3 Best SIM Cards in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Best SIM Cards in United Arab Emirates First-time visitors to the UAE, specifically travelers, have numerous hassles deciding on a SIM card. Many humans come to Dubai for a tour, so they look for fine SIM playing cards in Dubai. There are currently 3 prepaid vendors inside the UAE, out of which Etisalat is the biggest, DU is the second largest, and Virgin Network is the 1/3, which is an MVNO organization of DU. Here you may get information approximately these kinds of networks, such as the sim card value in Dubai, the fastest community, and the most inexpensive community.

Mobile Networks in UAE (Dubai)

Here are major cell networks and one MVNO inside the United Arab Emirates (UAE):

Which is the Best Network in UAE / Dubai

Etisalat and Du are each extensively used networks. If we talk about pay-as-you-go SIM playing cards in the UAE, on occasion they’re to be had for free, however, commonly they are to be had with a package deal for 49 AED. The applications of those agencies are also slightly distinct, but DU’s applications are barely less expensive than Etisalat’s. The 1/3-ranked telecom services provider, Virgin, provided through Du, has barely higher fees for programs and SIM cards.

You can buy a loose SIM card in UAE from any Du, Etisalat authorized provider, network center, and at the airport. Companies provide unfastened SIM playing cards on unique days like Independence Day and Eid. They fee only lively packages and recharge costs which begin from AED 30. If you’re on a low budget, you may hold using those SIM playing cards and can recharge whilst you want them.

Prepaid SIM Card Prices in UAE for Tourists

The average pay-as-you-go SIM card fee within the United Arab Emirates is between AED 30 and AED 99. Customers can buy different plans that include free net calling, nearby and international calls, free WIFI, and net. The maximum well-known networks inside the UAE are Etisalat and DU, whose costs are given beneath.

Etisalat Du

With an Etisalat Free SI, M card, customers get 1GB of information for 24 hours. This may be for simplest the first customers who come to Dubai or all of UAE. If you’re attempting to find a traveler SIM card in Dubai, those may be a nice option.

Best for new and on-budget customers

This plan includes AED 30 recharge and the SIM card is free.

In the United Arab Emirates, 5G is available on each network, however, 5G internet speed is better for Etisalat than Du. If we see the coverage of 5G in all regions, then Du is the winner, covering all areas inside the UAE and presenting full 4G and 5G alerts.

Etisalat and Du are each widely used networks. If we communicate about pay-as-you-go SIM playing cards inside the UAE, on occasion they’re to be had free of charge, however in general they are to be had with the package deal for forty-nine AED. The applications of these two companies also are unique, however, DU’s packages are slightly cheaper than Etisalat’s. The 0.33-ranked telecom services issuer, Virgin, offered via Du, has barely better charges for packages and SI, M playing cards.

Etisalat’s 4G insurance is excellent and is to be had in each town and place, whilst DU’s 5G insurance is higher than Etisalat’s, however, its 5G pace is barely slower than Etisalat’s. If you live in Dubai or are going to any metropolis or area within the United Arab Emirates for work, you must first check the insurance there. You should select a network that has good insurance in the place you’re traveling.

Many labourers and working humans in Dubai by and large use Du SIM cards, one of the essential reasons being to get a free SIM card. Most of the income workforce of DU is available on the streets and roads to promote free SI, and M cards in the UAE. You can pick the Du WIFI Plans and run the total internet for your cellular smartphone for 1 month starting from AED 10.

Etisalat SIM Card Price, Packages and Offers

Etisalat free SIM card is available for people who buy Wasel pay-as-you-go SIM playing cards with a minimal recharge of AED 30. It now has a 30-AED recharge situation, after which you may get the SI, M card for free. Later, you can use the recharge on this SIM card everywhere, like for calls, messages, or the internet. Similarly, you may get a free Etisalat SIM card by way of getting a month-to-month plan subscription in your new SI, M card for a minimum of AED forty-nine in step with a month or AED 55 which includes 5% VAT.

Etisalat SIM Card Price, Packages and Offers

Its net pace is higher than Du, which covers more than 90% of the place. 4G is available in every town, even as 5G has top insurance in each primary city inside the u. S ., consisting of Dubai and Sharjah. Its programs are priced a piece high, which is quite regular considering its centers like insurance, internet velocity, and phone best.

Etisalat Visitor Lines Prepaid Packages for Starters

Etisalat vacationer lines pay-as-you-go SIM playing cards are free, but clients should pay only the bundle price. These SI, and M cards are to be had in all Airports, Etisalat sale factors, and shops.

Etisalat Visitor Line Plans, UAE

  • Flexi mins are usable to call within the US and different countries
  • WIFI hours may be used in any area in which Etisalat WIFI is available
  • Prices include 5% VAT
  • You can also order a SIM card online which will be brought to the provided cope with inside 24 hours of working days

As I advised you Etisalat is imparting free SIM cards but with it, you need to spark off a few applications and plans. Similarly, a traveler SIM card has been brought for visitors which is legitimate for 28 days. You can get Etisalat SIM unfastened without any package which gives you 1 GB of facts for twenty-four hours. After that, you have to recharge to use any carrier.

You should purchase a SIM Card in UAE using your credit card or if you have already foreign money in dirhams you may buy it in cash. If you’ve got an eSIM-supported smartphone, I will suggest you purchase this, no longer a physical SI, M card.

