearest shop or airport in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and others.

What are the details of the Etisalat 7 Days Tourist Plan?

A3: The Etisalat 7-Day Tourist Plan offers unlimited local data and 100 flexi minutes for AED 200, available online and at airports.

How can visitors activate Etisalat packages?

A4: Visitors can activate Etisalat packages by dialing 120 card number#, using the Etisalat app, or dialing *121# to check package status.

Where can tourists order Etisalat SIM cards online?

A5: Tourists can order Etisalat SIM cards online via the Etisalat website or by calling 101, and receive them at any airport in the UAE or within 24 hours at a provided address within the UAE.

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