Du Prepaid SIM Card Price, Visitor Line Cost, & Packages

Du programs are also very just to Etisalat however the most effective distinction is that you get unlimited calls to any individual DU number with its starter bundle. It provides users with a free SI, M card with explicit shipping which incorporates 1GB of net statistics and is legitimate for 24 hours. If the customer wants, they can go along with the Pay As You Go plan which is to be had for AED 50.

Du has good 5G insurance in UAE which covers ninety 5% of areas where it has a true internet speed of 282Mbps download and 24.4Mbps importing speed.

Du Tourist SIM Cards Plans and Prices

Tourist applications are particularly designed for guests who come to the UAE for a quick time. If you’re a visitor then you may select any vacationer SI, or M card package and may get a free SIM card from any airport in Dubai, Sharjah, or different cities.

Du Visitor Line Plans UAE

  • Du has limitless internet calling on the BOTIM app with all packages which includes video and audio calls.
  • Flexi minutes are usable for neighborhood and international calls
  • Prices are such as 5% VAT
  • You can visit the DU page and order an SI, M card online so that it will be received at the furnished address within 60 minutes

Du Prepaid Flexi Packages

Du Flexi Prepaid Plans UAE

  • Free SIM playing cards are also available with Flexi prepaid programs. Customers need to select any given bundle to get a free DU SIM card. Plan AED 99, AED 139, AED 109, and AED 149 are included with unlimited net calling and loose Du 1 quantity calls.
  • Internet calling is valid for the BOTIM and VOICO app
  • Flexi minutes are usable for calling nearby and global
  • Du loose limitless calling is valid for 1 number handiest

Virgin UAE Tourist SIM Card Price and Packages

In closing, Virgin is the 1/3 biggest network in UAE which has 5G insurance in all areas of the entire United States. Virgin SIM card is to be had in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi airports and can be sold with the aid of showing your passport and ID.

Virgin Mobile UAE does not supply loose SIM playing cards however it has incredible offers for net lovers. Because Virgin is an MVNO of Du, its 5G and 4G insurance is similar to DU have. For traveler plans, its costs start from AED one hundred fifty in step with 7 days and stop at AED three hundred.

Virgin Mobile UAE Tourist SIM Packages

  • Plan AED 300 75GB and Unlimited Both plans are including loose unlimited net calling
  • Internet calling is usable for voice and video calling on BOTIM
  • Daily Internet may be reset at midnight each day
  • International minutes are usable inside 100 supported nations
  • After finishing the bundle, clients can keep the usage of the SIM card Pay As You Go

Virgin Mobile supports eSIM but you need to have an eSIM mobile phone to take and use it. If you don’t have this cell then you could use a physical sim card which is to be had in every size. All its applications consist of neighborhood and global calls, free SMS, and 5G net. This is the cause why its prices are higher than other networks.

Etisalat vs. Du – Coverage, Speed and Availability

Etisalat is the winner in the evaluation of Du’s download and importing speed. According to opensignals.Com, Etisalat has 46.4Mbps download speed even Du has 34.4Mbps. If we take a look at the download pace on 5G then here is simply too Etisalat is the winner on 332.1Mbps download velocity while Du has 282Mbps.

If we see its coverage then Du is the winner which has good 5G internet coverage.

Which is the Best SIM Card in UAE?

Here are the details of each DU and Etisalat with blessings and costs. I hope it’s going to help you better locate the fine SIM card according to your desires.


  • Starting price AED 49
  • Good 5G coverage and covering all areas
  • Cheapest unlimited internet plans than Etisalat
  • Free SIM Card available
  • Free internet calling
  • High-quality 5G Voice Call
  • Best for Gaming on 5G
  • Customer Service is Generally faster


  • Starting price AED 49
  • Highest 5G download and upload speed
  • Packages are more expensive than Du
  • Good for Video playing
  • Excellent Consistent Quality
  • Free SIM Card available
  • Free WIFI in the country with a package
  • Customer service may be slow

Deciding which SIM card is satisfactory for you depends on your wishes. Etisalat is a SIM card that offers SIM playing cards and packages to healthy all and sundry’s desires. Etisalat is best for anybody who is there for work, a journey, or short and long remains. Etisalat 5G isn’t available in some regions, but its velocity is better. Du is available in many areas than Etisalat however its pace is barely than Etisalat.

If you’re looking to buy a financially-friendly Dubai SIM card, Du is splendid, presenting unlimited internet from AED 10 to AED 30 with unfastened calls. You also want to select the SIM card according to your location as there are some areas in which Etisalat no longer offers coverage and DU does and is pretty comparable. In universal revel in, for a traveler, the DU is a pleasant SIM card and I will endorse you maintain the usage of it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the major mobile networks available in UAE (Dubai)?

A1: The major mobile networks in UAE (Dubai) are Etisalat, Du, and Virgin.

Which network is considered the best in UAE/Dubai?

A2: Etisalat and Du are both widely used networks in UAE/Dubai. The choice between them depends on factors such as coverage, speed, and pricing.

What are the prepaid SIM card prices in the UAE for tourists?

A3: The prepaid SIM card prices in UAE for tourists range from AED 30 to AED 99 on average, with various plans offering free internet calling, local and international calls, free WIFI, and internet.

What are the differences between Etisalat and Du in terms of coverage, speed, and pricing?

A4: Etisalat generally offers higher internet speeds and better 5G coverage, while Du may have slightly cheaper packages. However, Du’s coverage may be better in certain areas.

Which SIM card is recommended for tourists visiting the UAE?

A5: For tourists visiting UAE, Du is often recommended due to its budget-friendly options, including unlimited internet plans starting from AED 10, free calls, and wider coverage in certain areas.

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